Feb 112009

Everyone wants to know…

What’s That Wally Doing?

The weather’s been good the last few days…
it’s warmer and the sun’s been shining.
Most of the white stuff’s melted and
you can actually see grass again!

I convinced mom to open the window for me to sit in…

Fresh air!!  It’s better than catnip!!

I smelled stuff that I haven’t smelled in a long time!
Call the v-e-t!  I think I’ve got spring fever!!

  28 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Spring Fever means Spring is coming, right? So we want Spring fever too – in fact we’ve got it. Do you think it’s contagious and we caught it from you? Hahaha!

    Fresh air is good though – bring on da Spring!

  2. We bet you are loving that fresh air!!!

  3. Oohhh, I don’t know…fresh air better than catnip?? Do you have to make a choice??

  4. We got to smell some fresh air last week. It was sooooo good we didn’t take our sniffers away from the window all day!

  5. We love it when the humans open the windows.

  6. I love open windows, too! I like that collar, Wally!


  7. We feel the same way Wally! We cannot wait until Spring is finally here.

  8. Hey Wally–the same thing is happening over here! Stop by my bloggie when you get a chance, buddies–I have an award for you.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  9. Today will be our biggest warm up…to 70 degrees! We have been promised deck time, YEAH! Boy have we missed it…maybe some deer will show up. Enjoy today Wally, we intend to=^Y^=the Cat Street boyz

  10. We had a nice warm day yesterday! Today is all rainy, though:( Enjoy that fresh air furriend!

  11. Oh how lucky you are! Have a good day in the window!

  12. Wally, you and Redfurd are enjoying the same thing! Isn’t it wonderful??? *purrs*

  13. Wally, Watch out for that Spring fever. I understand one of the symptoms is long naps in fresh air.

  14. There’s only one cure for the dreaded Spring Fever: lots of fresh air!

  15. fresh air smells good – mommy hadded our screen door open yesterday and we was all sniffin and sniffin!!

  16. Yeah!! Our mom did the same thing for us. We are nervous at first, but then no one can keep us away from that intriguingly scented screen.

    Abby & Stygia

  17. Know what: Fresh air, spring AND cat nip. Why not? We rule the universe. We deserve it.

  18. We’ve got spring fever here today, too. It’s wonderful!

  19. We smell it here too! Spring is coming!!

  20. Nothing like a bit of fresh air to make you feel good.

  21. OMC! It was like the best day ever to has the fresh air seat open! We loved it!!

  22. Yay for Spring! Jen says it will be here so and I can’t wait! I heard a rumor that there are lots and lots of birds during the springtime…

  23. It’s time to get up to silly business, Wally!

  24. Goodness Wally, you mean you are getting some sunlight in Michigan?? Don’t blame you for thinking you might have spring fever. You sure were getting dumped on with a lot of snow. At least Mom’s bean son was getting a lot. He lives in Michigan. Mom opens the door a little every once in awhile so we can get some fresh air. Either that or she likes to see our noses move.


  25. I love sniffing outdoor smells! I can’t wait for spring.

  26. Isn’t it great?!? We lost all of our snow too!
    ps – Thanks for the positive thoughts for my Mommy

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