Dec 292014

Island Cats Blogoversary ALTERNATEIt’s our Blogoversary!  That’s right!  We’ve been blogging 7 whole years now!  Who woulda believed we’d be doing this for so long?!?

Now here we are…7 years and over 1600 posts and 70,000 comments later!  We sure enjoy sharing our stories and pictures with all of you, and being part of a great community like the Cat Blogosphere.

It’s been our tradition the past few years to celebrate our Blogoversary with a commentathon.  And this year, we’re doing it again!  For every comment made on this post, we’ll donate 50 cents to an animal shelter, rescue group, animal charity or other worthy animal cause.  And YOU get to help us decide who should get it.  When you leave a comment, tell us which shelter, group, animal charity or worthy cause you want us to donate to.  We’ll randomly select one from all your suggestions.  If a shelter or group is mentioned more than once, it will be entered as many times as it’s mentioned.

So start commenting!  Everybuddy is eligible to leave a comment.  Don’t forget to let us know who should get the donation, too.  We’ll announce the results on New Year’s Day.

We wanna thank you for all your visits and your comments…but most of all, your furiendship.  We’ve had so much fun these past 7 years!  We you all!

(Thanks to Miss Ann from Zoolatry for our great graphic!)


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  1. WOOT! 7 PAWEsome years !!!! Here’s to 7 more!!

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