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big-buttHey everybuddy.  Wally here.  You know what the mom called me the other day?  A fat cat.  And I don’t think she was referring to those rich Wall Street guys.  She said it looked like I’ve been eating one too many treats lately.  Well, I got news for her.  I think I’m the perfect weight…for me.

But seriously, excess weight in pets is a big problem these days. Did you know that more than 50% of us cats are overweight?  Even a little bit of extra weight can be an issue for us…5 extra pounds on a cat is like 30 extra pounds on a human!  This excess weight can impact our overall health and wellness and can lead to health issues like diabetes, respiratory and digestive conditions, heart disease and arthritis.

Now I know you’re asking yourself…do I need to lose a few pounds?  Here’s a short video from PetMD where Dr. Ashley Gallagher describes how to recognize an overweight pet.

So, do you need to lose some weight?  Losing weight isn’t easy…just ask your human.  But there are some steps you and your human can take to help you to shed those extra pounds.

Visit Your Vet

The first is to visit your vet to determine a healthy cat weight loss plan that will work best for you.

Eat a Proper Diet

The second is to eat a proper diet…one designed for your age and size.  Your human should measure your food out at every meal so you only get the amount that you really need.


And if you’re looking for a new food to help you lose weight, Hill’s has developed a new food for both cats and dogs…Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight.  It provides breakthrough nutrition formulated to help you achieve a healthy weight and improve your quality of life.  The #1 ingredient in Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight cat food is chicken along with other natural ingredients including prebiotic fibers for gentle digestion.  It’s 100% precisely balanced nutrition and is ideal for multi-cat homes.  And y’know what?  70% of cats that were fed Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight for cats lost weight in the first 10 weeks!

Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight is available for both dogs and cats and comes in dry and canned versions.  A new Small and Toy Breed dog formula is being introduced this month.  You can find Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight at your vet, favorite pet store or online pet stores like Pet360.

More Exercise

wally-wandtoyThe third step to help you lose weight is to get more exercise and playtime.  Admit it…us cats are really good at being lazy…’specially us older ones.  Ask your human to get that wand toy out and make you really work to catch it.  Or go chase that catnip mousie you haven’t played with in months.  You’ll have some fun and do your body good all at once!

These 3 steps can help you reach and maintain your perfect weight and keep you healthy.

Remember…a healthy pet is a happy pet!



  45 Responses to “Are You Your #PerfectWeight?”

  1. Probably I should. Just a tad. Not too much or I’d not be luscious looking.

  2. We aren’t over weight according to our vet but of course as we go outside so we tend to keep our weight down with plenty of exercise.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Wally, we think you are the purrfect weight. What a great post about losing the weight. Some of us need to lose a little weight but maybe later. Good job Wally. Have a great day.

  4. Hi Wally! Lita needs to lose about one-half to one pound. The Mom worries about hers getting chunkier because hers loves kibbles too much, and even though the Mom only puts out a certain amount for the day, Lita eats most of them! The Mom has been trying to exercise her, but sometimes Lita is not very cooperative and she’d rather sit and watch the mom wave the Neko fly around instead of chasing it, MOL.

    Since mes is on a special diet, Lita has to eat my kibbles, but the Mom says hers will look into this canned food to help Lita some more.

  5. one of the three cats in our house is weight challenged. I won’t name names but it’s actually the one who spends most of the day running around the house like a spaz…

  6. Far too many pets are overweight these days, and not enough people doing anything about it!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. A couple of mine need some of this.

  8. Skipping treats is hard, isn’t it Wally? I’m very lucky that Truffles seems to police her own food intake and is thin and trim. We don’t think you look chubby at all…you’re purr-fect. Great message because overweight pets is a very serious problem.

  9. A very good and important post. We are careful to follow a vet diet, including treats. ~xo~

  10. Ooppppsss …TKS has ribs?? Who knew!

  11. Wally I feel your frustration!! And with this cold weather our peeps are sitting around all wrapped up so we are up as much checking on them
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Great post about losing weight ! We’re not overweight, but Mum could take some good advice ! Purrs

  13. I am lucky, none of my cats is too fat ! Pookie actually could put on some weight, but she is old and became a bit skinny.

  14. As soon as she saw the title of your post, Sei-Chan went UTB… The strage thing is that Genji eats more than anyone here and he is really skinny, and Sei-Chan doesn’t seem to eat that much and she is pretty round. Life is not fair!

    Da Skinny Beebs

  15. As you may remember, I’ve been on this diet for 1 year and have lost 1 pound already. Have about 10 oz to go yet before I’m where I should be. It really works too if you stick with it. I highly recommend it.

  16. Oh Wally, you sure are at purrfect weight. This is a great post to remind us of importance of keeping fit! I’m a bit concerned that Goro might have put on some weight. He eats Niko’s leftover all the time. I need to keep him from eating too much!

  17. Bo is okay, but Kobi probably needs to be watched!! He’s a bowling ball!

  18. Mee-you Wally here mee an ladyMum thott you were just big boned…mee finkss yur a handsum mankat…..
    If you do need a die-et mee hopess it goess well….
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx

  19. Mom says we’re all purrfect. We think YOU are too!!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. My one sister has such a hard time losing weight, and it’s tough with so many of us to find just the right balance.

  21. Wally, it’s too hard !!!
    But I do try but still I need to lose more…mom said before me turns to be a ball 😉


  22. My human is such a portion control freak! She even cut down my breakfast because she said I’m not growing that fast anymore and don’t need the extra calories. Now I’m on adult cat portions (although I still get more treats). Hmph.

  23. Thanks for the good info! I’ll be sure to tell Toby. Mom likes him – what she calls – fat and fluffy – she’s trying to weight on him! And she tells me I need to lose wight. I don’t think so!! Love and snacks – LadyBird

  24. This is very informative. Buster is definitely a tad heavy, but he’ll disagree.

  25. Our kitty Callie seems a little plump too… Her belly kind of hangs down a little bit and is a little flabby. May have to do something about that one of these days!

  26. Sighs. Mom says Leia is purrfect, but me… well, I am a big guy anyway – huge bones, really – but the vet said I should probably drop 3 more pounds. Once I was 23, now I’m just below 17.

  27. Gosh Wally, I don’t think you’re a fatty AT ALL… look just right !! There are some kitties who really SHOULD diet a bit though because it’s absolutely NOT GOOD to be overweight. Since I lost some weight due to my thyroid issues, my arthritis isn’t bothering me as much so there ARE a lot of GOOD things about losing weight.

    Hugs, Sammy

  28. Oh My! I’ve just posted about how we need MORE treats MOL.

    I eat Hills Science Plan (it’s called over here) AND I have it on good authority I’m going to the V-E-T this week!! So no doubt I will be weighed!! Good post

  29. Great post. Not all kitties are as lucky as I am. Mom makes our food and measures it out at each meal. We don’t get any dry food. I was getting a little fluffy because I was stealing food from Ocean or Echo! Sadly, mom has put a stop to that.

  30. dood…ya look aye oh kay ta uz…. N we hope de “D” werd doesnt show up at yur place coz it can be az vizshuz az de ….”B” werd …iz ta uz

  31. Lexy has a little extra junk in the trunk. But don’t tell her I told you!

  32. Great post, Wally! Maintaining a healthy weight is so important, and I think that can be very challenging with cats. You are an independent and stubborn bunch, and I have trouble getting Sam to play if it’s something she’s not interested in. Trust me, we’ve tried every toy out there with her, and found very few that will get her off her lazy kitty butt! We keep trying though, and we do measure her food to be sure she’s getting the right amount. It’s good to know there are products like this out there should we ever need them.

  33. Hmm. If we see their ribs they are the right weight? That seems a bit excessive. I thought the rule was if you can feel their shoulderblades at the back of the neck.

    In any case, we are mostly all a good weight here.Levon has to be watched closely though as he likes to steal other kitties’ (and doggies’!) fuds!

    Great post! Being overweight is really tough on pets.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  34. The U.S. has a pet obesity epidemic. One thing I would like to point out is that overweight pets live an average of 2 years less than a perfect weight pet.

  35. I am just fine, maintaining a nice 9 pounds of purr delightful gingerness.

  36. Great information, Wally! say…can we have your treats if you’re not going to eat them?

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  37. Keeping a healthy weight is so very important! Mom helps to control our weight by giving us 3 meals a day – she calls it “portion control.” We never think she gives us enough, but the vet says that we are all where we need to be weight wise. Whatever…. bring on more treats!!

  38. Wally, we think you’re purrfect! Since I was on predinsolone for my asthma plus I didn’t want to move for fear of having an attack, I might be a little over purrfect but we’re working on it. *sigh*


  39. I don’t think you’re overweight at all, Wally. I’m a perfect weight but maybe I’ll buy the food for TW and Pop.

  40. I gained about a pound after my sister Sammi passed away. I liked chasing her and I don’t get as much exercise now that she’s gone. Mom tries to play with me, but it’s not the same. Maintaining a healthy weight is very important. A proper diet, limited treats, and some exercise are all good tips for of us kitties (and doggies, rabbits, humans…)

  41. Mom was looking at Ping and she said to him Ping you sure are a skinny cat. He’s been that way ALL of his life. His metabolism is just extra fast, like him, we guess. Wally you look perfect to us!

  42. Skip da tweats…Hmmmmmm Yeah dat’s not gunna happen. MOL Guess we better get mowe exercise. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  43. I gained some weight to, Wally, not because of the food, but because I overslept Mr Winter. Since they call me ‘the big girl’ I started playing with my toys and do my daily exercises, so now I’m back to normal 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 <3

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