Feb 132009

Hey!  When I sit in my ham-mick
I almost end up sitting on the ground!!

I hope this doesn’t mean
I gotta lay off the Temptations… 

  28 Responses to “Formerly Feral – The “D” Word?”

  1. Zoey, wonder if they make diet or lite temptations?? I hardly get any cause I’m a little too pleasantly plump!

  2. Nope. It certainly doesn’t meah THAT, Zoey!

  3. I think it means that they made the ham-mick with stretchy fabric…it’s supposed to do that, right?

  4. Yep, it is the ham-mick’s fault!

  5. The hammock is too small obviously. We prefer the humans hammock (well Olivia does, Cliff stays on the ground).

  6. It may mean just that, dear furriend. Just that.

  7. No! I think they need a stronger hammock. A much easier solution.

  8. We agree with Cheysuli, you need a stronger ham-mick.

  9. You look lovely Zoey! That looks like an exclusive Forty Paws especially tested by Dorfington Fish Stanley!

  10. Looks to me like the hammock is just broken in and well-loved.

  11. We thought that was the way those hammocks were supposed to look :)! At least you look little from the top…

  12. MMmm, we checked out all the other comments, wondering what is the “D” word, and no one said a thing…
    D – droopsie
    D – dragging
    D – doodly doodly doodly doo
    D – ah, ha… DIET

  13. Teehee, as long as it’s comfy, Zoey – that’s what counts!

  14. No, it doesn’t. I can assure you of that 😉

  15. Supposedly I touch the ground when I’m in mine too. I think all it means is that you gotta get a person to shrink the hammick material a little so that it doesn’t going BOING to the floor…

  16. Have your mom knit you a nice warm kitty bed! Mine did! I love it!

  17. Ham micks do dat as far as we has witnessed. Zoey yoo has as many treats as yoo want!

  18. Until ya actually hit the floor, yer OK…

  19. awww that is only a little embarrassing! I think words with your Momma are needed! haha


  20. Nope, dem things is furry stretchy dat’s all…

  21. We think maybe you just need a stronger hammock. You can never have too many treats!

  22. We would say it means your ham-mick looks incredibly comfortable:)

  23. No Zoey, it just means the ham-mick is made of super stretchy material.

  24. Well the way we see it is you still got half an inch to go … so we suggest you make da most of the Temptations while you can … in case that ugly word DIET is mentioned. If they do mention :shock/horror: DIET, our advice is MUTINY.

  25. You don’t need a diet until the hammick actually sags clear to the floor.

  26. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  27. You might just need a taller hammick because it’s not fair to lay off the Temptations!

  28. No, no, you just need to stretch the hammock a bit tighter!
    Happy Valentine!
    The Cat Realm

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