Dec 212015

We got our Secret Paws package

What’s this box, Wally?

It’s our Secret Paws package.
The man in the blue shorts…
‘cept he was wearing pants ‘cuz it’s cold…
brought it the other day.

So what’re we waiting for?
Let’s open it!

The mom says we have to wait ’til Christmas.

Let's open our Secret Paws package

Seriously?!?  She’s such a Scrooge!
Go get some scissors or something so we can open it.

Ernie, we’re not supposed to use the scissors.

Sheesh.  You’re no help, Wally.

I gotta get this box open

There’s gotta be a way to get this box opened.

How ’bout you guys?  Do you live with a Scrooge?
Or did you get to open your Secret Paws package already?


  48 Responses to “We Live with a Scrooge”

  1. Oh no Ernie, we can’t believe the Mom is making you wait until Christmas to open that box. But just think how much fun it will be them. We can’t wait to see what you get.

  2. Why you have “little scissors” right at the end of your toes! Open that sucker!

  3. Mommy said I have to wait too but that maybe I can open mine a couple days before Christmas! I’m pushing for today or tomorrow 😉 –Mudpie

  4. I totally live with a scrooge. She took everything but one thing and put it away till Christmas!

  5. Tis not the season to be waiting!

  6. the boyz think I’m more of a Grinch than a Scrooge.

  7. Same here we have to wait until Christmas.

  8. Oh, I’m a Sugarplum Fairy when it’s meal time, but they run away like I’m Jacob Marley’s ghost other times.

  9. Don’t worry, Ernie and Wally, Christmas is just around the corner. Just a couple days of patience (that’s like an eternity, isn’t it?!?) and the goodies will be all yours. Purrs and Merry (almost) Christmas!

  10. you guys can’t get through a little tape?? we got to open ours a little early (see us tomorrow)

  11. Wally and Ernie….shhhhhh I have a secret to tell you…you each have 2 sets of built in razor sharp scissors……shhhh don’t tell the lady I told you
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. We didn’t even get in on the Secret Paws thing so our mommy is the Queen Scrooge!

  13. Us too…not in on that secret paws list either…cause meowmy says she hardly has time fur us, what??

    We say one of you use teeth to hold that box down while the other sharpens their claws on it if you know what we mean…….cough…….

    We hope you get to open it at least by Dec 24th, that is when meowmy’s furmily used to do their gifts.

  14. Huh. We WERE gonna say use your claws but, that sure looks like sturdy tape to us. You may be stuck waiting it out…..

  15. The Mom makes us wait to open our prezzies, too. Those humans are just no fun, are they? We will see if we can sneak off with some scissors to help you, Ernie…

  16. Faraday would totally use scissors. And he’d RUN with them, too. ~ Maxwell

  17. OMC! You have no idea! We got to open our package but then our sister Tessa grabbed one wrapped gift and started gnawing on it so our mom took all the gifts away and said we have to wait now. The humanity!

  18. We got to open ours today! Yay!

  19. OH that’s very hard Ernie!

  20. total scrooge..

  21. Whoa, it’s a Cat Lady Box so it’s going to be good.

  22. We got to open our Secret Paws package one or two days after it arrived. That’s very hard for you, Ernie, toal scrooge indeed… Purrs

  23. We are looking forward to see what you got. The lady here is a Scrooge too. We can appreciate your persistence, Ernie.

  24. Hell yeah! We have a Scrooge alright. Nothing until Christmas Day or there will be no treats and turkey. Hey did you guys hear? Summer Samba s says she doesn’t have to wait – some kitties get all the luck!

    I keep trying to sneak a look, and Sienna actually got on the table near the tree – SO CLOSE!!!

  25. Get those claws sharpened. I am sure you can manage it!

  26. What a scrooge! It’s not fair at all that you have to wait until Christmas. There will be other things to do on Christmas, so you should have your Secret Paws box now so you can pay proper attention to holidaymaking then.

  27. MOL You boys are so cute. We didn’t sign up fur da secwet santa thing but sum of da scouts sent us gifts. And we can’t have ’em till Christmas eever. So weez in da same boat wiff y’all. MOL We can’t wait to see what y’all got. Have fun twyin’ to get in dat box,

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  28. I can’t believe you haven’t chewed the box open yet, that’s what my cat Jake would do. Merry Christmas!

  29. LOL. Just the opposite in this house our assistant, the one who feeds us and writes the blog, is like a little kid around Christmas. She always wants to open everything immediately, but the other guy and the little girl make her wait for Christmas, which means we have to wait, too.

  30. I live with a scrooge too – she puts things away until Christmas, but then never finds them until the next year!!! She has even done that with prezzies for my human sisfur.

  31. Happy Holiday to all of you.

  32. Yeah, I live with a Scrooge too. The outside box got opened, I sniffed, but wasn’t allowed to do anymore. You guys got claws, use them!

  33. Big time SCROOGE here 🙁

    The Florida Furkids

  34. It is only a few more days away, I bet it will be worth the wait.

  35. I think if you can get it open with your claws and teeth, you don’t need to wait until Christmas.

  36. Did you get my box???!!! TW sent it in that exact same box. Whoa!!! And, no, I can’t open my box and it’s from a very special mancat in my life.

  37. LOL, yeah why wait. Open it, open it, Ernie! 🙂

  38. We didn’t do SECRET PAWS this year…….my Mom is a terrible SCROOGE……we have received some surprise boxes from friends though and they’re off limits like that one you have. I’ve always thought that if it was addressed to ME, it’s MINE and I should open it when I want to! Scrooges are MEAN.

    Love, Sammy

  39. Yep, we live with a Scrooge too! We have to wait until Christmas too!

  40. I think every day should be Catmas!

  41. Meanwhile you can sleep on the box ! My cats love to do this !

  42. My scrooge has not even put a thing under the tree for me YET!!!! I keep waiting.
    It’s probably too big to fit…those giant wheels of parmesan are really hard to wrap.

  43. The only time Mommy makes us wait to open packages is if she needs to vacuum or if she needs to tidy up the living room. MOL

  44. Sorry you have to wait!!! But you’ll be glad you did.

  45. LOL…Sam got to open her Cat Claws package, but the dogs have to wait until Christmas to open their Pooch Party Pack. Hmmm…is there discrimination around here? Sam’s actually came sooner so that might be why.
    It will be such a fun surprise at Christmas, guys, it will be worth the wait!

  46. We are certain if you think about it long enough Boys, you will find a way around it…scratch, scratch, tear, tear, rip, rip… ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  47. Are you kidding, Guys?! You know what? The Human is leaving for a few days and she says I have to wait until she comes BACK to open mine!!!! Can you even believe that?? She says she wants to have everything cleaned up and ready so we can take good pictures when I open it. HONESTLY, did she learn kitty care at Guantanamo Bay or sumfing?????

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas! XOXOXO

  48. Super Scrooge! NO pressies before Christmas morning. Arrroooooo!

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