Jul 272015


Ernie…I was here first.
Why don’t you find some place else to sleep?

There’s plenty of room here for both of us, Wally.


Sheesh…I can never have a spot to myself.
And the mom wonders why I like
sleeping up high on the bedroom dresser.

I tell ya…I get no respect around here.


  66 Responses to “I Get No Respect”

  1. I think you should put your paws down! I always get the place I want to hang for myself, because I make this stupid long-haired cat go away. I just hiss, and she’s gone. I hiss at her several times a day, just to make sure that she understands that I’m in charge here.

  2. We aren’t sure but we think Ernie is trying to steal your space Wally.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Wally, that Ernie, needs to leave you alone. I bet there are plenty of other places you can hang out. That does look a little crowded. You all have a great day.

  4. you could kick him off….though that might get you in trouble with the mom person

  5. I think it looks like you both fit! Not much is even touching!

  6. How sweet that your brother wants to hang out with you 🙂

  7. You two do look like mighty comfy bookends though Wally!

  8. Wanna come stay with me for a few days? Love, Cody

  9. Brotherly love? NOT! MOL

  10. Well Wally I’d say you have the best PART of the perch you’re on…..you have Ernie relegated to a corner spot and you at least are stretched out a BIT! Enjoy your snooze – just ignore Ernie – I’m thinking he’s probably ignoring you too!

    Hugs, Sammy

  11. It´s a big place for both!!!!
    Enjoy, babies!!!
    Have a delicious week and a wonderful Monday!

  12. It is more fun when shared! ❤

  13. Wally you should know that us Gingers have a charm…we attract all the others with our comfy selves MOL..paw pats Dinnermintz xx

  14. Wally
    I think Ernie was hoping he’d crowd you out. You showed him!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  15. Me too think there is enough space for both of you 🙂


  16. Poor Wally! We think Ernie loves you and just wants to be near you. It is sweet, but we understand that fursibs can be quite annoying sometimes.

  17. Oh go ahead Wally and admit you secretly like Ernie sleeping next to you! MOL

  18. Poor Candy has the same problem with EK. No matter where she goes to sleep, EK crawls in with her and curls up half on top of her. Been like that since they were kittens, and they’re not even littermates! They met at the foster home. Silly EK.

  19. Wally, don’t you do a little too much ? Purrs

  20. Wally, we think it is great the Ernie wants to be near you…you are lucky to have a friend 🙂

  21. maybe you should change your name to Rodney D.

  22. LOL, ah I know how you feel! I have to squeeze in between a bunch of huskies if I want a spot to lay or sit!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  23. We think your mom might have to buy more cat trees!

  24. Mes can’t believes that yous gets pushed around!

  25. I think all Ernie wants is a cuddle with his brofur to start the week.

  26. It’s nice to share sometimes but not all the time.

  27. Sounds like our mom’s complaints (we like to hog her chair) right up to the point of sleeping high up on the dresser. We don’t think our mom would fit up there…. oops! Did we just say that out loud??

  28. I think you could squeeze in a third kitty 😉

  29. Ha! You should try living with Binga.

  30. Aaaaaaaw How sweet. 2 handsum bwofurs hangin’ togevver. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  31. Maybe wait until he asleep and then give him a little nudge

  32. Oh, no – turf wars!!

    We understand, been there ourselves.


  33. We think it’s nice to share!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  34. Toby and Simon fuss about the same thing – space!! And they are Halloween cats just like you guys! (orange and black!)

  35. dood…may bee mom shulda named ewe rodney huh !!!

    ya noe…her COULD getz another tall perch…..hint hint ~~~ ♥♥♥

  36. aww, Wally! you’re just too nice. around here, we make our point with a hiss and/or a whap 😀

    pip, smidgen, Minnie, hollie

  37. Do you sometimes wish you were an only cat, Wally? We think you would miss Ernie if you were though!

  38. Well, we think that picture is very sweet, even if the kitties don’t always like to share 🙂

    Thank you so much for the good thoughts and purrs for Luna!

  39. That’s the problem with cozy spots.
    If you like it, the others think it must be good and ‘BAM’ there they are :/
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  40. It’s always so hard to live with siblings! No matter what you do, you all always want the same thing at the same time. I hope that you have a great nap, Wally! If it is any consolation, the two of you look really cute together on your perch. 🙂

  41. Poor baby, just need a little elbow room huh? Tell him treats are being passed out somewhere else, that’ll move him! MOL

  42. You mean you don’t like hanging next to Ernie like a bosom buddy, Wally? Well, I know for a fact I would hate it with Pierrot. You guys look pretty companionable, especially in the top pic.

  43. You two seem to be pretty good at sharing the limited space up there. We’re impressed… no way we’d be able to do that without lashing tails and a whap or two.

  44. Awwwwww…. poor guy.

  45. You probably wouldn’t get any around here either, Wally. Ocean does that to Echo all the time.

  46. I dunno, I kinda like sharin.

  47. You need to spread out more when you nap. Don’t curl up in a nice tight ball of fur.

  48. You don’t wanna be all snuggly with Ernie?? For shame.

  49. Haha, you may not feel respected but you are definitely loved! I’m sure Ernie just wants to be close to you 🙂

  50. Wally, I know eggsactically how you feel! I sleep up high on the dresser too 🙂

    Mitalee, the critters in the cottage xo

  51. We know just what you’re going through. We love our space!

  52. We have those this is my spot tiffs, too…sometimes we share and sometimes we hiss, spit and what till one or the other give in, MOL!

    That platform looks like it just might allow Ernie to have that wee corner fur his nap…and you are still having the best of the space, Wally…Maybe you could get a second tree with napping platform so you don’t have to fight about this issue anymore…

  53. Maybe you should just call it brotherly love, Ernie?!

    The Chans

  54. Wally there’s enough room there for both of you. You should cut your brother some slack 🙂

  55. You had to share the penthouse suite? Awww… MOUSES!


  56. Take it form one who has no sibs…you’d miss it if there weren’t snuggling going on.
    Happy week…

    Noodle and crew

  57. Wally you are lucky. I share my bed with 6 other pushy felines MOL

  58. Tell me about it…there is no respect for me around here EVER. Kali has to make sure I always now I’m younger than her and she always must have the best. Geesh!


  59. Poor Wally, brofurs and sisfurs can be such a pain in the neck. You has my sympathies.

    But Wally, having a brofur to cuddle up to is the best!

    Hey Ernie, if you spread out a little bit, you might just get that spot all to yourself, heehee

  60. You two are so entertaining!

  61. How can you be expected to sleep comfortably with “someone” crowding your space? MOL!

  62. Mew mew mew Wally you has to know that wee black katss are a bit panther-y like!!! Wee can also bee berry berry bossy,,,
    On behalf of all panthe-y katss mee apawlogizess Wally….
    Ernie maybe you should give yur Brofur sum more room?
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  63. It would be impossible for any two of us to fit together on any of the cat tree platforms except maybe Lily and Astrid, and that would NEVER happen. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  64. Oh boy times seven – we sure can relate to this post!

  65. There’s always competition for the top shelf on our cat tower too!

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