Jun 082015


Hey everybuddy.  For us cats, BlogPaws is all about the swag that the humans bring home.  I know you’re all waiting to see what’s in the bag, right?


And here it is!  It’s not as much as last year.  And you wanna know why?  The mom gave away half of our swag before she came home.  What’s up with that?!?

She said we already have so much stuff that we could share it with some other kitties.  So she gave some of the swag to Mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections to take to the kitties at Marg’s Animals later this month.  Well…I guess that’s okay.


But we did get cool mini-swag bags from some of our furiends, Wally.  Look at all these fun toys! The pen’s my favorite.


I like this pink squiggly thing.


A lot.


Thanks to the humans from Random Felines,  Some Cats Herd You and The Cat on My Headand the farm cats from Broken Teepee for the toys and treats!  We hope we didn’t miss anybuddy.

Hey!  This glass says “Ashton’s Chicken Emporium.”  How ’bout filling it up with some chicken??


  54 Responses to “It’s All About The Swag”

  1. What great things in your swag bags boys and we hope Ashton got her very own swag bag too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. That is some cool stuff and we think that Ashton’s glass is really flavorful!

  3. That is some pawsome loot!!! I really love that glass 🙂

  4. Wow, you guys got some great stuff, enjoy!

  5. It’s wonderful that your Mom gave some of the swag to kitties who need it more! I have been doing that too. There is always someone who needs it! It looks like you guys still cleaned up pretty good. My kitties are loving the springy things too. 🙂

  6. WOW so much cool stuff!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. My goodness guys – that’s a whole lot of swag bag fun!! Some tasty treats AND some fun toys and you just can’t get better than that………..

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. That’s a lot of goodies ! Your mom is so generous to share some of that cool stuff with other kitties ! Purrs

  9. That was pawesome that your Mom gave some away to bring to Marg, she is soooooooo deserving and her kitties will love it! Mom always gives away part of her swag bag too cause of the same problem, we have too much!
    Love, Cody

  10. Even after giving away a lot of the swag, you guys sure did hit the jackpot! We even spotted a cat rubber duckie!

  11. Yeah, but ….. but…. but your Mom could have ASKED first, right??

  12. Would you believe Mom Paula still hasn’t pulled out our swag??? She says she’s waiting so she can get some good photos.

    Mom Paula has talked to Marg and hope to take the stuff to her in a couple of weeks. Marg was very appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

  13. Really. I think it should have had that!

  14. You got a lot of cool stuff, and it was nice of your human to share with Marg. She takes care of so many wonderful kitties on the farm.

    We hope your human puts some chicken into that glass for you, Ernie!

  15. That was very nice of your mom to share with Marg and her kitties! We got the dog and cat mixed swag bag with lots of goodies for both Ruby and Rosie. Unfortunately, we didn’t get one of those nice chicken glasses that you have.

    P.S.: The kitties have taken over the blog today so hope you will stop by.

  16. Whoa that is a fine looking swag bag. We know Ms. Marg’s pets will love love the pressies
    hugs madi your bfff

  17. Wow, lucky cats! Enjoy!

  18. there is a disturbing lack of chicken in this post..

  19. have fun boys….and no eating the duck

  20. You really scored big time. I think Ashton needs to mass market those cool glasses.

  21. Oh, the swag! We are still working on going through ours. There’s so much! The Mom took a bunch of it and donated to our favorite shelter yesterday. She said we have plenty of toys, and much of it was dog stuff that Sophie from Critters in the Cottage got in her bag but couldn’t fly back to Canada with. It’s always nice to donate some swag to kitties in need, so that was very nice of you all to donate some swag to Marg and her kitties.

  22. Well, you kitties are certainly spoiled with all that swag!!! Is it called Swag in a Bag? Wish I weren’t so far away in France and could go to one of these meetings of kitty lovers! Maybe one day there will be one in France!!! Or Italy!!

  23. That is a lot of good swag you got!
    It was sweet of you to donate half of your swag bag to Marg. WE know those kitties will love the surprise!!!

  24. It was some great swag, wasn’t it? Our Mommy is eeking it out to us, so we haven’t seen much.
    Wouldn’t it be more fun if they just dumped it all out onto the bed and let US sift through it?!?!

  25. Wow, that’s only half the swag? The pink squiggly pig’s tail looks fun…

  26. VERY cool swag!!! We love our little squiggly thing too!
    And Glogirly says that EVERYTHING tastes better in the Ashton’s Chicken Emporium glass!

  27. What a ton of way cool swag!!

    You are all making the most if it!


  28. Great stuff! That pink chompy thing looks fun.

  29. Wow yous all got sum gweat stuffs. We got sum pawsum swag fwum da exhibitors. And we all had so much fun. It was so cool meetin’ yous mommy. Y’all have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  30. Wowzers! Talk about the glass 1/2 full…..not yours….its just heaped with stuff. Your mom had a great time and you sure got the swag. That pink thing is intriguing to me too Wally…does it taste like chicky?


  31. Your human had gotten some cool loot. And she’s fab for sharing them to other kitties too.

    Enjoy the toys!

  32. You boys and Zoey got some neat stuff. And we want to thank you so much for thinking of us. We are looking forward to getting our Loot. Paula called me and is bringing it over in a week or so. So thanks so much.

  33. Wow – what cool stuff!!

  34. You got some great swag! You are very thoughtful to give some to Marg’s kitties.

  35. guys…total lee awesum swag bag N gifts frum yur pals…itz like Christmas in joo lie but onlee knot in decemburr coz itz joon & yur mom act shoo a lee getted it in may !!! YAY ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  36. That is some haul!! It was good of the lady with the yellow hair to think of the others! But you didn’t do badly at all!

  37. That’s awesome swag, and you are lucky to get the Primal treats! My human and I tried a couple of times, but the Primal guy was always busy talking to someone else. 🙁

  38. Paws up for sharing your swag with Marg! You are generous cats to share with others like that.

  39. Wow, what a pawsome swag bag! Even though it’s half the size, it’s still got so many good stuff! And how sweet of your mom to share it with Marg. I’m sure her kitties will enjoy it a lot 🙂

  40. That’s a lot of swag! I only wish the Blog Paws weekend didn’t coincide with the last weekend of school this year. There’s always next year…
    But then, you all would have to let a Crazy Cat Man into your group. 🙂

  41. That’s a whole lot of pawsome swag!! How nice to share with Marg!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  42. I think you did pretty well out of the trip, boys. It’s always good to get some presents when someone returns from a journey.

  43. Lots of cool stuff. Yeah, mum says if we have even a little bit extra, we gotta share with those who are in need.

  44. I’m glad you guys liked your treats from Harry. The Farm cats have been enjoying their toys from you.
    I am just glad the publicist is back

  45. cool! THat is some neat swag!

  46. I wasn’t sure how that pint glass was going to fit into your kitty world, but you found a way.

  47. Meowzers! That sure is a lot of awesome stuff you guys got!

  48. Oh boy! Even if your mom did give some of it away, you still got a load of cool stuff!!! Pawsome!

  49. It looks like you still got a lot of cool things.

  50. Look at all that stuff!
    Yous is great sending some to Marg! Mes KNOWS the animals there will LOVES it!
    Yous guys ROCKS!

  51. Me think it was nice of your mom to give away half of the swag bag ☺
    Looks like you got enough of stuff anyway.


  52. Our mom is being so stingy. We have only gotten nip from the Catnip grinder, the one feather toy and the Catty Stacks. She says she is going to give some of our swag away as well. We haven’t even seen what y’all gave us. Our mom is so mean! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  53. oooh yeah! they brought a HAUL back! We FINALLY told our mom that enough is enough and she needs to share our swag too!

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