Mar 132009

The lady with the yellow hair told me that those strange worker guys are almost finished with whatever they’re doing here.  Boy, am I glad!!!  I don’t like those strange worker guys here…they make too much noise and they scare me!!  When they’re here, I spend most my time under the covers on the bed…I feel safe there.

Yay!!  Those strange worker guys aren’t here today…so I’m taking advantage of that and getting some birdie and squirrel watching in. But the lady with the yellow hair sez they’re gonna be back next week for a couple of days.  RATS!!!  Guess it’s under the covers again for me!!!

  37 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Undercover”

  1. Good thing they are letting you live loud-sound free this weekend. Are they really rats?

    Abby & Stygia

  2. Good that you get some peace and quiet Zoey! We are curious to see what they have been working on!

  3. We don’t like it when strange people are at our house either. Speshally noisy people! We go and hide under the bed.

  4. Noise and strangers are no good. We’re glad you’re looking forward to a quiet weekend.

  5. Enjoy the peace and quiet once again until they come back. That is why Angel is staying with us. His house is having lots done to it. His Mom is coming over tonight to visit and we are having pizza!

  6. Yeah! quite time! I hope you see lots of birdies and squirrels!

  7. mmmm. Squirrels. Well, at least you get the weekend off! Hope it’s a wonderful one!

  8. Zoey, mom says we will have strange workers in the garden in some time. We won’t be allowed outside and they will trample on all our lovely plants… Maybe we will just hide under sheets too!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  9. What good news. I appreciated it when our strangers were gone. All that snoopervising gets tiring!

  10. I’d like to know what they’re workin’ on, too, Zoey. They’ve been there forever-surely they’re nearly done, eh? I’m glad you’ve got a peaceful day to enjoy your window.

  11. Enjoy it while you can! Our worker guys are here today:(

  12. I like it under the covers where it is safe too when peoples come Miss Zoey 🙂 My brofur on the other hand he is a social butterfly 🙂
    Mushka x0

  13. Get your bird watching in while you can!

  14. We had workers here last week, and Tasha came out to try and flirt with them! Dobby snoopervised, but Franklin feels the same way you do, Zoey. He thinks our house should be a workman-free zone (well, except for his dad…)

  15. Zoey, you are smart to be cautious around beans you have never met.

    What a great cat-bird seat!

  16. I do not like strangers in my house, either! Even if they are not loud, I run and hide under the bed.

  17. We don’t like strangers either. We hide behind the sofa.

  18. They’re coming back? Oh no!! Well enjoy this weekend and try not to think about it.

  19. Zoey, I will teleport up there immediately to huddle and cuddle under the covers with you to keep you safe so you won’t be afraid, okay?
    Comforting hugs,

  20. That’s a beautiful window seat! There’s a spot in my living room where Kate would like to build one (along one whole wall), but our house is a rental, so no chance. I’ve got plenty of cool window spots anyway. Happy weekend!

  21. Doze werker guys come around efurryday don’t dey? Did ya walk in any ceement to put yur name in dem floors? hee heeeeee!

  22. Hey we jus looked back an saw da alien eyes watchin owt over yur new floor. We gots two of dem too!

  23. I also hide from worker guys. Actually, from almost anyone who visits. I think you are wise, Zoey.
    Your window seat is quite possibly the best spot for birdie watching ever!:)

  24. At least yoo has a few days wif out dem loud strange bean guys there. Perhaps yoo shud ask fer sum nip when they are around?

  25. At least you don’t have thunder there Zoey. We had a thunderstorm today and I had to hide under the bed.

  26. Well, just relax unner the bed until the strangers go away…

  27. Yup, it’s always good to get a break from scary things……have a great weekend out from undercovers=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  28. Sweet spot! I hate workers too!

  29. We had workers on our roof and all around the house doing siding last fall. It was a time of too much banging & pounding and we were sure glad when they were done!!!! So we know what you’re feeling!

  30. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can Zoey!

  31. i love it! formerly feral, undercover…i may have to do a story with you guys as guests! like CSI:Feline~

  32. We’re glad that you got a little peace and quiet and bird and squirrel watching in this weekend. We can’t wait to see what the workmen have been working on.

  33. What a pretty spot to watch the birds and squirrels from. I’m sorry they has to come back, but enjoy the weekend.

  34. Enjoy yur peace and quiet! We Ballicai hope you have a wunnerful weekend.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  35. For you… I am happy those strangers left so you could have some peace.

  36. Glad the workmen have gone! Have a great weekend!

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    this is mine…

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