Mar 032009

We were tagged twice…by Siena and Chilli and by our cousin, Rusty…to play the 5th photo meme.  Here’re the rules for anycat who hasn’t played yet:

1. Open your picture folder.
2. Click on the fifth folder.
3. Click on the fifth photo.
4. Post the photo and describe it.
5. Tag five other bloggers for the meme.

This picture was taken on Christmas Day, 2006.  We’re playing with our new toy that we got from Santa Claws.  You’re suppose to try to get the balls that are inside out by sticking your paws through those little holes.  That toy was fun but, you know, we haven’t played with it much lately.  That seems to happen with a lot of our toys.

Okay…we’re breaking the rules and tagging anycat that hasn’t done this meme yet and wants to play!!

And while you’re looking for that 5th photo, why don’t you go over and see what Ernie is doing over at House Panthers today?  Click HERE!!

  25 Responses to “Tag…We’re It!!”

  1. I think that looks like a great toy!

  2. You look like you are concentrating very hard. Toys that make you think are fun 🙂

  3. That’s a much nicer version of the toy we have. Ours is cardboard. My momma Ellie LOVES it, but the hard part is finding all the little balls once she gets them out. There must be a dozen little balls under our couches.

  4. That looks like a neat toy. We stop playing with our toys after a while, too.

  5. That looks like a furry fun toy!!

    Thanks for the well wishes for Cals SIBO treatment!

  6. I don’t play with toys very long. At my age I have a very short attention span. The guy with gray hair and a beard who lives here says that’s because I forget what I’m doing. Mom wants to get some ideas for new toys for me since I bug her too much when she needs to get things done.

  7. That thing looks confusing!

  8. Wow – that’s a great toy! Have never seen one like that. Franklin likes to put his small toys under the refrigerator and try to get them back, but it doesn’t work out too well!

  9. I think you look like you are quite enjoying yourself!

  10. That looks like a great toy, but like you we get bored and then move on — much to our people’s delight.

  11. That toy looks cool!!! Thanks for playing.

  12. Our Mom puts our toys away when we stop playing with them then brings them back out a few months later. It’s like we forgot all about them and it’s like Christmas again!

  13. We were tagged too and wrote about today! And we broke the rules in the same way. Hehe.

    The toy situation is the same in this house. Expensive cat toys are not very interesting, but an old string or piece of paper can make us happy for weeks.

  14. We had that toy and got board of it ’cause we could never get anything out! Mommy took it with other stuff to the rescue people where Tang and Teak were adopted. Guess what though………..Mommy ordered us a brand new toy just out this spring and if you like the Turbo scratcher you will love this new toy. =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  15. That toy looks fun! Sometimes I get bored with my toys, so they get put away. Then, when I see the toy next, it’s fun again!

  16. Oh, we want to come and play with that interesting toy!!!

  17. That’s looks interesting. Not sure I would know what to do with it, since I don’t seem to play with any toys.

    Your guess is wrong, just have to move a little south-east geographically and you are there.

  18. Awwww, that’s such a cute pickshure, and what a fun looking toy!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  19. Dat sure does look like a neat toy!

  20. That looks like a cool toy!! Santa Claws was very nice to you guys!

  21. yeh that toy looks like a HOLE lotta fun but after awhile i think we would get mad at it for not giving us the ball. but then again , what a great toy to hide all our mouseys within!

  22. Thankyou for persisting in the Guessing Game. But no, too far south and west.

  23. That looks like a cool toy! I find the best toys are the ones Mommy happens to be working with at the time (like pens, markers, her little stapler).

  24. I never saw that kind of toy before!

  25. Playing with new toys on Christmas Day, or any day, is so much fun 😀

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