Feb 102016


I know you wanna snorgle my belly

Yep, as Ernie told you, I’ve been taking my nursing duties very seriously.  One of my duties is to keep the mom smiling.  And showing my belly always makes her smile.  I bet it makes all of you smile, too…right?  And you wanna snorgle it, don’tcha?  Too bad this isn’t feel-o-vision.

The mom wants to thank everybuddy for all your good thoughts, prayers, and purrs as she recovers from her recent surgery.  She’s doing really good…due to all my efforts, I’m sure.


  50 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We are sure your mom is doing so well because you are taking such good care of her, Wally. Our mom wishes she could rub your tummy!

  2. Who wouldn’t feel better after seeing that belleh?

  3. Oh, Wally, you sure know how to brighten our day!

  4. Your kind of medicine works every single time!!!

  5. We are so glad you were there to help you mom Wally. Thankful she is feeling better!

  6. No doubt about it Wally – your Mom is recovering so nicely because you have been an excellent care-giver! Bravo! As for the tummy – Moms turn to MUSH when we give them the belly shot – – it’s great isn’t it?!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. we bet your mom couldn’t have recovered nearly as fast without you (and Ernie and Zoey)

  8. Wally seeing that darlin’ tummy is enough to heal anything.
    Tickles and kisses
    madi and mom

  9. You definitely put a smile on our face, Wally! We can only imagine what an excellent nurse you have been to your mom.

  10. Oh yeah, nothing quite as warm and wonderful as an orange fuzzy tummy.

  11. Mom is blessed to have you care for her. Of course, she is a blessing, too. Hugs.

  12. Great job of nursing your momma, Walls! And, very nice belleh, I must say!

  13. That belly makes me smile for sure, Wally! This darn computer screen won’t let me get to it, though. Rats.

    Purrs and prayers to your mom! And purrs to you for your great nursing skills, Wally!

  14. I say your mommy has the best nurses around ANYWHERE!

  15. That picture certainly makes me smile!
    I keep my favorite belly shot on my computer as a screen saver. Then I use my mouse to tickle my kitty for luck.
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  16. You are doing on heck of a great job Wall!

  17. count me among the smilers.

  18. Oh, yes, you and your gorgeous tummy make all of us smile! Your mom is very lucky to get to snorgle, too 🙂 Glad she is doing well!

  19. We are so very happy for your mom and it’s absolutely certain that your tummy did it. Also applying the tummy to the aforementioned knee can help enormously. I lie on mama’s knee at night and she can actually get out of bed in the morn without falling down, haha.
    Just kidding, but really cat’s fur is GOOD for healing joints.
    At least the French think so.

  20. Wally I can feel the amazing healing properties of your tummy furs through the innternets! MOL
    Glad you Mom is doing so well.

  21. I didn’t know your mum was in the hospital, Wally. I’m glad that she’s doing well, and hope she is improving all the time. I have no doubt that you are helping. Having cats around to nurse a person is always a good idea.

  22. dood….ya noe yur momz total lee better coz oh all de help her getted frum ewe all…grate job wally ernie & zoey !! ♥♥♥ thiz callz fora new cat tree….for each oh ewe !!!!! ~~~ 🙂

  23. MOL!! Feel-O-Vision I love it. Ic an just see the fanfares now ‘cominggg to you liiiive in FEEL-O-VISIONNNNNNN’

  24. Wally, I know you are doing an amazing job of nursing your human!

  25. I would love to snorgle that tummy. I am glad your Mom is feeling better, she has great nurses.

  26. You are such a cutey Wally. And we bet da only reason yous mommy be duin’ so well is cuz of you and Ernie.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  27. Wally, we have doubt that you make your mom smile because you’ve always made us smile. Always. You are the best medicine!

    Love that tummy!

  28. You don’t wanna know what our Mommy would do to that belly, Wally! We’re glad your mom is on the mend.

  29. You are so cute, Wally! Kitty bellies are irresistible to humans. Great job at helping your mom feel better! I hope that she feels well soon.

  30. Our mommy almost booked a ticket to the Island to snorgle that belly! We love your pink nose too! Glad your mom is doing well!

  31. Of course you’re the one who helped your mom recover so well. Well done!!

  32. Wally, you’re doing an excellent job of keeping your mom smiling. I know I would love to snorgle your belly.

  33. Wally, you know just what it takes to help your Mom get better. Awesome job!

  34. Your belly shot made us smile, too, so I’m certain it is helping your mom recover nicely!

  35. MOL Wally you are doing superbly. Your mom should be ready to run a marathon soon.


  36. Wally you tease. Your belly is not only scritch worthy but snorgle worthy as well.

  37. That gorgeous fluffy bellah is sure to make anybody feel better!
    We’ll keep sending get well purrs and purrayers to your Mommy.

  38. OF COURSE she’s feeling better because of you! That’s very generous of you to show your belly to make her laugh – I’d never go that far! /Kajsa who has shown her belly only 3 times to her human.

  39. Meowmy is trying to reach through the screen to tickle ypur belly, Wally!! MOL!

  40. You look so cute! That’s the purrfect way to make your mom smile 🙂 Hope she feels better soon!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  41. Oh good boy Wally for keeping that Mom smiling. That is such an important job and you sure are doing a great job. Hope that hip is feeling better now.

  42. It is all about you Wally, definitely

  43. You are a great nurse, Wally, to have your Mom up and running so quickly. Maybe she’s not running yet but your blog is running again.

  44. Oh Wally! Laughter IS the best medicine and we bet you keep you Mama smiling and laughing all the time which is why she is doing so well! We still have her in our daily thoughts and we are sending her love and continued healing thoughts.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  45. No wonder your Mom is feeling better when she sees that gorgeous tummy of yours Wally.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  46. You’re so cuuuuute!

  47. We’re sooooo happy your mom’s doing so well! Soon she’ll be bending ALL the way down to snorgle you herself!! (if she’s not already!)

  48. Wally, you definitely are making us smile. Our mom knows that orange boys are purrticularly good nurses. When she broke her leg and was laid up for 22 weeks, our angel brofur, Mackenzie, another orange boy, rarely left her side. Keep up the good work. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  49. You sure make us smile! Hope your Mama is doing better 🙂

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