Feb 202009

In honor of the Academy Awards this Sunday, our furiend Fin is having her own version called The Acatemy Awards celebrating the achievements of cats in film.  Here’s our entry for the Acatemy Awards!

“Whap That String Toy” is an action-packed blockbuster starring our own former feral, Zoey!  Watch how Zoey jumps and rolls and whaps attempting to kill the string toy!!  And yes, that’s her doing her own stunts!!!  A performance worthy of a nomination for Best Catress Award…if not the award itself!!

Does she get that string toy??  Or does it live to see another day (or at least a sequel)??!?  You’ll just hafta watch to see!!!

  28 Responses to “Formerly Feral – The Acatemy Awards!”

  1. That is sure to be a blockbuster! Zoey gave a masterful performance!

  2. Do they have an award for best action heroine? Zoey, we give your performace 14 paws up!

  3. Nope, we don’t think the toy will see another day. Great action, Zoey!!!

  4. That was a great action movie. It had us on the edge of our seats.

  5. ::applause:: Great job Zoey, maybe you can win outstanding performance in an action film! We think the toy will live to see another day, otherwise there can’t be a sequel.

  6. We would vote for you! great action. We may have to watch it several times to learn your technique

  7. Wow! Great action flick starring Zoey. We love her floofy tail too!

  8. Great action movie Zoey……..we want to know if you get that thing!!!! =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  9. Best Catress AND Best Action Film!

  10. Excellent performance, Zoey! Good luck!

  11. Zoey, you are a masterful whapper! I give your performance two paws way up!

  12. Zoey… good moves there, no stunt double for you!

  13. Zoey you are definitely a wonderful catress!

  14. i luv akshun filmz ….
    zoey iz in grate shape … an she iz verree byootiful.
    she getz mi vote fer best catress inna aksun film.

  15. Miss Zoey I know you has better in you than that.. was your butt not supposed to leave the ground.. what is this?! F for effort? Lazy girls guide to whappage?!?
    Come on gorgeous get up and get into it! :))


  16. That was excellent! I see a little gold man in your future Zoey. How fun to see you in action.

  17. I like the way Zoey doesn’t get off her butt and STILL gets the string toy. She is my new hero.

  18. You really gave that string toy a workout, Zoey! Impressive action film.

  19. Wow! A super family entertainment blockbuster! We’d like to enter this competishun too so we are going to hot paw it over to Fin’s place to see the rules!

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  21. We’ve posted our entry on our bloggie today!

  22. You are an inspriration, Zoey!! Well done!!!

  23. Zoey–I like your fur. I like how you batted that thing. BRAVO!

  24. Wow! Milo and Alfie told us about your video so we had to come see it…you are a gorgeous kitty Zoey, and those were great feats of whapping!

  25. That’s a great video! Zoe is a real star! We have that same toy and LOVE it. Mommy has had to replace it several times because we play with it so much that we wear the feathers and furs off the little critter.

  26. We loves your movie! Great action!

  27. You had us all on the edge of our catbeds, what a thrilling show of agility and poise…all from a lounging position too…that musta been really difficult!

  28. Concatulations on winning an Acatemy Award! We won on too! We’ve posted our acceptance speech today!

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