Feb 152016

Hey everybuddy.  Wally and Ernie here.  One of the things we like best about being part of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program is that we get to try new foods and treats that we normally wouldn’t try.

We taste-tested Ziwipeak canned cat food

Like this ZiwiPeak™ Daily Cat Cuisine canned cat food.  ZiwiPeak is a New Zealand company that believes dogs and cats need all natural, raw, full-balanced food ingredients.  And that’s what ZiwiPeak makes…foods with fresh, natural, raw meat and organs with no artificial additives, preservatives, fillers or grains.  ZiwiPeak cat and dog foods contain nothing but the best natural ingredients.

Okay, we’re impressed that ZiwiPeak uses the best ingredients, but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna like the food, right?

Ziwipeak cat food is packed with protein

We taste-tested the ZiwiPeak venison (also known around here as vishus deer) Daily Cat Cuisine.  It looks and smells pretty good.  It’s packed with lots of protein…containing venison meat, liver, tripe, lung and kidney, and New Zealand green-lipped mussel along with added vitamins and minerals that us cats need.  What it doesn’t contain is any preservatives or added salt.  It’s grain-free and GMO-free which means it’s easy to digest and great for cats with sensitive stomachs.  And there’s no carrageenan in it.

Ernie chowing down on ZiwiPeak

So what did we think of ZiwiPeak?  If Ernie would stop stuffing his face long enough, he’d say that it tastes great!  We all loved it!

Now in full disclosure, we have to admit that ZiwiPeak cat and dog foods are a little more expensive than some other pet foods, but given the quality and the fact that we liked it and ate it, we think it’s worth the extra cost.  You can find and purchase ZiwiPeak pet foods at Chewy.com.

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We wanna thank the people at Chewy.com for giving us the opportunity to try the ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine.  Humans, if you aren’t shopping for your pets’ foods at Chewy.com, you really should be.  Chewy’s prices and selections are great…all orders over $49 ship for free…and shipping is quick…most orders are received within 2-3 days.  And Chewy always uses the BEST boxes to ship the food.

Disclosure:  As members of the Chewy.com Blogger Outreach Program, we received the ZiwiPeak cat food for free in exchange for our fair and honest review.  Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post.  The Island Cats will only share products and information that we believe are of interest to our readers.


  41 Responses to “ZiwiPeak™ Daily Cat Cuisine – A Chewy #Sponsored Review”

  1. Well Ernie, you sure scarfed down that food so it must be great. Thanks for telling us about it. Hope the Mom is doing all right.

  2. YUM that food looks delish!!!

  3. Hello my friends! I have a question. Does it ever bother your tummies to try lots if bp new foods? Before my tummy troubles in January 2015, I had been on a SD canned and kibble for healthy kidney FOOD for nearly a year. All of a sudden my tummy went bonkers. After 3 weeks of vet trips several times a week and tests there were no health issues…and my kidney enzymes were normal… So mom switched me to SD salmon grain free kibble and SD canned for seniors, no trouble w my tummy but some times I get tired of the flavors of canned
    Sorry for the essay, we always learn lots when we come to visit you 3
    Hugs to you all and your lady
    Madi your bffff

    • Madi, that’s a really good question. For the most part, we don’t have trouble with different foods, but the mom always makes sure that she feeds us good quality stuff, even when we do test-tastes. Not that we couldn’t have problems with that though. Sometimes, one or two of us have issues with new foods. Like Zoey. She can’t eat the freeze-dried raw. She ends up yakking up right back up. The best thing to do is if you want to try a new food, mix it in slowly with your regular food and see if you 1) like it and 2) can tolerate it. If you do okay, then every mealtime, add just a little bit more in and see what happens. We hope that helps!

  4. Looks delicious…

  5. We can see that you really enjoyed that food sweet Ernie. We really like your food dish. Thanks for telling us about the food. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Oooo this sounds yummy! We’ll have to check it out!!

  7. Looks deeeelisious!


  8. That sure looks yummy!!
    And it went right down into your Tummy!! MOL!

  9. We are glad that you all loved the food! Lita tried the Lamb formula, and she really liked it, too.

  10. That is great that you all liked it- it is hard to find something to please everyone. Sounds like good ingredients ( well, to a cat 🙂 )

  11. You had my human at no carrageenan! Although she can’t buy it that often because of the price. It’s hard to find carrageenan free, grain free, quality protein food that’s not too pricey.

  12. That does sound pretty yummy gang and y’all did a great review too!

  13. Intriguing review. Not a brand I had heard of…and I’ve just recently heard of friends who are concerned about the ‘no carrageenan’ option.

  14. I’m glad you like our Made in New Zealand stuff. They are a great company. Not cheap but when a cat’s health is on the line (or a cat needs to be spoiled 24.7) this is the go-to tin!

  15. OH it indeed had our mouths watering!

  16. That food looks yummy ! Purrs

  17. Oh! Wow! That looks yummy! Mes LOVES new foods. Mommy thinks that’s because I ate any and everything when I was a baby because I was so hungry all the time Imy first peoples did not feed me).
    And mes comed by to wish yous a furry Happy (but belated) Valentines Day!
    Mes sends yous Many, many, many, special Kisses

  18. Enie, you sure make that food look yummy! It sure does sound high quality!

  19. We luvved it too. Glad y’all liked it. And cuz it’s such gweat quality we eat less of it. So it’s not really dat spensive after all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  20. Did Ernie come up for air yet? That food looks delish. We’ll have to give it a try.

  21. Looks nommy!!!! Thanks for the pawsome review!

    The Florida Furkids

  22. That sounds great food! Healthy ingredient….and yummy!

  23. I was blessed enough to live in NZ in my earlier years and was impressed by how they were very conscious about their foods that they made for their anipals. I am going to look into this for the boys. Thanks for the great review, especially you Ernie 🙂
    Marty’s Mom

  24. I wasn’t quite sure if this food is raw or not. It does sound pretty good even if it’s healthy.

  25. I have never heard of this food before but it sounds and looks great – and I bet it smells great, too!

  26. We tried some of those foods too but not that flavor. It sounds yummy though! Great review!

  27. Oh, my cats love Ziwipeak!! And I love the ingridients and company.

    Yes, it’s more expensive than other high quality food, but I buy it every and now and then. I’m currently studying, so my financial means are quite bad which is the main reason why I don’t buy Ziwipeak every day. I’m looking forward to have a better income, and I think Ziwipeak is worth the money.

  28. Someday maybe we’ll try that. Right now it isn’t in our budget.
    Have a lovely day beautiful Zoey!

  29. WOW….you ate a vishus deer!!!! I wonder if there’s a merit badge for that at Scouts?!?!?!

    Love, Sammy

  30. Oh boy that food looks delicious. We wanted to wish Zoey a Happy Gotcha Day!

  31. That sure looks delicious Ernie!

  32. That looks delicious! Great review!

  33. We have not tried this kind, but we have heard good things about Chewy.com and will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing your review. And thank you for stopping by my new blog!

  34. Jan is always happy when we are willing to try new foods. She doesn’t want us to have a diet high in fish, which used to be the thing in cat food.

    Happy Gotcha Day, Zoey.

  35. That stuff sounds nommy! Thanks for telling us about it, Wally and Ernie!

    Happy gotcha day, Zoey!

  36. Ernie appears to be giving it a paws up! I love his bowl. ♥ ♥

  37. I think I have to try this, as it looks delicious…and it is available in the Netherlands 🙂 Extra Pawkisses for the review 🙂 <3

  38. I think this food sounds SO awesome. The problem is that sometimes the higher quality and better the food is, the less Sam will like it! However, I think this would definitely be worth a try.

  39. For us pate lovers it sure looks good and sounds like something we’d like to try. Thanks for the review. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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