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wally-faceHi everybuddy!  Wally here.  Y’know…us cats are creatures of habit. We like a routine.  And having a routine is good.  But not just any ol’ routine…we need to have a healthy routine.  ‘Specially if you need to lose some weight.

Excess weight in pets is a big problem these days.   More than 50% of us cats are overweight.  Even a little bit of extra weight can be an issue for us…5 extra pounds on a cat is like 30 extra pounds on a human!  This excess weight can impact our overall health and wellness and can cause health issues like diabetes, respiratory and digestive conditions, heart disease and arthritis.

Having a healthy routine can lead to a more healthy pet.  Here’s what should be part of any healthy routine.


More Playtime

Every day your human should set time aside to play with you.  We love playing with our wand toys ‘specially the ones with feathers.  Playtime not only provides you with the much needed exercise to get you to and keep you at your perfect weight, it’s a great way for you to bond with your human.  Playtime is fun time!

Set Mealtimes

Having set feeding times can help keep you at your perfect weight.  You should be fed a food that provides you the proper nutrition for your age and size.  We’re fed twice a day…morning and evening.  And we get a snack before bedtime just to hold us over ‘til morning.  I think it’s so we don’t wake the mom up too early.  The mom measures our food out to make sure we get only the amount we need.  Fresh water should always be available for you.  Treats are okay…but only in moderation.

And if you’re in the 50% of overweight pets and looking for a new food to help you lose weight, Hill’s has developed a new food for both cats and dogs…Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight.  It provides breakthrough nutrition formulated to help you achieve a healthy weight and improve your quality of life.  The #1 ingredient in Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight cat food is chicken along with other natural ingredients including prebiotic fibers for gentle digestion.  It’s 100% precisely balanced nutrition and is ideal for multi-cat homes.


Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight is available in both dry and canned versions.  A new Small and Toy Breed dog formula was introduced this month.  You can find Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight at your vet, favorite pet store or online pet stores like Pet360.


Do you need to lose some weight but don’t know how or where to start?  Along with the Science Diet® Perfect Weight, Hill’s has developed a 10 Week Turnaround calendar to help you create a healthy routine for losing weight.  You can get your own printable version of this calendar by clicking HERE.

Regular Vet Visits

Now I know that for most of us cats, going to the vet is one of our least favorite things to do.  But it’s important that you visit your vet at least once a year…more if you’re older or have any health issues.  The vet will weigh you to make sure you’re maintaining a healthy weight, and will check you over for any potential health problems.  It’s much easier to deal with a weight or health issue if it’s caught early.

There are other things that should be part of your healthy routine, too, like napping and regular brushing.  And don’t forget cuddling with your human!

Having a healthy routine isn’t hard to do and can lead to a healthier you and your perfect weight.


Do you have a healthy routine?
If not, have your human start one with you today!


  48 Responses to “A Healthy Routine Leads to the #PerfectWeight”

  1. We think we are healthy as we are able to go outside and climb and run about a lot. We don’t eat too much at “breakfast” time but we both love lunch (especially Hannah who always has chicken breast (not a whole one Mum cooks it for her and it lasts 3 days). Lucy doesn’t have chicken she prefers cat food although now and again she will steal some chicken!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh we’ve got one hell of a healthy routine here these days…….! Drugs, monitoring and precise food and lots of cuddles, esp when Magic isn’t hissing.

    I felt very, very guilty when Magic became diabetic as she was a bit plumptious with quite a decent ‘kilt’ of a belly swinging. Obviously at the time we weren’t to know she was actually acromegalic rather than ‘just’ a normal overweight type 2 diabetic but it really was a wake up.

    My last tortoiseshell cat, as she got older, had dreadful problems with being hyperthyroid. Cat could drop nearly a quarter of her bodyweight in a week when her thyroid disease acted up. So that’s maybe why I didn’t get too worked up when Magic was a bit overweight as Cat’s neutered feline paunch was probably a saving grace when she got ill and the vet was trying to stabilise her. Hills was her food of choice then and I still remember having to go to her specialist vet’s to lug home big bags of Hills on the bus…..!

    This is a good post to remind us all to ‘keep it healthy’ for our cats and us human servants too.

  3. Great advice!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. I think we have a pretty good routine at out place. We may go off a little bit sometimes, but for the most part we’re pretty good.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. I would say that we definitely have a healthy routine going…Mommy wants to make sure that I’m around for a very, very long time!!! –Truffles

  6. Super info for everyone Wally – Hills is a QUALITY company and they make quality products. We may wind up having to try their thyroid control diet if my medication doesn’t do the trick. The other point you make about keeping weight off and having regular checkups works for our HUMANS just like it does for US! We all need to stay healthy – that’s for sure!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. A healthy routine sure is a much needed thing, for everyone!

  8. Hi Wally! It’s the Mom here. Have you always been on scheduled feedings or is that something your human implemented over time? If it was implemented, how did she switch you to scheduled feedings? I’d like to switch Milita over to scheduled feedings, but I don’t think she would handle it well at all. Right now, I give her and Carmine their allotment of kibble for the day, and they have to make it last the day. But I think scheduled feedings are a good idea.

  9. Very informative post guys! Mom may try that wet food for Laila. She needs to lose some weight.

  10. Great advice, you forgot to add, spending time catching furry things outside. 🙂 Skipper

  11. Our routine starts everyday with sifting the litter boxes! You’d be surprised how out-of-sorts Angel and Chuck can get if I sleep in, or have an early appointment and this task gets overlooked until I come back home in the evening! Chuck waits until I’ve finished…then gets right in and messes things up again…But it’s a chore that I do HAPPILY because I know how very important it is for them.

  12. We have a meal-time routine! We get breakfast around 8:30am, lunch around 3:00pm, and then dinner around 10:00pm. Our meals are portioned too. Of course we think we never get enough food, but thanks to this routine and our portion-controlled meals we are all at an ideal and healthy weight. The vet is always pleased. We could use more playtime though…. never enough playtime…

  13. That all sounds like a great except when so many cats live in the same area, it is really hard to have a schedule. Some cat named Tip Tail eats in the house, runs out on the porch and tries to eat with that group and then runs to the yard in hopes of getting more. Anyway, all this sounds great.

  14. Thanks for the reminder- I have a few that need to lose some weight 🙂

  15. Cats thrive with consistency. The calendar looks like a good way to keep track.

  16. Wes has a routine at our house and wes gets a little upset if it is deviated from. Especially the bedtime…If Mommy and Daddy is not ready to goes to bed at the right time, wes all bugs them. And wes does has difficulties when the clocks “Spring Forward”.
    Tee Hee

  17. yep,weight is a big problem for me too,hence why i am on a strict diet,xx Speedy

  18. Our routine includes Neko Fly playtime in the evenings now and boy, has that ever helped us have good night sleeps. We’re usually not for routine but nightly brushes and morning breakfast with mom have changed our minds on that!

  19. You look just perfect to us, all 3 of you, so your parents are doing it right we say!

  20. My human watches my weight like a hawk! It’s kind of annoying. She even cut down my breakfast portions because she says I’m not growing at the super-fast kitten pace anymore and only need a little more than the fully grown up cats. In fact, she is even giving Binga more because she says that senior kitties don’t metabolize food as well as younger cats. We get high quality, high protein food that is strictly portion controlled, specific meal times (no free feeding) and mostly healthy treats. Plus playtime. It’s simple, but it works… but I’m still kind of bummed I can’t eat whatever I want, all the time!

  21. Great advice ! Our routine is similar to yours, but before feeding us in the morning, Mum starts the day with the scoop-the-poop routine MOL ! Purrs

  22. even though it’s very information Theo is not fond of this post…

  23. dood !!! we due haza healthee roo teen… aza matter oh fax…therz NOE BURD in de hole oh trout towne !! ♥♥♥


  24. Yep , I got a healthy rutin !
    Since I´m a small eater I have free cibbles 24/7 and I get wet food in the morning and in the evening 🙂


  25. You are right, healthy routine is important! My boys eat measured amount of food, but as for snack, they always want a little more. Gotta be strong not to give too much!

  26. Grate post Island Kittiess!!!
    Mee iss on Performatrim Kitten kibble which iss purrfect fur mee. Once thee bag iss dun mee can switch to their Adult formula.
    Mee eatss 4 timess a day havin a littul bit of kibble mixed with thee wet food. So mee has brekkieat 6 A.M. an snack at 10 A.M. an suppurr tween 5-6 P.M. an then late snack at 10 P.M.
    LadyMum splitss thee brekkie an suppurr meels up so mee can has thee snackss but that food iss part of the ackshuall meelss…whose a clever LadyMum???
    **nose bonkss** an ~head rubss~ Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  27. Oh poop! More things that are good for me…
    okay, okay…

    Noodle and crew

  28. That is a pawsome post. We know that it is healthy for us to watch our weight.
    Actually, Mom does that 😉 We also have set feeding times too…breakfast and supper and a small treat at bedtime.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  29. As you know, I was one of those kitties that was 2.5 pounds overweight. That’s a lot for a kitty. I’ve been using Hills Metabalic Weight Solution. It’s nice to know that they have another type of diet food available so I can try it. I do get tired sometimes of this food. It does taste good most of the time, but after 16 months of the same food, one does get tired of it. Keep up the good work pal.

  30. Excellent post.! Very informative and educational. We do know the dangers of being overweight but Kali is not a doer….so we must pry her out of the house and make her walk. She just watches as mom and I play with the toys.

    Thanks for the info.


  31. Great post, guys! You’re right about a healthy routine. It’s so important. This is a great reminder!

  32. I am the perfect weight cos I have my own eating habits. I eat like a celebrity or model. I’ll eat everything one or two days and then fast for a day. Oh, and I’m very active.

  33. We’re all for more play time to help us keep our physiques! Glad you all are healthy!

  34. We like our routine too! We all eat different portions of food with Esme (the smallest) eating the most after Levon who tries to steal efurryone else’s food. That is how LP stays fit, chasing Levon away form efurryone else’s food! 😉

    the critters in the cottage xo

  35. Wally, you are da best !
    now me takes note , then send to my mom…Tee…heh

  36. It’s a process but I’m working on a routine with Callie. Right now, she gets some canned food in the morning and evening. I leave her a little dry food out during the day, but am considering changing that up a little. I try to play with her in the am and pm too and have started some brushing more often this week.

  37. Sounds like a healthy routine for everyone!
    –Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  38. I could stand to lose a few ounces! xxoo

  39. Fortunately none of my cats have weight problems ! They can go in and out through the cat flap and play mostly outside with leaves, mousies, and unfortunately also birds. When they stay inside they do their favorite sport …. sleeping !

  40. Wally I’d love for you to be my personal trainer!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  41. This is important advise, Wally. Even the most doting cat parent might not notice the gain or loss of a pound. When you only weigh10 or 12 pounds, that’s a lot. We had to buy a baby scale to keep a close eye on Tommie during his last year. Yearly vet visits that include a weight check are crucial.
    Mickey Mouser has me trained to have a wand toy session every evening for about an hour while we watch TV. He’s 5 years old and unless he slows down, I don’t think he’ll ever have a weight problem. He’d rather play than eat!

  42. Yes I do! Play time, both AM and PM during the week. Extra playtime on weekends. Meals twice a day and yeah, I get taken to see the vet man too.

  43. That’s a great review, IC. Granny heard about the thyroid food and how it works and also about the diabetic food. Food is all were health starts.Pawkisses 🙂 <3

  44. Good advice Wally – healthy habits and healthy food are so important. Glad to see you writing about it.

  45. We couldn’t agree more….great post!!

  46. We’ve got some overweight kitties. Mom and our vet are trying to figure out what to do as we eat the Hill’s CD/Stress formula, which tends to pack on the pounds. Excellent post with good info. Thanks. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  47. Awe! Adorable kitty! Routine, healthy diet and are all so important and especially for kitties. A pound or two on them is a lot. Great post and great pointers for keeping them on the right tract!

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