Jul 242008

We Island Cats live on Grosse Ile which Mom tells us is French for “Big Island.” 

For this Thursday Thirteen, we thought we would show you 13 things that you can see on our Big Island.

This is one of the bridges (there’s two) that takes you onto our Island.  The only time we go to the “mainland” is to go to the v-e-t. (we don’t like to go there very much!).

This is the lighthouse that’s on our Island.


This is the Island Animal Shelter.  We’ve never been there but Mom tells us that it’s a really neat place for animals that don’t have a home yet. 


The Blimp!!!  There’s an airport on our Island and sometimes the blimps come to visit when they are in the area.

 Mom’s flowers.  She’s always pouring water on these things!

Birds on the feeder!  We LOVE watching them!


Dad’s Corvette.  He LOVES his car and is always giving it a bath!


Vishus deer!  Look out!!!

Mom’s weathervane.


More vishus deer.  Hey, you better not be eating the neighbor’s flowers!!!

And of course, us, the Island Cats.




and Zoey.

  14 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #2”

  1. We LOVE your home!!! All the pictures are just beautiful, even the vishus deers!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  2. What a great spot, the island is beautiful – and just down the road from us! Mommy looooves your weather vane.

  3. It looks so beautiful where you live! You are very lucky!

  4. That looks like a wonderful place to live. Do you get to ride in your Dad’s Corvette?

  5. You live in a very pretty place – even the animal shelter is pretty!!

  6. wow! you get to see lotsa neat things from your island. my daddy is drooling over your daddy’s Corvette. Very very nice.

    careful of those little Vishus Deer, they can fool you with their cuteness!

  7. Wow! Seems like there is lots of interesting stuff where you live. We are out in the country and there is not much but grass and trees and some neighbors. We haven’t seen any Vishus Deer lately but there have been some mean old cows.
    -Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

  8. Wally, Ernie and Zoey, all of those pictures are just so awesome! Your Mom’s plants and flowers are just beautiful, and your Dad’d ‘Vette is way cool! Our Momma loves classic cars! But the most beautiful of all of the pictures were of you three!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon (and Simon sends a kissy for Zoey)

  9. Those are lovely photos from your island.

  10. WOW!!! Your island is really pretty! So is your yard 🙂 Well,except for the Vishus Deer !!
    Maybe they should cross the bridge ,heehee
    Pyees Mickey

  11. Those are some neat things to like about the island.

    We hope the shelter is as nice inside as it is outside. And we wish it could be no kill but doubt it is. sigh!

  12. The island that you live on is very pretty! Lots of interesting things to see. We don’t find vishus deer very vishus anymore since we both eat vishus deer food.

  13. Vishus Deer! Be sure to use utmost caution when they are around!
    Your moms flowers are very pretty and so is your island. What a cool place to live!

  14. Hi Island Cats from some fellow island residents! My cat, Marissa, and I read your blog, and we were very happy that you mentioned the animal shelter, because we manage the shelter web page (www.grosseileanimalshelter.com). We just finished some updates this evening, so everyone can see what some of the rooms look like inside. Marissa thought that everyone would like that. She raised a beautiful litter of kittens at the shelter before she came home with me.

    You can also see our cats and kittens that are available for adoption (no dogs right now). We’re lucky to be able to let our animals stay as long as they need to in order to find their forever home.

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