Mar 092009

We’re training for the Sychronized Snoozin’ competition
at the next Cat Olympics!!


We’re offishul now!  We got our M-Cat Club badges!!
You can see them on our side bar!!
Thanks Kashim, Othello, Salome and Astrid!!

  32 Responses to “ManCats – Training Day”

  1. You guys are sure to take the gold!!

  2. Welcome to the M-Cats Club, boys! And we think you should win the Gold Medal!

  3. You are definitely on track to take the gold! Bennette is still practicing her tuck diving moves! See you in London!

  4. Hmm, you have parallel sleeping down, but do you spoon like Isis and I do? Isis and I also like to make the yin-yang as well. You should try it sometime. 😉

  5. furry good sink-ro-na-zashun

  6. Position is perfect: 10 and 10 !
    ViVi & AB

  7. You guys will blow the competition right off of the bed!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and offering your purrs for Maya!

  8. Hmmm. If I had someone to synchronize with, I might just train for that sport too. But I don’t. Is there a cat-lympic event for best meowler?

    Come and Look! Come and see!
    I have award for you on my bloggie!

  9. I think you two will be tough to beat.

  10. Congratulations on the mancat badges. I think yo will score a 10 in teh Sychronized Snoozin’ event!

  11. That is some great Synchronized Snoozing ever! You’ll be sure to win!

  12. That is very impressive … we need another Cat Olympics, too. The last one was about four years ago.

  13. We like to do synchronized snoozing too, but you guys have us beat! Well done!

  14. Oh we are so impressed! You are clearly going to be very impressive mancats. We think synchronized snoozing is an absolute must for the 2012 Olympics!

  15. PS: Congrats on your badges for ManCat Club too!

  16. You two would win the gold for sure! Crikey got his new badge! How exciting!

  17. Almost perfect form! Wally needs to tuck his tail in just a little bit more.
    But, all in all, quite impressive! I’ll give you guys a score of 9.5.

  18. I think I would beat you both in the snoozin’ olympics! Concats on your M-Cat badges!

  19. We guess you’ll be hard to beat. When is that olympics-thingy?

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  21. Perfect synchronization and form!

  22. We see a gold medal in the making.

  23. Thanks for stopping back in and checking on Maya!

  24. Wowie, that’s purrfeckt synkronized snoozin! You are sure to win a Gold Medal!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  25. harharhar! synkronized snoozin!

  26. Your snoozing looks like a hard act to follow!

  27. Really Cute!

  28. Ohh guys, come on don’t be shy only a few more cm’s and you can be getting the man warmth!! :))

  29. hee hee~~ Good job at practicing~!!!!
    I bet you will win!

  30. thats gud practise there.

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