Easy E Sunday

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Mar 012009

 I love my nip cigar!

Having a big, fat stogie full of nip
makes me feel real mancatly…

Hey, anybuddy got a light??


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  1. Woah, that cat nip cigar looks great!!! We bet it smells sooooo good. But be careful with the lighter!

  2. The nip cigars are for us manly Mancats, right Ernie?


  3. I love my nip cigar too but I love my nippy carrot even more.

  4. A nip cigar. Hey, that sounds good! The guy with gray hair and beard who lives here likes cigars, but they’re stinky ones. Maybe I could get him to get me a much better nip cigar.

  5. Oh no! Don’t light it up. That would stink up the house and then the cigar would get smaller and smaller!

  6. You look very mancatly indeed. I have a nip mousie and Alfie likes to borrow it sometimes. Love Milo.

    I’d like a nip cigar too. Love Alfie.

  7. Ernie, you are very mancatly with that nip cigar! Us mancats here need one of those too, and maybe a nip nanner for Sabrina … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sam and Simon

  8. Keep smellin’ it Ernie…you’ll get lit!!! {{giggle}}=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

    Here is a link for catnip fortune cookies!


  9. A cigar. First bananas and now cigars! This thing is escalating.

  10. Ummm….please don’t “fire up” that ciggie!!! Just smell it!!! Safety first!

    Great pictures of such a manly cat!

  11. Very mancatly 🙂 – and you are one cute kitty, Ernie!

  12. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!! That looks pawsome 🙂
    Primo nip cigar!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Enjoy your stogie, Ernie!

  14. No, Ernie, don’t light up. Lung cancer is horrid!

    You, Wally, Zoey and your mom were so kind to leave a comforting comment upon my beloved Jake’s passing. The cat blogosphere is a wonderfully caring community, and I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you for your support during this difficult time for me. My joyful memories of Jake will forever live in my heart and mind.

    ~J&B’s Mom Nancy

  15. We don’t think it would be any fun on fire!

  16. We heard that smoking stains your fur:)

  17. I think nip cigars are very man catly.

  18. nom nom nom!

  19. That nip cigar is very mancatly!

  20. You do look very mancatly with that cigar for sure!

  21. Mmmmmh nip! You look very mancatly indeed.

  22. That toy looks fitting for such a dashing mancat such as you Ernie!

  23. Gosh, that’s a lot off nip. hope you don’t go over the deep end with it. Yep, you sure do look ManCatly with that big stogie.


  24. Wow, that is a VERY mancatly toy. We wish we could have a nip toy but Mom says not until we are better. Hope you had a nice Sunday!

  25. It makes you look especially mancatly, too!:)

  26. Very mancatly indeed!

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