Easy E Sunday

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Mar 082009

Hey, mom!  Whatcha doing up there???

I’m painting, Ernie.
Now that the worker guys are almost finished,
we have a lot of painting to do.

Oh, do ya want some help??

No, Ernie…I think I can handle this…why don’t you go play…

Okay…don’t say I didn’t offer…
But if you need me…

I’ll be whapping some stuff around on the new floor!!!

  33 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Whapping stuff around is extremely helpful!!!

  2. We’re pretty sure whapping is a necessary part of all things!


  3. It was nice of you to offer your help Ernie… had you forgotten this is EZ-Sunday, not really a work day… at least not for us kitties!

  4. Why is it the Beans never want us to help when they are painting?

  5. Hey Ernie, that new floor really looks like a good floor to whap things around on. Nice and smooth. The guy with gray hair and a beard that lives here never wants me around when he’s doing a project like painting. He says I get in the way. I know I really don’t. I just want to help too!

  6. Whapping is a very important job, Ernie. Don’t get to close to that paint. You wouldn’t want it getting on your beautiful black furs!

  7. Thats a great way to help! and the floor- looks fantastic!

  8. Ernie,it’s good that you offered to help!
    Now you can play without feeling guilty.
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Your beans are doing that stuff too, huh? It is great that you wanted to help and snoopervising is important, but trust us, whapping stuff around is way more fun.

  10. Our worker guy is still working! Maybe we’ll get to help paint in a week or so. We can’t wait to play in the new closet!

  11. You were very generous to offer your help. If we don’t help around here, nothing gets done right. Whapping is much more fun than painting anyway, so hope you don’t get paint drips on you while you play!

  12. A new flore! I bin heering my peeple talk about a new flore and painting too. Last time thay paintid thay woodint even let me in the room. Hay, try sum Temptayshuns in yur hidey hole bocks. I gots one too. I chewed up the balls and put them under the food cooker. Now I find Temmptayshuns and sparkle balls in it from time to time.

  13. That looks like a good place to whap stuff around! I bet you could slide on that if you run really fast!

  14. It looks like you are going to wipe down the new floor with that little pad!

  15. Supervise the work of your mom just in case the color of the painting is not of your taste! Muahahaha!

    Nice Sunday!

  16. I’m envious of your new floor – it looks great! Good luck with the painting – I did that last year and the cats were very good – we only had a few painted whiskers.

  17. You are a very good helper with that painting!

  18. Ernie – you are such a sweet guy!

  19. I can tell you from personal experience that you can spread alot of paint around with your tail and paws.

  20. Careful you don’t get paint on you or wrapped up in the wrap!

  21. It was very nice of you to help but whapping sounds like much more fun, anyway!

  22. Make sure mom don’t fall off that ladder Ernie!!

  23. Olà! It looks beautifull, all white , it deserve your black fur.

    ViVi & AB

  24. Ooooh. Grayson can barely contain himself when he sees a ladder and paint brushes. He is compelled to climb and snoopervise! Of course, I am is good with just whapping stuff. Have fun Ernie!


  25. It was very nice of you to offer to help.
    Come see who won the cattion contest!

  26. It looks like the washer and dryer have big googly eyes ’cause they’re scairt you’re going to bite them. Heh.

  27. That is a nice new floor ans you are breaking it in good by whapping things around!

  28. Ernie you new floor looks great! I am sure glad that you have it back now.. I hope there were no “emergencies” while the bathrooms were in a different spot!

  29. Well, she can’t say you didn’t offer to help. Her loss. You’d make a good painter.

  30. after alls you have to test-drive a new floor! whapp away.

  31. Very Very cute,
    looks like you find great things to play!

  32. It must be exciting that the worker men have almost finished! You’re a good mancat to offer to help, Ernie.

  33. Nice new floor! And good for you, Ernie, for being so helpful!

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