Oct 112015


I’m doing this week’s selfie from our Cat Ball.  Y’know what I like about this Cat Ball?  It’s really, really dark inside…and being a black cat, when I’m in here, you can hardly see me.  I bet you’re having a hard time seeing me right now, aren’tcha?

I like to hide in here.  I’ll hunker down real low and take a snooze.  There’s been times when I’ve been in here, and the mom has searched the whole house looking for me…she’s even looked in the Cat Ball…but she can’t find me ’cause I blend in so well.  Heheheh.  It really freaks her out.  It’s just one more reason why it’s cool to be a black cat.


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  53 Responses to “Easy E’s Cat Ball Selfie Sunday”

  1. I can’t seeeee you but I do know that if I could, I would tell you what gorgeous eyes you have and how handsome you are. BUT~~~I can’t see you darn it. You blend in beautifully!

  2. Isn’t it fun to drive the Moms crazy? We do it all the time. You look very pawsome in your catball (at least we think you do because we can’t see you!)

    The Florida Furkids

  3. MOL! You would definitely blend in with those intense eyes closed.

  4. Yes, but then your gorgeous eyes gave you away! Purrs!

  5. Where are you? I don’t see you!

  6. MOL MOL Ernie i cam see you because i hide my panther self in the same way..but non panthers cannot see us 🙂 paw pats Cleo xxx

  7. Great spot to hang out Ernie…….I think if you had your eyes closed NOBODY would find you – those eyes are a big giveaway though!!! Turn on the lasers and they’re REALLY a giveaway!

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. That’s a terrific selfie Ernie and that catball is a purrfect place for you to hide n’ snooze!

  9. I think your eyes are gorgeous in that Cat Ball. I have a Cat Ball too and I love it! love, Cody

  10. We can see you Ernie. But we know all about Black cats hiding. That is a great place. At least we can see your great eyes. You all have a great day.

  11. Diego-San would like to borrow (have) your catball.

  12. This is a very cool selfie, Ernie. We love that just your gorgeous eyes are showing!
    Black cats rock!

  13. This is such a super cute photo. We can understand how you would totally disappear if your eyes were closed. We love to hide in plain sight as well. It is so much fun. Ernie, Mau would like you to please remind Wally to come by Scouts this afternoon for the S’moresapalooza at the Campfire. Thanks for being a faithful hopper. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. Simon is the same way – as black as an empty space in the closet or under the bed. When my mom goes looking for him he blends in so well!!

  15. Ernie those baby green eyes sure shine even if you are in a darken catball.
    You cutie patootie!
    Happy Sunday #selfie
    Annabelle,Boo,Ping & Mr Jinx

  16. That’s so funny. You can hide in plain sight! I love your catball.

  17. Being a housepanther IS awesome, Ernie! Nice catball selfie! 🙂

  18. That looks so cool! I’d love to get Athena one of those 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  19. Being a cat and having superior sight, of course I can see you in there, Ernie! But I can imagine humans having a problem with it.

  20. If you weren’t looking at the camera, we wouldn’t know you were in there.

  21. ***HI-5’ss*** I totallee agree with you Ernie…being a SEAL Brown/black kat is way cool…..mee has hid frum LadyMum so many timess…
    Iss funny when shee walkss bye an mee whapss her ankull to get her attention! Mew mew mew….
    grate foto bye thee way…
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  22. Great spot to hide ! Purrs

  23. I can hear a meow, but can’t see anything at all????? MOL Ernie, it’s the best thing being a black cat, cos when I hunker down the Staff trips over me and stubs her toe and mutters a lot!!!

  24. Great selfie Ernie! That looks like a pawsome place for a Sunday snooze. Enjoy!

  25. awesome selfie!

  26. If it wasn’t for your eyeballs, no-one would see you in the catball.

  27. LOL that’s too funny your mom couldn’t find you even when she looked in the Catball 🙂 You blend in so nicely! That sure looks very nice and cozy napping spot. Enjoy your Easy Sunday, Ernie!

  28. You black cats sure can hide well. I sometimes can’t find Puck and after a long search discover her was almost in plain sight.

  29. What a purrrRRRrrrfect place to hide away and make the human look for you. I like to play hide and sleep so the humans must look for me. With your eyes closed you would be invisible.

  30. What beautiful golden eyes you have. It’s fun to play tricks on the humans isn’t it!

  31. pawsome hide out and hide out techniques, Ernie! you just need to close your eyes now and you’d disappear 😀 I think I need one of those…


  32. MOL! Ernie, I love the idea of your mom searching for you and not even seeing you when you’re in the Cat Ball. Hiding is so fun! Your big green eyes give you away in this pic. That’s a great selfie!


  33. Who’s there? We hear a voice but can’t see anyone! MOL
    Our Samantha does the same thing to us. There’s been times I could not find her and she was actually right there!

  34. You lucky kit, Ernie. I have some black but the rest of me gives me away. Hey, we’re doing real good compared to Kali…she’s all white and can only go unseen on sheets.


  35. Sure loosk like a comfy place to hang out in !
    Well if you had your beutiful green eye´s closed I wouldn´t have seen you either 🙂

  36. You are SO cool, Ernie, and your animal print cat ball is just pawsome!!!

  37. Super selfie! Love the cat ball too.

  38. The catball looks like so much fun! I know a kitty that would like to hide in one 🙂

  39. We can see yous gawjus eyes Ernie.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  40. Cool place to hide for a black cat.

  41. Dat catball looks pawsome!

  42. You are the best at hide and seek Ernie!

  43. Ernie, Malou agrees with you! Black cats are the best 🙂 And you look very handsome in your hide-out!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  44. Great selfie. We want a ball like that.

  45. Hiding in plain sight is the best trick! But we would neen some multi-cloroed tan&orange&white camo inside.

  46. Ernie, you are so cute. Chloe Jo has one of those. She loves it! And yes, it is hard to see her sometimes.

  47. Ernie, I often use that trick too. But I don’t open my eyes! Yours are stunning in today’s selfie and I like the bit of light on your cheek.

  48. Looks like a great place to be.

  49. Haha that’s pretty sneaky even for a cat! Love Dolly

  50. Ernie that’s a great shot of you! Don’t know why black cats are attracted to black or dark things. Smokey used to lay on a black bean bag…and Oliver blends in with the new floors because they are so dark!

  51. You make that catball look good

  52. That’s a lovely catball, but where are you 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 <3

  53. Ooh! You almost fooled us, MOL!

    We saw one of those with a tail and ears…it looked like a mouse, MOL! But it was light grey so you couldn’t hide too well….sigh…

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