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Hey everybuddy!  I’m interrupting this week’s “What’s That Wally Doing?” for this important message about pet dental health.  February is Pet Dental Health month and we’re teaming up with PetSmart® to raise awareness of the importance of good dental hygiene for pets.

Did you know that over 70% of cats and 80% of dogs show signs of dental disease by the age of 3? Poor oral health can lead to periodontal disease with loose, painful teeth and eventual tooth loss which also can lead to poor overall health in us cats and dogs. Having a manageable, preventative dental care routine can help keep us healthy.

A couple of years ago, I had to have my teeth cleaned. And just recently, I was at the vet and the vet said tartar was building up on my teeth again, and that I would probably need another cleaning in the near future.  Lemme tell you…I’m not looking forward to that!

feline-greenies2The vet suggested that the mom try brushing my teeth.  Well, that was an epic FAIL!  But while brushing may be one of the best methods to keep our teeth clean and gums healthy, there’re other easier ways that can help.  Like dental treats. That’s right…treats that can help clean our teeth.  What a win-win for us cats!

PetSmart offers a wide variety of cat dental treats. Since my favorite treats are FELINE GREENIES®, the mom got me some FELINE GREENIES® Dental Treats to try.

The crunchie, bite size FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats offer complete nutrition while helping to maintain good cat dental health.  They’re veterinarian recommended, and are the only cat treat to have The Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for tartar reduction.

feline-greenies3FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats:

— Clean teeth and freshen breath.  They work by using the cat’s natural chewing action to wipe away tartar buildup from the surface of teeth.

— Are made of natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, taurine and chlorophyll for optimum cat health.

— Are designed for daily treating.  Each treat is only 1 1/4 calories and they contain no artificial flavors or perservatives.

— Come in 6 delicious flavors including oven roasted chicken, ocean fish, savory salmon, tempting tuna, catnip and succulent beef.


But the best thing about FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats?
They taste good!

wally-pearlywhitesSince I’m a bit of a treat-snob, the mom was happy that I gobbled them right up with no hesitation. Ernie and Zoey loved them, too.

Now, just a few FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats a day can help keep my pearly whites white…and hopefully, put off that teeth cleaning for a little longer.  What could be easier than that?  These treats are now part of our dental care routine.

You can find FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats at your local PetSmart.  And if you don’t already have a dental care routine, I hope you all will begin one today!


  62 Responses to “FELINE GREENIES® Dental Treats For Your #CatDentalHealth”

  1. Humom haz juzt stocked up on new toofpazte and bruzhe’z. Im’z gonna keep’z well out da way’z MOL xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. That is such a good post and so true. We have had several cats that have had to have their teeth pulled and that was not fun for them. Unfortunately we tried some of those treats and couldn’t get anyone to eat them.But we sure will try again. Have a great day.

  3. seriously love this post 😉

  4. Mom and Dad have not tried to brush my teeth, thank goodness. I am gonna tell them about these dental treats.

    • That’s great, Simba! Just a few dental treats today can help keep your teeth clean. And I, the treat snob, can attest…FELINE GREENIES dental treats taste good!

  5. Truffles tried some Greenies dental treats recently and loved them too! What could be better than doing something healthy while eating treats???

  6. i’ll have to start the boyz on those.

  7. Wally,
    I love love love that last photo. Yay for good dental healthy. My vet sang the same song to mom in January. Sent me home with a feline dental kit. MOL MOL MOL Mom is using one of the toothbrushes to clean grout. BUT I did take a shining to the C.E.T. dental chews and Mom will probably get me some greenies for a variety. Thus far just 2 of my back teeth have a little tartar.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Thanks for this important info. Mommy tried to brush our teeth, but that was an epic fail! MOL I bet she’s going to run to the store to get some dental treats. And we won’t complain about treats, that’s for sure.
    Lola and Lexy

  9. Dental health is so impawtant for our pets! My huskies love Greenies!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Great informative post. Our Mommy will be getting us some greenies, too!
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  11. Hi Wally!! Milita is a treat snob, too, and she also loves Greenies, so they must be made of some good stuff! Carmine loves Greenies, too, but he won’t chew them. He is so silly – he just swallows them whole, so I need to figure out another way to help prevent tartar build-up on his teeth.

    Thank you for the great information!! I am glad you all like the Greenies; they are a tasty way to fight dental disease 🙂

  12. We will have to get some greenies and try them again. Seems like they are a big hit sometimes with the boys and sometimes not so much. Oliver loves to chew on a toothbrush though! Of course, it’s the moms toothbrush, but don’t tell her!

  13. Hey, those are the treats we get! The chicken flavored ones. We LOVE them!

  14. I read that too. Cats’ teeth can degrade really quickly. Giving them this type of treats can help.

  15. Excellent post pal. i’m all for good dental health here cuz I lost all my toothies about 6 years ago. Once they are gone, there are not anymore. So you need to do all you can to take care of the ones you have.

  16. no brushing here, but most of us like those treats 🙂

  17. Yummy treat that cleans teeth, that’s purrfect 🙂
    I sure hope you can put off the dental cleaning much longer!

  18. We love Greenies!!! They are so yummy! It’s great that they help to keep our teeth clean too!

  19. Green is good and so are clean teeth!

  20. they’re green, mean and delishus.

  21. Very interesting ! In Switzerland we found retailers for Greenies for dogs, but not for cats :(. Purrs

  22. Wally we hope that takes away the tartar and you won’t have to have a dental any time soon OR ever sounds even better.

  23. we need to get some of those. Mom Paula is considering trying to brush our teeth, but we don’t know how successful she will be.

  24. Yummy! Those dental treats look much better than getting your teeth brushed.

  25. guys…grate post anda veree important one two !!! even ther pill pocketz R good ….♥♥♥

  26. Super duper important for kitties and doggies!!’

  27. Our Mama gives the pups greenie dental bones..we didn’t realize greenies existed for cats too. We will need to tell her! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  28. Thanks Wally – dental health is an important message to share!

  29. The lady trembles fear thinking about brushing our teeth (Lucy was so good about that). We love the Greenies dental treats. Great review/article, Wally!

  30. I just got my kitties the catnip ones a few days ago and they love them.

  31. I hear ya, Wally. We’re on it. Treats for the Teeth! TW took an almost identical shot of the Greenies on the shelf. MOL!

  32. We love Greenies too! Yum.

  33. Thanks for the great info!
    I want lovely teeth and fresh breath too…

    Noodle and crew

  34. We love greenies. And if they are so few calories, we can crunch bunches of them, too!

  35. Good information for me and my new kitten. Awhile back I tried something similar for the dog I had and she got diarrhea. I wasn’t going to try similar treats again. But after reading your review, I think I”ll try these.

  36. I didn’t even know they made Greenies for cats. I know ours definitely need it because our vet also said they need cleanings. There’s no way I’m even going to try to brush their teeth! We will have to try these, thanks for sharing about them!

  37. Brushing doesn’t work for us either. I love greenies, but Ralphie doesn’t. Mom is excited that he WILL eat Science Diet T/D as treats. The Girls all love C.E.T. Veggie Dents.

  38. Mommy really REALLY wants me to try some but I don’t know if I will eat them and mommy throws away so many green papers already on me. Mom said she hash;t seen them. She’ll have to order and pay shipping and handling. I’ll keep telling her I’m worth it. xxoo

  39. We don’t willingly read advertisements for long…

  40. I’m glad to hear that your teeth are good and healthy Wally. They look great! My kitties love Feline Greenies too 🙂

  41. We love Greenies so we’re glad they clean our teefs too!

  42. Eating treats sure does sound better than having your teefs brushed! 🙂

  43. Really great post. Seems like every treat I try upsets my tummy and causes, well, you know, but maybe I’ll ask mom to try these greenies.

  44. Hey, we got a big bag of those for Christmas. For once our humans are doing something right. They didn’t tell us they were good for us! Your toofies look very nice, Wally. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  45. It’s great that you like the treats. Hopefully they’ll help keep your teeth clean.

  46. Wally I am glad you are keeping your choppers clean 🙂 bet your breath smells like mint 🙂 loves Fozzziemum xx

  47. I used to brush my dogs teeth but never Alex’s (or Lucy’s) thanks for sharing!

  48. We won’t let The Mom brush our teeths. AT ALL. EVER. heh But these treats sound pretty good. We’re gonna send her to the store for some. Thanks for the info!

  49. My mum keeps trying to clean my teeth but I won’t let her.

    We sent you your Free Pet Tarot reading today. Hope you like it 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  50. My mom-person do brush my toothies. But not efurry day thank Cod 🙂
    I get toothie treats now and then too 🙂


  51. I had to have a of my cat Nikita’s teeth removed due to an immune system issue with her body attacking her teeth. So far Blanca’s teeth are amazing but Eugene. ..my boy…now there are some nasty teeth. We’ve tried brushing. Nightmare. We’ve done one round of dental care so far and it was awful ad pain killers don’t seem to work for him. I can tell we need to do it again but it’s hard to bring myself to do it when I know he’ll be in pain. (And he hates greenies!?)

  52. I love all these posts about dental health, but I wonder whether any of those treats are available for cats with dietary issues. That would really help us out!

    –Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  53. Kitty teeth are important and must not be ignored. Much like cats themselves! ♥

  54. Mee-you Wally mee needss sum of theese fur sure. Mee hass thee Juvenile Gingyvitis an mee iss a treetsnob too!
    Mee will not let LadyMum brush mee teethss…so mee will tell her bout theese! 😉
    Fankss fur thee post bout Greeniess…
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  55. Gweat posty. We got sum to twy fwum Chewy this mumff, we just haven’t twied ’em yet. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  56. I eat my dental food. My human hopes it is doing me good.

  57. Oooo yeah, we know from dental health! *raises paw* Count me in the 70%. ~ Maxwell

  58. Panky: Haiz Wally! Gud infurmation about kitteh teefs. We like to nom on dose Greenies. Me an brofur not let DaMa brush ours. MOL
    Troyer: Me haf gudder teefs den brofur. Me likey Greenies better!!

    Panfur Purrs

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