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ernie-wally-talking-807Hey Ernie!  Did you hear the news?  Natural Balance® pet products are now available at PetSmart®!  Y’know, Natural Balance offers healthy pet foods made with premium quality ingredients and include a variety of dry and canned food, stews and treats. 

I know, Wally.  I was so excited when I heard the news, I made the mom run right out to PetSmart to buy us some.  I wanted to go, too, but the mom thought it would be better if I stayed home.  She’s such a spoil sport!


Natural Balance has always been part of our food repertoire, but it hasn’t been easy to find all the different varieties that Natural Balance offers in the pet stores near us.  But not anymore now that PetSmart has added Natural Balance to its premium pet food section!


When the mom got to PetSmart, she found a HUGE selection of Natural Balance cat food.  Just look! PetSmart had all the different varieties of Natural Balance, both canned and dry, that fit the food needs of every cat, including:

  • Ultra® Premium formulas which are ideal for all cats, including indoor cats or cats needing a reduced calorie formula.  Uh, we don’t need to reduce calories, do we, Wally?
  • LID Limited Ingredient Diet® formulas which provide a single source protein and are grain free, purrrrfect for cats suffering from allergies or food sensitivities.
  • And the newest addition to Natural Balance’s line of pet foods, Wild Pursuit™ , which is high in protein and grain free, and is more like what a cat’s diet would be in the wild.
  • PetSmart also had the Platefulls® pouch formulas and one of our favorites…Delectable Delights® stew formulas.  I tell ya, I can’t get enough of that Chicken Catatouille®.  It’s so delish!


The mom checked out the dog food section as well and found a whole aisle of Natural Balance dog food, too.


Check out all the food she bought for us, Ernie!

Whoohoo!  I see she got lots of the Delectable Delights Chicken Catatouille.  We sure will be eating good!

Ernie, I think we’ll be sharing some of this food with the store cats, Chip and Slim.


Can I at least have some of the Wild Pursuit before the mom takes it to them?


PetSmart® is committed to providing pet owners with an unparalled selection of quality pet products in one convenient location.  And now, through PetSmart, Natural Balance® will be able to reach more households than ever before, giving pet parents access to even more healthy and wholesome options for the pets they love.

Okay…I’ve waited long enough.  It’s time to eat!


Have you tried any of the Natural Balance pet foods?  If so, let us know in your comment!


  40 Responses to “Natural Balance® Pet Foods Now At PetSmart® #PetSmartStory”

  1. OMC that Chicken Catatouille sounds delicious! Great review!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. given Thompson’s dwindling appetite we may have to give this a try… wild pursuit sounds appealing to me at least.

  3. What a fun post, guys! My kitties have all loved Natural Balance over the years and I’m so happy that it’s now in my favorite pet store!

  4. Natural Balance is good cat food. Great post. Have a great day.

  5. We love Natural Balance foods and our local pet store stopped carrying them when Natural Balance sold to a big foods company so it’s good to know that we can get it at PetsMart now! We didn’t know about the new line though!

  6. The Farm cats are very excited that Natural Balance is available at PetSmart. They love it!

  7. We’ve never tried it, but you never know. It’s hard to find something all 7 of us agree on.

  8. Yay! I find Natural Balance in other stores, but the PetSmart is closest and easiest for me to get to. Thanks for the news!

  9. I swear my PetSmart has always carried Natural Balance but I’m prolly wrong. Great review.

    • We know other pet stores have carried it, CK, but not PetSmart…until now. And the other pet stores don’t have the complete NB line like PetSmart now has.

  10. Oh Awesome!!!!!! I’m glad to see Petsmart carrying this now!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. It’s great PetSmart got such a wide variety of Natural Balance food available at the store!
    Enjoy your yummy food 🙂 Happy Friday!

  12. Darn you didn’t get to go!
    But you sure scored big on the noms!

  13. We’ve never tried Natural Balance. The Catatouille sounds delish!

  14. Catatouille?! That sounds awesome!

  15. Hey, in that last photo, it looks like you’re balancing the food cans on your head. That’s a great trick!

    It’s always good to hear that there are more food choices becoming available at stores near us. We have a Petsmart near our home and one near the head peep’s office, so this is a double win!

  16. We agree … that Catitouie sounds pretty awesome!

  17. The excitement you two show in your first pic is nearly palpable. MOL!
    Thanks for sharing this with us. We’r gonna try some of your favorite flavors to see if we like them.
    Happy Friday!

  18. That’s a great variety. Wish we got it here 🙁

  19. What time’s dinner? 😀 we like the Natural Balance LID diets and their treats. nice that now their foods will be easier for folks to get. enjoy your noms!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie

  20. guys….we haz never tried natural balance but now that petsmart carreez it we will tell de food serviss gurl ta give it a look see when her headz that way next time……hope full lee therz a …fish…flavor !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    heerz two a hairtail, madtom fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  21. Natural Balance has such a great selection of cat foods! I love that they are grain free. Cinco and Manna can’t wait to give these a try. It looks like you guys are really enjoying your Natural Balance goodies!

  22. We can’t wait to try all of the Natural Balance food the Flats brought home. We’ve just opened our bag of treats that Mom Paula brought back from BlogPaws and we love them. If the food is as good…

  23. MMMMMMMMM that iss a hole lot of food-abullss there Wally an Ernie!!!!
    Fankss fur tellin us ’bout this line…maybe LadyMum will get mee sun 😉
    **Hi-5’ss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  24. We love, love, love PetSmart and natural balance. That is a win/win for us! Hey Mom, we need to visit PetSmart!

  25. Pawsome post! Sounds like you kitties will be dining well and enjoying it too 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  26. The guys look like they’re keen to try the Natural Balance selection – “hurry up and open it Mom!”

  27. Mum will have to check that out next time she goes shopping.

  28. Prancie has a food allergy so we give her the venison canned food and she loves it.

  29. JEALOUS!!!! We would love to try that tinned stuff on Peanut (19)!!!!

  30. I looked for Natural Balance at our PetSmart, but there were only three canned flavors, and one or two of them were fish-based. I wonder why our PetSmart isn’t carrying all the options…it’s the biggest PetSmart in the state, even.

    In any case, I hope they start to carry more varities. Carmine really liked Natural Balance when he ate the canned form, and I’d like to get him on it again as part of his rotation.

    Enjoy your dinner, Wally and Ernie!

    • We’ve heard that the Natural Balance is making its way into all the PetSmarts…maybe yours is one that hasn’t received all the stock yet. As far as NB to feed Carmine, try the limited ingredient diets…they should only have one protein and no fish unless fish is the single protein.

  31. This is Dick Van Patten’s New Balance. Isn’t he a movie star. I, for one am growing tired of Fancy Feast but we have no Pet smart here in PG. One is being built and should be open in the fall. Mom will try New Balance then. Mom has runners called New Balance….guess they’re not made of cat food, I guess.


  32. Boys I have missed you terribly. I hope mom can get me here again more and more. You are as handsome as always. Xxoo

  33. Did you get any of the Wildl Pursuit canned? Let us know what you think! It’s TOTALLY carnivorous! YUM!

  34. That is great news. M likes it when. My food is avlailable from a store. I am still on
    Description diet food so have to get that from the vet….which isn’t too out of the way.

  35. Just by coincidence, Yesterday I bought a bag of Natural Balance for the feral cats I am feeding at work.

  36. We have not tried Natural Balance food yet, but we also don’t have a PetSmart very close to us either! The downfalls of living in the country….

  37. We haven’t tried that brand, but our doggy cousin has…

    Maybe Minko would eat that if they have it in pate.

    Did you all get some good tastes afur it went to the store kitties??

  38. Nice post and I love the pictures! Wish my girl would pose as nicely!

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