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Hey humans!  It’s me…Wally.  Still looking for a Christmas gift for your favorite cat or dog?  We’ve got the purrfect gift that we know your cat or dog will love.  Purrfectplay pet toys!  We’re BIG fans of Purrfectplay toys.  Purrfectplay makes 100% organic, eco-friendly pet toys using only natural fibers like cotton, wool and hemp.  The catnip toys are filled with certified organic catnip.  All of the Purrfectplay toys are individually made…not mass produced…and are very durable.

Purrfectplay holiday gift bag for cats

Purrfectplay Pet Toys make the Purrfect Holiday Gift

Right now for the holidays, Purrfectplay has put together the purrfect collections of holiday gift baskets, bags and boxes filled with toys that will having your cat or dog jumping for joy.

Check out the holiday cat gift bag Purrfectplay sent us.  Even the bag is eco-friendly!  It’s made of recycled kraft paper and the bow and pompom…which double as toys if you ask us…came from reclaimed sweaters.  Also included is a handmade gift card that can be purrsonalized for your pet or left blank.

Wally with Purrfectplay toys

Inside our gift bag was 2 kitty plankton cat toys and a bag of 6 wool dust bunnies.  Hey Ernie! Whaddaya think of these Purrfectplay toys?

Ernie bunny-kicking the Purrfectplay kitty plankton

Wally, this kitty plankton is da bomb!  It’s big enough for me to get my claws into and give it a good bunny-kicking.  And it’s filled with the best smelling nip that makes me go all crazy-pants!

Ernie with Purrfectplay dust bunnies

The dust bunnies are the purrfect size for whapping.

Ernie licking Purrfectplay dust bunnies

Or for grabbing.  I love Purrfectplay toys!

Sheesh…calm down, Ernie!  And you better share those Purrfectplay toys with me!

Purrfectplay offers different gift bag cat toy combinations in several sizes with prices ranging from $15-$35.  There are also gift baskets available from $45-$70 and gift boxes from $10-$15.  And for the dogs…Purrfectplay has a variety of holiday gift baskets and bags that will please your pooch.  You can check out the holiday cat collections by clicking HERE and the holiday dog collections by clicking HERE.

Humans, I guarantee…you will have one happy cat or dog if they find Purrfectplay toys under the Christmas tree.

‘Tis the Season for Giving – A Giveaway!

Since this is the season for giving, we’re giving away a Purrfectplay holiday gift bag to one our readers! The winner will have the choice of either a cat holiday gift bag ($25-$35 collection) or dog holiday gift bag ($30-$35 collection).  This giveaway is for those in the U.S. or Canada only, so if you live outside those areas, you can designate a friend or shelter to get the prize if you win.  Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  The giveaway runs through December 13, 2015.  The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours in which to claim the prize or else another winner will be chosen.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  We received the Purrfectplay holiday cat gift bag for free when we agreed to do this review and giveaway, but that did not influence our opinion at all.  The Island Cats will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers.


  75 Responses to “Purrfectplay Pet Toys Make the Purrfect Gift…with Giveaway!”

  1. Great review, guys! Love the plankton and dust bunnies! Now those are the kind of dust bunnies Mom wouldn’t mind having around.

  2. Dust bunnies??? We’ve got plenty of those at our house!!! 😉

    Those toys look pawsome!

  3. those are cute!! and we love that they are homemade

  4. Ohhh yay!! This sounds great! Definitely entering!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. These look like unique toys. I checked out their website and really love the collar charms!

  6. I think Thunder would absolutely love these!

  7. I love your givaways even though I am in France and I would like my gift, if I win, to go to Jan at Jansfunnyfarm.

    GREAT toys. Can I find those in France????

  8. Thanks for the chance, I think my Caramel would love this.

  9. How cool are these?!? Ernie really likes them!

  10. These toys look like fun and we love that they are home-made! Enjoy them Ernie 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. You two look like you are really enjoying those toys, Wally and Ernie! I love the idea of all eco-friendly, handmade toys. Great review, and thanks for sharing! Purrs!

  12. My 2 furbabies would love these toys. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  13. Those look like some pawesome toys, Wally! We hope Ernie decides to share with you, MOL.

  14. That sure looks like such a fun package. Looks like something in there for all the kitty kats here. What a great review you boys did for it too. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  15. I have some very pampered kitties that would love this/

  16. We love eco-friendly products, very lucky cats 🙂

  17. Those look like some serious fun for everyone!

  18. OMC!! That looks like a ton of kitty fun!! We would love a chance to win something like that! Thanks fur the o-purr-tuna-ty!

  19. Oh yes! Those are the best gifts ever! We received a small bag once and we can assure everyone, those planktons are the bomb!

  20. Great review! Looks like they are awesome toys! I have two girl cats and a girl dog who would love the toys I saw on their site!

  21. Thanks for this fun giveaway. My pooches would really enjoy this.

  22. We love Purrfect Play cat toys! A kitty can never have enough of them.

  23. Those look like pawsome toys. And there’s enough to share with fursibs.

  24. Ohhhh I see lots of fun and frolics at your place…
    Hugs madi your bfff

  25. you guys make great spokescats.

  26. i have seen all natural toys for dogs but have never paid much attention to the ones for cats, they are nice. if i won the cat stuff i would donate it to safe have cat shelter and clinic. but i would rather have the dog one b/c of my 3 little girls. who are at the dental vet now….having checkups. i like those little wool balls, my dogs would have them torn up in seconds.

  27. How wonderful! These toys look like loads of fun.

  28. Looks like some super fun toys! Sounds like a great company, too.

  29. Meow Wally those sound like pawsum toys. Ernie you sure do know how to play. Glad y’all got to get sum purrfect toys. Have fun.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  30. Those look like pawsome toys ! Good luck to our US furriends ! Purrs

  31. Looks like some great toys! My sister just adopted a rescue german shephard so their dog gift bags seem perfect!

  32. we are big fans of Purrfect Play and their toys! how fun you boys got a package to review! the toys sure look fun. Thank you for having the give-away too! good luck to everybuddy!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie

  33. Those look like really fun toys! I can’t believe we’ve never heard of them before: our human is falling down on the job.

  34. Very cute toys! The dust bunnies really do look like the purrfect size…anything bigger and my cat wont play with them! lol

  35. Those dust bunnies are brilliant! The plankton looks fun too, or at least Ernie sure makes it look fun!

    Great review!

  36. Dude, I need those toys…PLEASE!! The kitty plankton and dust bunnies sound so good.


  37. Those look like a lot of fun.

  38. Lots of fun goodies.

  39. Too cute…we would love to win them!

    The Florida Furkids

  40. Oh yay, those look like fun toys!

  41. One of those gift boxes would have made the purrfect Secret Paws gift. Maybe next year.

  42. The dust bunnies look like a lot of fun. Your photo with the kitty plankton makes me wish I enjoyed catnip more. Sure looks like you’re having a great time with that one.

  43. We love the names of their toys. Who else would name a cat toy “plankton”? But they totally make it work!

  44. I know Taco, Dixie, and Noodles would LOVE those toys! Especially the Dust Bunnies- I am sure Dixie would love to play fetch with those!

  45. Our cats would love to win these!

  46. Fanks for da giveaway!

  47. Those sure look like pawsome toys. Mom loves that they are eco-friendly.

  48. you guys sure look like you are having fun!

  49. The dust bunnies looks fun-tastic! I think my boys will love them. I’m gonna check out their website, too. Thank you for the review!

  50. Super excited to see this chance to win! I have many kitties that would love to be entertained by the toys on Christmas Day instead of the tree and driving “mom” crazy!

  51. I think my cat would love this!

  52. Interesting. That basket looks like it has some fun toys.

  53. marvelous give away guys; you scored big on this one for sure; congrats!

  54. What FUN toys and stuff especially the dust bunnies! HAHAHA Love that idea too……

    What a swell giveaway…… all are pawsome!

    Love, Sammy

  55. Those look like fun.

  56. My cats would go crazy on these!!

  57. Thanks for including dogs….mine would love some new fun things!

  58. Eco friendly and fun sounds like a great combo to us!

  59. TBT is looking around fer our Xmas gifts, so we will print this out and put it on his desk!

  60. The gift pack looks Purrrrrrrfect! Looks like you cats are having a wonderful time with it!

  61. Ernie, we love that photo with the tongue! These toys look great. We had not heard of this company before. Thanks for sharing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  62. We would love to win the cat toys!

  63. Mee-you Ernie iff you like them toys mee wood all so…that bunnie kickin one looks fuabuluss…mee entered thee contest!!! Fankss fur beein so kind…
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  64. I’d like to give my things if I win to someone in the USA because I can’t have them where I am. I hope I win!!!

  65. Cool play stuff…we would like it…PLEASE!


  66. You kitties make these toys look like a lot of fun! Cinco and Manna tell me that they would love to try them. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  67. My fur babies would love these toys!

  68. Looks like you’re enjoying all the choices.

  69. hey, those dust bunnies look COOLIO!

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  71. I would like to win for my cats!

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