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Apr 262015

Hey everybuddy.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “Easy E’s Tip of the Day”…a feature I started a while back where periodically…which means when I feel like it…I’ll share with all of you a tip, a thought or some words of wisdom from me.  Since it’s been so long since I’ve done one…I thought I’d do two today! Here goes….


Today’s First Tip:  Don’t sleep on the bed that your human bought you, spending lots of green papers for.  Just sleep right next to it.  It will drive your human crazy thinking she spent all those green papers for nothing.  Heheheh.


Today’s Second Tip:  When taking a really really close-up selfie, make sure you don’t have any dandruff or fuzz on your face.  Obviously, I didn’t check in the mirror before I took this one.  

Stay tuned for more Easy E’s Tips of the Day!  And I’ll try not to wait so long to do another one.


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  46 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Great tips 🙂 You still look cute, dandruff and all.

  2. That was a giggle worthy tip and a darn good selfie Ernie!

  3. Oh Ernie, you are so darn funny. That is so good of you to sleep next to the bed. Good idea, we are going to remember to do that. And your selfie is just right. I don’t mind a few specks on you. Makes you look even better. You all have a super day.

  4. You are both wise and a wise guy.

  5. I hate to say it Ernie but every cat knows the first one.

  6. Those are some great tips my furiend, especially the BED one! MOL! Love, Cody

  7. Ernie, you sure are having a fun Sunday driving your human crazy by not sleeping on your cute bed. Thank you for putting a smile on my face today!

  8. MOL Ernie words to live by and best of all they keep the peeps humble?
    I SEE YOU ARE ENJOYING “my window” seat!
    Madi your bfff

  9. We like to ignore new stuff too.
    When Mom is about ready to move it away, we sleep on it. Drives her nuts:)
    We like the dusty face. Shows you’ve been places 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Typical human ! Buying a basket ! beds, sofas, chairs and especially cartons are much better !
    I think your selfie is great. So natural (uncombed)

  11. Oh yeah, it drives our Mom batty too, when we ignore the stuff she’s sure we will love. Like our very expensive Drinkwell Pagoda. We never used it, ever ever ever.

  12. You are just adorable, Ernie. Great tips!

  13. Haha! I had a good laugh! My cats have been only living with me for three days, but they’re already masters of point 1. I didn’t spend green paper though, but a lot of time. They weren’t interested in the basket on the window board at all. Instead, they were trying to look over the basket through the window. Sigh. I removed the basket and now they’re happy. They neither liked the cat tree nor the cozy bag on the fridge. They do love their carriers and my bed. Obviously two spots I didn’t spend much effort on.

    Only one thing really paid off: they’ve their own selves in my kitchen shelf, and they really love them.

  14. Ernie, we can always count on you for a pithy and realistic piece of advice.

  15. Great tips, Ernie! We’ll have to share those with our student foster kittens.
    Gus, Pearl, and Jaq

  16. Two very good tips!

  17. Great tips, Ernie. It is FUN to drive the humans mad.

  18. My human and I make the second mistake quite often! It’s one of the reasons my human got so good at Photoshop – she has had lots of practice!

  19. ha ha! too funny!!

  20. Good tips, Ernie! We do that first one all the time. MOL! 🙂

  21. Great tips, especially the first one ! Purrs

  22. Great tips Ernie!
    And GREAT selfies!
    Annabelle,Boo,Ping, and Mr Jinx

  23. Great tips, Ernie! We’ll be sure to remember those…we already practice the bed one!
    Love, Sam and Conrad

  24. Hey Ernie! Great tips! Re #1 – I did that with the heated bed Mommy gotted me for at least a week, now me never gets out of it (if me is not glued to Mommy’s side) and #2 – is that not what our humans has photo editing software for?
    PS Don’t forgets to play the Finish the Sentence Game on Tuesday!

  25. Ernie, those are some great tips. Regarding your selfie, which is super cute by the way, my tip is to first clean eye gunks, which I always forget to do! Ignoring stuff that cost lots of green papers is a kitty right! I’ve done it lots too.

  26. Aaaaaw Ernie yous lookin’ quite handsum. Those awe sum gweat tips. Da bed looks pawfully amazin’ tho’ don’t ya fink it might be weally comfy?

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  27. We know how black cats can look dusty sometimes…no matter what you do…*sigh*…you are still a cutie!

  28. I get dat fuzz problem too sometimes.

  29. That’s really good advice and we’re already doing it! 😆

  30. Thanks Ernie!! I learnt the first tip way back and I just love to ignore all the comfy beds The Staff has provided and just nap on the floor!!

  31. well we do the first tip but we apply it mostly to the White Cat Tower…snicker. And we always forget to have Mom L wipe our eyes before this Sunday Selfie gets shot…bummer

  32. Oh dear, at least you didn’t have boogers in your eyes. MOL!

  33. Oh we know the bed tip only too well!! Only here we call it ,” the mind f*** “. Or at least the human does . . .

    And the velcro thing that happens with your black furs Ernie? Malou has the same problem! She can look like a regular mop at times…you know the kind that picks up fluff , dirt and other unmentionables! You still look gorgeous to us though sweetie 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  34. Haha! Those are great tips Ernie! You still look good even if you do have some dandruff and fuzz on your face. 😉

  35. We especially like the first one, and do that ourselfs.

  36. Yup, I, Pipo can relate to the check your fur furst befur taling a closeup…and ites even more impawrtant in bright sunpuddles, MOL!
    Great pics, Great selfie and fun catvice!

  37. Excellent advice. We pawticularly like the first one.

  38. I follow all your tips, Ernie, and hope that I look as lovely in my selfies as you look in yours..and don’t worry about the dandruft…if you haven’t mentioned it, Granny wouldn’t have seen it 😀 Pawkisses for a Sunny Day 🙂 <3

  39. Ernie, we think you are a genius! We love that sleeping next to the many-people-papers bed. Don’t tell we told, but Sneaky Pie has dandruff on his butt! Hee-hee!

  40. Hahahahaha love your tips!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  41. Ernie, you’re a piece of art!

  42. Love the close up Ernie!

  43. The bed tip is one we try to adhere to, except, of course, when the humans are not around. Then we head right to them. The dandruff was unfortunate, but we all know how handsome you are, so we can overlook it. Thanks so much for being part of our blog hop. Hope you will join us again this Sunday. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  44. Well we have the same problem green papers means the bed is slept BESIDE!! Oh and Happy LAST Sunday Yeah we are SO LATE but we want to honour our promise to visit everyone!

  45. Mee-you ERnie as a SEAL Burmese mee has to watch thee lint an stuff on mee face too! And LadyMum allwayss seemss to fotograff mee with “shmootz” on mee face 😉
    An mee luvss thee ferst tip! Mee did that with thee new bed LadyMum bott mee befur shee dopted mee. Shee was so frustrated finkin mee not like it an shee should have bott sumfing else, mew mew mew….
    When shee furinallee saw mee inn thee new bed shee did a *happy dance*…
    Hu’manss are SO-O funny aren’t they?
    **paw pats** Siddhartha Henry xx

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