May 062015





Hey!  Do ya mind with all that clicking clicking clinking?
I’m trying to recouperate from
all the Cinco de Mayo celebrating I did.
Oh…and for the record?
Meowgaritas and Niptinis just don’t mix.


Update on our duck visitors:  Remember the Momma Duck that visited our yard about a week or so ago?  Well, she did make a nest in the bushes and laid some eggs.  Unfortunately, some mean ol’ critter found the nest and made quite a mess.  It wasn’t pretty so no pictures were taken.  Guess we won’t have Baby Duck TV to watch.  We’re sorry, Momma Duck.


  68 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh Wally, you do look very comfy there. Hope the Mom stopped clicking really soon
    Poor Momma Duck. That is so sad.
    You all have a great day.

  2. We’re sorry about the ducks Wally and also for Mummy Duckie who must be sad.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. The laundry basket is a good place to recover.

    We are sorry to hear about the baby duckies. Poor babies and mama.

  4. Enjoy your nap. Sorry for the Mamma duck.

  5. Oh poor Mama Duck. But Wally, you look comfy!

  6. That’s a great PSA, Wally 🙂

    And that is so, so sad about the duck babies 🙁

  7. haha that’s always where I find my kitties!!! The laundry basket!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. shhhh….

  9. Yep, the clothes basket is where Chucky sleeps everyday for his morning nap! He doesn’t care if there are clean clothes in there, or stinky, worn stuff. We call him “Basket Case Kitty”, which isn’t really that nice a thing to call him! But it’s true!
    Poor mama and papa ducks…wonder if they will try for a second clutch of eggs this Spring.

  10. that is so sad about the ducks. Hoping the hangover goes away soon too!

  11. Sleep it off, Wally!

    Sorry about the baby ducks!!

  12. Wally that looks like a very comfy place for R&R!
    Oh no we are sorry about the duckie eggs!!Hugs madi your bfff

  13. Well, I ‘ve been trying out those drinks and now I can’t walk straight! Thank heaven Cinco de Mayo is only once a year!
    I am cat-atonic.
    Love, Loulou

  14. Moms can’t help but click Wally. They just can’t. We hope you recover soon! We’re very sorry to hear about the duck eggs.

  15. You look very comfy in that clothes basket–and padding in the bottom for you! We’re guessing that is in a nice dark closet 😉

    We’re sad to hear about the duck eggs. Maybe the momma duck will lay some more to replace them. We think the ducklings would add so much to your Bird TV.

  16. go back to sleep Wally….. and we are sorry too hearing about the ducks

  17. You do look comfy Wally. That is very sad for the Momma Duck.

  18. You’re plans for the say look to be very similar to ours. Hope you got to get right back to your important business.

  19. Have a good rest Wally 🙂 Sorry about the eggs 🙁

  20. Wally I like your basket. I’ll have to ask my humans for one. It looks nice and safe.

  21. Oh, Wally, that’s some sad news. Poor duckies…hope she lays her eggs somewhere where they’re safe from stupid creatures. Now you better sleep on in your basket. Having a hangover, huh? Pawkisses for a Happy Hump Day 🙂 <3

  22. Very cute, Wally! Shhh…go back to sleep.

  23. You must have done a lot of celebrating! That’s too bad about the ducks. Poor babies.
    Lola and Lexy

  24. Ah, doing laundry we see, and after all that partying too? You are one dedicated Wally! So sorry to hear about the duck eggs. We don’t know how they protect the ones that do make it.

  25. Partying hearty is tough on a guy……..I’ve been in snore mode most of today too! Enjoy catching up on your beauty sleep Wally!

    Hugs, Sammy

  26. Wally that was a great place to nap until the clicky clack of the shutter started!

  27. Sorry the camera messed up your nap time, Wally. How annoying!

    That’s so sad about the baby ducks. Poor Momma Duck. 🙁

  28. sad to hear there will be no ducktv.. I want my ducktv!! Maybe next year

  29. Those hangovers are no fun at all. We’re very sad to hear about the ducks.

  30. Dat stinks bout da duckie eggs.

  31. So you’re having a different way to celebrate hump day…

  32. That is sad about the nest. 🙁

  33. We’re sorry for Mama Duck. You look so comfy in your laundry basket, Wally, go back to sleep ! Purrs

  34. We’re pretty exhausted after the Scouts party too!

    It’s so sad about the little ducks. That happened in the park where Mom walks too 🙁

    The Florida Furkids

  35. Wally, we guessed right away that you’d had a bit too much Cinco de Meow. Not sure if mixing drinks would be considered hooliganism or not. We are so sorry to hear about the duck eggs. Baby ducks would have been so much fun to watch. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  36. Oh no, Wally! Hope you sleep it off. That sure looks comfy in that laundry basket.

    I’m so sorry about the duck eggs. 🙁

  37. Oh Wally, too much pawrtyin’? Yous do look adowable in da laundwy basket. Get sum rest.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  38. aww, what a shame for mama duck 🙁 maybe it is early enough for her to lay another set of eggies. Just have some more meowgaritas but skip the niptinis, Wally. or vice-versa…either way you’ll feel better 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  39. I would like to snuggle in with you, Wally! Too bad about the eggs. Maybe the duck will be back and lay more!! Love LadyBird

  40. We’re sorry about the ducks. Life is hard for birds, and the chances of their making it to birdhood aren’t very high. Maybe next time.

  41. A tiskit a tasket it’s Wally in a basket!
    Have a great Wednesday…

    Noodle and crew

  42. Thanks for coming to the Cinco de Mayo party last night, Wally!! — Sampson
    P.S. We are so very sorry to hear about the ducks. That’s so sad 🙁

  43. What a a pawty….wowee. I am not on the top of things myself Wally. Mom went for a walk today and by the time I realized she was gone….she was just coming home. Dang…maybe I’ll get In on the walk tomorrow.


  44. I hope Mama Duck survived at least so you’ll still have duck-tv.

  45. Dats too bad about the nest raider, probably a raccoon.

  46. Ah! mes finds laundry baskets is the bestest place to recover from Cinco de Mayo. mes been there and done that!

  47. You sure know a furry comfy nesting spot…
    Sorry about that poor nest of the ducks.
    We hope they try to start another clutch of eggs.

  48. That’s a perfect fit, Wally!
    Can you order room service in that thing?
    ; )

  49. Napping is the best cure – stay away from the hair of the dog!
    Mouses! (honoring dear Nerissa)

  50. You’ve got such a nice cozy spot! I hope pawparazzi lets you nap 🙂
    I’m sorry about Momma Duck and her eggs. I hope she finds safer place next time she builds her nest.

  51. Wally, at least you have a very comfy spot to sleep away the hangover! So sad about Momma duck and her eggs. 🙁

  52. Hope your recovery is complete soon. Too bad there won’t be any baby duck TV.

  53. I thought he was napping but sounds like he’s hung over. Yikes! – Crepes.

  54. You waiting for the spin cycle, Wally? I guess too much nip makes you feel like that!! That is bad news about the ducks!!

  55. Wow, Wally. You fit in that basket just fine! We think it makes for some quiet time away from all the hustle and bustle of the others, too.

    Thank you for stopping by Kittens ‘n Things to offer your purrs and support at our Billy’s going to the Rainbow Bridge last week.

  56. What a perfect spot for napping, although some fresh laundry on it would kick this thing up a notch.

  57. You look peaceful! Hope you enjoyed your nap.

  58. Sam says the laundry basket is the perfect place to recover from overindulgence!

  59. That looks like a great napping place to sleep it off Wally. Mom needs to make us one of those!

  60. Meowgaritas and Niptinis mix just fine IFFEN you have them together in the bowl. Together is OK, separate is bad… Its lapping them at differnt times that causes trubbles.

  61. We hope you left some of your furs behind in that basket as you were recuperating from your pawtying Wally so your Mama has something to do… clean up after you! ;p Sad about the duck eggs…must have been raccoons! Ugh. Hope the Mama Duck wasn’t harmed.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  62. I’ll be very quiet… get your rest…

  63. you look very cosy

  64. Mee-you Wally you sure look like you need sum more sleep to perk you up!! Thiss hollyday seemss to have quite an eefect on many inn thee bloggie werld….
    Hope yur feelin bettur today.
    An wee iss sorry fur Momma Duck’ss loss of eggs n chickss…..
    Our 2 duckss take ternss comin to eat here. They have their nest across thee road an behind thee funeral home bye thee river (that iss what Ladymum told mee).
    This was thee eggss are safe….
    Life sure can bee ruff can’t it??
    ~~head rubss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  65. The laundry basket is one of Max’s favourite places to sleep too!

  66. That’s a great place to recover Wally! We are so sorry to hear about what happened to the nest, that is really sad.

  67. oh noes! Our duck family still has no babies and the Canada goose couples have their goslings already. We fear someone got the duckies’ next. We miss them

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