Feb 102009

Hi everybuddy!  Well, mom survived our v-e-t visit.  Actually, she musta been planning this ‘cuz it went really well…at least for her!!  We, however, got shots!!  OUCH!!!  But we both checked out real good…other than the fact that Wally gained a little weight (I’m calling him fatso now!  Haha!!).

Mom said the reason why she decided to take us together (‘cuz she normally doesn’t) is ‘cuz Wally always gets real hissy when I come home from the v-e-t and she thought if we both went, then Wally wouldn’t have any reason to be hissy.  But you know what????  Wally was still hissy when we got home!!  And he whapped me!!!  What’s with him, anyways???? 

(Mom note:  Yes, Wally was a little hissy when we got home, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when just Ernie would go to the v-e-t and come home…Wally would be mean to him for days!  Looks like these two will be doing double duty at the v-e-t from now on…)

Well, I gotta go…we hafta get ready for the Inaugural Ball over at Kiddo’sSee everybuddy there!!

  18 Responses to “Tattle Tale Tuesday”

  1. Glad the vet visit went ok. Rosie has one tomorrow!

  2. Were glad to hear you both checked out well at the vet. Sorry about those darn shots!

  3. It’s better to be two when going to the vet. Sometimes Cliff goes by himself. I don’t like that. Especially that time when he had to stay to have his teeth cleaned or something. I was not pleased!


  4. Ohh, shots really hurt. I’m glad you guys are doing OK and that the v-e-t visit is over!

  5. My mom takes us together because if she takes 3 or more we get a volume discount!! Haa! Glad you are doing ok…and tell Wally to settle down!

  6. Great that everything went so well! Don’t tell Chilli but she’ll be going to the vet soon, too.
    Purrs, Siena

  7. Sorry you had to go to the v-e-t (and that you got whapped!), but glad everything was OK 🙂

  8. I am glad you all had a clean bill of health (even if you did get shots) for the ball!

  9. Save a dance for me! ~Tristan

  10. Glad the trip went good and you are AOK!

  11. Hooray for good vet checkups!

  12. Its pawsome dat yoo did okay at the v-e-t even tho yoo got poked!

  13. Shots suck, and all the other stuff the V E T does to you. That’s good news that you two checked out okay. That means you don’t have to go back for another year 😀

  14. The Big Thing likes ta arrange things so that 2 of us go ta the V-E-T atta time. He says fewer trips and less waiting. Old (departed) Skeeter an LC had the same annual shots date, an now Iza an I have the same date.


  15. We are glad everything went well at the V E T apart from nasty shots. Flynn hisses at me for days on end when I go to the V E T.

  16. Glad things went well, in spite of the shots. Ouch!

  17. We are glad to hear that everyone survived the vet visit! You sure are lookin’ mighty good there, Ernie!

  18. I have to go to the v-e-t soon but I don’t want to.

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