Jun 192015


Hi everybuddy.  It’s me…Zoey.  Today is International Box Day…a day joyously celebrated by cats everywhere.  Because cats love boxes.  Or they’re supposed to.  But I have a confession to make.  I don’t!  Seriously…I’m very wary of those cardboard contraptions.  I’m afraid if I step paw in one, it will eat me!

For Box Day, the lady with the yellow hair put out a box just for me thinking I would immediately jump in it and she could take some pictures of me enjoying all the things that a box has to offer.  But that wasn’t happening.  Instead of jumping in it, I hissed at it…and I hissed at the lady with the yellow hair for putting that evil thing near me.  I avoided the box like the plague…or better yet, like that orange stripey cat that lives here.

So, I’m sorry…there are no pictures of me in a box.  But I don’t want to disappoint those of you that came here hoping to see us Island Cats in boxes.  Those boycats LOVE boxes.  They obviously aren’t as discerning as me.  


Look at them.  It makes me cringe just to see them in those boxes.  I hope they don’t get eaten. Well, okay, maybe the orange stripey one can get eaten.

International Box Day 2015 BADGE

I’d wish you all a Happy Box Day, but that would be a little dishonest of me since I don’t really mean it.  Am I the only cat that doesn’t like boxes?


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  1. Pretty Zoey just because everyone says they like being silly in a box doesn’t mean you have to like them too. Actually we only like big boxes so we can get out of them quickly if we’re likely to be sat on in it!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Zoey, I don’t do boxes, either. Those are Lexy’s thing. I let her enjoy them.

  3. Happy Box Day everyone! Howdy pretty Zoey!

  4. Truffles LOVES boxes…but I bet if she had a brother she would hope for him to get eaten by one too!!!

  5. Boxes are a very special thing, but not every kitteh appreciates them. Like nip. Not everybody is a niphead.

  6. Zoe, stop over and visit me, you will see you are NOT the only cat who doesn’t love boxes!! Love, Cody

  7. My pets lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve playing in boxes!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. Now Zoey I bet you don’t REALLY want Wally to be eaten by that box right? HAPPY BOX DAY!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Happy BOX day efurrybuddy! Zoey you areas know we think you are gawjuss. That’s snuff and we don;t need to see you in a hissy ol’ box.

  10. Zoey it is okey dokey to be different from the boys…that makes you Unique. I love your photo
    Hugs madi your bfff

  11. I don’t think my previous comment took, so will try again. Sorry you don’t like boxes sweetie, but I have heard of two other kitties that don’t like them either. We’re all different.

  12. Well, not EVERY kitty loves boxes, Zoey. There are some at our shelter that don’t do them, either.

    Happy UN-Box Day to you, sweet girl. And Happy Box Day to Wally and Ernie. 🙂

  13. I think you Cody and Summer are blah about boxes.

  14. Hi Zoey! I was starting to feel a little strange because….I don’t like boxes either. I mean, I will rub my head on the outside of one, but you will not catch me in one of those! Now I don’t feel so strange because I am not alone. 🙂


    Are we some kind of freaky cats? But I do love getting under sheets and covers and things and attacking them. Nice to have a friend who is a box-avoider.
    Except the kitty box. But I go on the john so that’s out for me, too, thank heaven.

  16. I think you need a gold plated diamond encrusted box..

  17. Every cat needs a box to be happy!!!
    Happy Intl Box Day!!!

  18. Awww Zoey I’m sorry that box made you hiss.

    I used to be fearful of boxes too until one day I wasn’t. Now I can’t wait! I inspect each box first just like Angel Abby did.

    Happy Boxing Day!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping and Mr Jinx

  19. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! Yous reminds mes of Jo Jo! BUT during the winter, the box was her favorite place….

  20. You hissed at the box! Wow, Zoey, you really really don’t like boxes! But it’s okay, you don’t have to like it, of course 🙂 The photos of boycats enjoying boxes are very cute! Happy weekend!

  21. Good job Earnie, squeezing yourself into that box. You almost fit. Smart boy, Wally getting the big box. Zoey, we don’t blame you for not liking boxes. They are very scary for sure.

  22. it’s OK not to like boxes….sometimes closed spaces can be scary

  23. Rosie doesn’t much like boxes either, but you know who loved boxes – Angel Pip. We always suspected he was part cat.

  24. Great post, Zoey, and great box pictures of your brothers. I am more like you!

  25. We completely understand not liking boxes. Not everyone here does either. But you know what? Sometimes it’s more fun to whap the boxes, even bite them. We’ll show who’s boss around here, right? Happy International Box Day! Or not!

  26. Although I’m not a box fan, it’s not because I’m scared of them… I just don’t find them interesting.

  27. Poor Zoey, sounds like boxes are not your thing. They boys look like they are having fun. Enjoy your weekend.

  28. Happy Box Day to the boycats, and Happy Day without Box to you ! Purrs

  29. Maybe it’s the tall sides you don’t like? Maybe a box without sides at all! And don’t let anyone tell you that’s just a piece of cardboard! Check Sweet Perfections if you don’t believe me, MOL! Anyway, love the two boxey pictures! Happy International Box Day!

  30. We have one dog that is afraid of boxes! It is far more surprising from cats, but I’ve been seeing a few out there as I visit other blogs,and you are not alone, Zoey!
    Better safe than sorry, we always say.
    Happy Box Day to the boys anyway! 🙂

  31. Zoey, we think you’re missing out on something if you don’t like boxes but you have a pretty bed to lay on instead. We’re more like your brothers, we love boxes!

  32. Zoey, no worries. Our Duchess does not care for boxes either. And, hey, she is feeling better and better, and more justified, seeing how many other kitties don’t care for them either. So, Baby, you got plenty of good company 🙂 And hey, you mancats, you are making those boxes look really good 😉

  33. There are a few of us, Zoey, although I don’t hate boxes. I just don’t care for them and don’t trust them. Once I’m in, maybe someone or something can get me since I’m trapped. You look very pretty today even without a box. Wally & Ernie look cute in their boxes.

  34. Happy International Box Day!
    Zoey, we can understand.
    Sometimes “boxes” take you places you don’t want to go :/
    Wally looks cute in that big box.
    Ernie reminds us of angel Tillie who loved small boxes too 🙂

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  35. We are not very box-oriented either, Zoey! Except maybe Da Beebs.

    The Chans

  36. I’m not afraid of boxes but I don’t enjoy spending a lot of time in them like most kitties do.

  37. Zoey, you are not alone- I read that Summer doesn’t like them either. Maybe you could start an anti-box day.

  38. It’s okay not to like boxes….it makes you unique. It looks like Wally and Ernie like them enough for all of you.

    Happy International Box Day!

    The Florida Furkids

  39. Boxes just aren’t for everybody. My cats were all brown paper bags fans!

  40. Happy Box-less Day to Zoey, Happy Box Day to Wally and Ernie.

  41. I dunno, we all luv boxes here.

  42. Looks like that box already swallowed half of him. Happy Int’l Box Day!

  43. So sorry you don’t like boxes Zoey. Not all kitties do. Happy Box Day anyways! Love seeing your beautiful self!
    Marty and the Gang

  44. Zoey, maybe you had your share of boxes when you were “out in the wild!” Anyway, we don’t need to see you in a box…as long as we get to catch a glimpse of your pretttyfulness we’re good! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  45. Happy box day to you all,xx Speedy

  46. I’m not a box cat either, Zoey, but I like to see yours… 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Box Weekend 🙂 <3

  47. You are not alone there, Zoey! I can take them or leave them, usually the latter! Which is just as well, as the human forgot!! Happy day-after-un-box-day! 🙂 xoxox

  48. It is very brave of you to admit that you don’t like boxes, Zoey! Us… well, we gotta admit we love em!

  49. There are few things better than a properly fitting box!

  50. Zoey you Hissed at the yellow-harried (we mean haired) Box Lady? How wild! You are a creative and original cat & you should have to go anywhere you don’t want to! We’re going to go hiss now at those boy-cats who tried to steal the show. Hey thanks for visiting us on Intl Box Day!!

  51. Da boys do look cute in their boxes sweet Zoey, but no, yous not da only kitty dat dusn’t like boxes. Lately sis Lexi has purrfured to sit on da box stead of in it. So there ya’ have it, yous quite okay wiff us. Y’all have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  52. Boxes aren’t for everycat. I’m sure many cats have had bad experiences with boxes and prefer to stay out of them. Leave the boxes for the boys and enjoy your box-free playtime.

  53. Mom has to bait the boxes to get us in them. We are late as we hadta get off the computer when we had baaad storms come thru yesterday!

  54. We love your boxless self! Boxes would hide a lot of your beauty so you are right not to get in,MOL!!
    Did you evfur sit on top of one like a throne??

  55. Oh Zoey, you are such a cutie…Neytiri and I don’t dig boxes either! Glad Wally and Ernie think that boxes are cool.

  56. Forget the boxes for a second… I was distracted by your beauty Zoey – and those lovely long whiskers!

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