Mar 022009

There’s been a couple of strange guys here for the past week.  They’ve been working in that room where our litter boxes bathrooms are and where mom washes clothes and stuff.  They took everything out of there and our bathrooms got moved to another spot which has us a little discombobulated…

I’ve been snoopervising these guys…gotta make sure they’re doing a good job.  Ernie’s a big scaredy cat and he runs and hides when they’re here.

I am not a scaredy cat!!!  I just wanted to sit in this nice sunbeam!  I can snoopervise from over here just as easy!

Yeah, right, Ernie…keep telling yourself that…

Ya know, Wally, these guys aren’t so bad…one of them brought us this giant mousie to play with.  Mom sez he gave it to us so we won’t bother snoopervise them…yeah, like this mousie is gonna stop us…

Hey, strange guys, looks like you’re doing a good job…but I’m gonna keep snoopervising you…gotta make sure you’re not slackers and get this job done right.  I want the room that I pee in to look good!

  30 Responses to “ManCats Snoopervising”

  1. Pawsome job you’re doing! Cats know everything about good quality work – don’t let them fool you. That mousie is gigantesco! Is it any good?
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  2. how sweet! I was gonna suggest a good way of protesting when your litter box gets moved, but those workmen seem so nice to bring you a mousie pressie, that I’m not going to tell you now! 🙂

  3. That’s impressive. We are not allowed to snoopervise workmen. We get locked up inside a room. We think that is unfair, and now I’m certain of it. Those workmen brought you a mousie!!!!! How cool is that?

  4. Great job!! You’ll be peeing in splendor soon!

    Do you think the workers will bring us toys when they put in our new windows????

  5. yeh, you tell em !!
    we dont like the musical litter box scene either.
    hey, that mouse looks d-lish, nom-nom.

  6. Wow, that’s cool they brought you a pressie! Gotta snoopervise all workpeople. We’re watching the house next door real closely, well…from inside that is. People working on it, too.

  7. Hey, those guys sure must be good fixer guys. They brought you a mousie! Everything in our house gets fixed by the guy with the gray hair and beard that lives here. Once in awhile, someone else comes in, and I really try to get to know them. I want them to pet me and pay attention to me. Mom tells me to leave them alone so they can get the job (whatever that is) done. Hmrphhhhh, I like to watch too!

  8. That was so nice of the men to bring you a mousie, but you are still smart for snoopervising them. Gotta make sure they get the job done right!

  9. It looks like Ernie has the right idea! That’s why Angel is living with us for a while. His whole house is being torn up because new floors are being put in.We are furry happy to have him here with us and we just may not give him back!

  10. You are a good snooperviser Wally! I’d be like Ernie and hide though…some strange guys brought a new table to my house this weekend and I hide under the couch the whole time they were here.

  11. One must be comfortable in the room where they pee. I think you are right to keep an eye on them!

  12. Hey! There’s a strange man working in our basement! He’s supposed to be building a huge closet, but all we know is that our bathrooms got moved to the upstairs, and now we’re confused! Maybe this thing is catching.

  13. Good job snoopervising! (And great mouse!) Tasha has a big crush on our handyman and won’t leave him alone when he’s working – he says he likes her though.

  14. Good job supervising, humans are always needing us to supervise, how else would anything get done?

  15. Being discombobulated sounds very uncomfortable! Is that a bit like when you go to the vet and they remove your man-bits?

  16. It’s a tough job, but some cat has to do it!

  17. You’re doing a good job. We’ve had strange people here looking, measuring and photographing our bathroom our the last weeks. Maybe something like that is going on here too?!?

  18. Keeping a watchful eye on them is a very good idea! After all, your pottying spot must be of the very highest standard.

  19. Snoopervisin is most impawtant when dey moves da litter box. We hopes dey do it right so dat yoo can has yer room back soon.

  20. We’re taking notes because mom may be making our pee bathroom nice sometime in the near future!! Your pee room is looking good though!

    Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  21. Excellent job on the snoopervising…by both of you. And, you managed to get them to bring you a mouse (actually, that was very nice of them).

  22. Yoo look vary bizzy. Snoopervising is importint. I cannot let mommy do innything in the food room without me. She went hunting and brot me sum toona to make up for going to the vet today. She needed my help opening it.

  23. A good kitty must snoopervise any strangers in the house!

  24. Your a good cat to supervise those fixer guys. I always run and hide when there are strangers around!

  25. Hey! Looks like that is going to be a great litter box room! Hope we see the finished product. Great snoopervising!
    ~ The Bunch

  26. Oh that Mouse – Weak in the paws!

    Thanks for your kind comments about Daddy. You are great friends and you mean a great deal to us.

  27. Snoopervising is very important but that was a nice toy mousie you got!

  28. Wally, you are doing an excellent job snoopervising! I bet your beans really appreciate your overseeing this important project.

  29. It’s important to have a posh poop palace, right?

  30. hahah Wally you is very brave! I would be snoopervising too! Mushka would be hiding under the bed hehe

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