Feb 232009

What am I staring at, you ask???

 Ernie…watch my tail…
you’re getting sleepy…your eyes are getting heavy…

 I think I’m hypnotized….

  27 Responses to “ManCats – Hypnotized”

  1. Hehe, that tail wouldn’t hypnotise me, I’d have to pounce on it. What are you watching that is making you wag it like that?

  2. I’m getting sleepy just looking at the video!

  3. I’d be pouncing. No hypnotizing me.

  4. That tail looks like fun to us!:)

  5. Hahaha, you’re under, Ernie! We tagged you for the fifth picture meme.

  6. That would hypnotize me too. But Kirby would be pouncing it!

  7. I think I’d fall asleep too!

  8. Hahaha. You’re all so funny.

  9. Ah I see the point of that. I shall have to try that with Gemini…

  10. That tail looks like a purr-fect pounce target to us!

  11. We’d advise giving Wally a little bitey on that tail!

  12. We can see why yoo wub be hyno……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. I think I been hyp-no-tized, too!

  14. I would rather pounce on THAT tail! Lookie out Wally, here I come!

  15. Haha!!!
    Wonder if we can use this video to hypnotize our mommy into giving us unlimited treats! It’s worth a shot!

  16. uh oh, does this mean that we will be acting like chick-hens or something if we gets hyp-no-tized?

  17. Ernie, I thought you were going to whap that tail! Good thing for Wally he was able to hypnotize you 😉

  18. We may of missed it, but how is Pop’s foot doing? We hopes he’s getting all better.


  19. I am already asleep watching that!

  20. I wouldn’t be able to resist whapping that tail.

  21. Ernie. we think that, yawns, Wally hypnotized us too … snores …
    Purrs, headbutts and zzzzzz’s,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  22. Uh, what did you say?

  23. I’ll have to try that.

    Oh the posibilities!!!

  24. Totally cute portrait. Why am I starring at the screen?

  25. hehe Ernie I can’t believe you did not go and whack at it.. ohhh that was SO tempting!
    I tel you wants more Hyptnotic?? YOU!!! Momam is just staring at your picture thinking of how tremendously handsome you look in it!! :))


  26. *yawn* We just woke up from that hypnotic video we just watched!

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