Fat Face Tuesday

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Feb 242009

This is my fat face look…
I think it’s appropriate for today…Fat Tuesday!

Or what we like to call it…Paczki Day!!

Do you think they make shrimp-filled Paczkis???

Happy Fat Tuesday, Everybuddy!!!


  28 Responses to “Fat Face Tuesday”

  1. You have a nice male face, Boy!
    ViVi & AB

  2. I forgot it’s fat Tuesday…I wonder if we can talk mom into feeding us extra treats!?

  3. Your face is cuddly not fat! Praps they should call it cuddly face Tuesday!

  4. Fat Tuesday! I had a bite of apple paczki for breakfast! Yummy…

  5. Mmmm, shrimp paczkis. That would be delicious!

  6. Fat? where? We see strong, mancatly, even cuddly!

  7. We forgot all about Pancake Tuesday.

    Thanks for reminding us!

  8. Are you supposed to look fat on Fat Tuesday? Shrimp paczkis sound delicious!

  9. We call that look, “Puff Face.”

  10. That looks delicious. I am glad that there is a whole day named for me…

  11. Paczkis look yummy, shrimp or no shrimp. Happy Fat Tuesday!

  12. We’re supposed to get special treats today? Moooooom!

  13. I completely forgot that today was Mardi Gras! Thanks for the reminder! And your face doesn’t look fat to me – it looks very “mancatly” 🙂

  14. That’s not a fat face, that’s a handsome face. Our mum forgot all about the pancakes today.

  15. We dun know what dat is but they sure look yummy! Do they has catnip ones?

  16. I don’t think you look fat! You are just showing off your strong jaw!

  17. I like your round-faced look! It’s very manly.

  18. They may make shrimp one, maybe you can special order one. I see your shinny ear, you are one beautiful cat, I love orange tabbies, I had two once they were brothers, but they are waiting for me at the bridge.

  19. Cream filled Paczkis will work too.

  20. all kitties shuld hafe fat faces. yur face iz cute.

    Thank You fur yur condolences

  21. Wally we thinks your face is studly, not fat.. but then momma is sitting here drooling over your yummy cake picture.. so I gues sit’s relative! 😛 hahha


  22. Such a face & full of character!!!! Big smooch tween those ears.



  23. Fat Tuesday?!? You mean every day isn’t Fat something?

  24. Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday! I don’t think yur face is fat, it’s purrfeckt for a feerse mancat. If it wuz all skinny yoo wood look wimpy.

  25. The paczkis look very yummy!

  26. Or salmon filled would be my choice!

  27. check this out…

    this is mine…

  28. Hey…

    Where did you learn to do html?…

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