Tabby Tuesday

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Mar 102009

Hey, I got my high beams on!!!

Ernie’s got a secret!  Go see him over at House Panthers!
Click HERE!!

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  1. Hey Wally, we see you real good, but isn’t hard to sleep with those things on?

  2. ooooohhhh those laser eyes are skeery.

  3. We bet you have no problems seeing your way, even in fog!

  4. Hey Wally — Santa Claws may ask you to help him drive his sleigh this year!

  5. Wow, those are scary laser eyes!

  6. You have brilliant lazer eyes…

  7. Thanks so much for the purrs!! We have posted an update and it’s good news! The purrs worked!

    Thanks again!
    Maggie May and Dana

  8. Stop that, Wally! You’re scaring us! Heeheehee

  9. Those are some big laser eyes! They do look like headlights 🙂

  10. woahhhh! those are some ntense beams. we thunk you were being abducted or somn. how do you do that ? what a neat trick to keep woofies at bay.

    our lucky like to use hers too.

  11. Ok so what bean hissed yoo off?

  12. We think you have LEDs for eyes!! WOW…intense!! Mommy has not caught up with all our visiting lately ’cause over the weekend we had an emergency…our septic tank connection failed allowing ground water run off to enter the tank which burned up the motor! A big tank truck came and emptied out the tank and a new motor was installed but it still needs repairing so this week the guy is coming back with a digger….Mom says it’s gonna’ cost LOTS of green papers…then she shakes her head……the bottom floor powder room toilet gurgled up some bad smelling stuff so the beans had tons of clean up to do. Mom will take photo’s of the digger in action when it comes!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  13. Wally, we never saw laser eyes like that before! WOW!

  14. WOW, we need our sunglasses for those beamers! *purrs*

  15. Cool photo! Isn’t it neat how our cat eyes can reflect the light so that we can see better at night? Man, we are some kind of special creatures!

    But, the poor kitties in the olden, olden days. The stupid superstitious beans that lived back then thought we were devils because our eyes shone. I won’t say out loud what they did to us. Dumb beans!

  16. That is a really pawsome picture Wally! Our eyes never look that intense when the light hits them like that! You could probably be seen a mile away … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  17. Oh good!!! Now I can turn off the lights and read !! hahahahahaha!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  18. That is some impressive lasers you have there.

  19. Heh. Way cool. I turn mine on and think of lazer zapping peoples head…

  20. Those are the best laser eyes I’ve ever seen! 🙂

    Congrats to Ernie!

  21. Whoa, aren’t those illegal?

  22. I’ve got my sunglasses on!

  23. WOW those are some impressive beams!

  24. Them is on FULL BEAM! LOL!

  25. OH wow! Wally those are extra full sooper dooper high beams!!

  26. I LOVE that picture!!! LOve those Highbeams!!!

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