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Hey everybuddy!  Wally here.  The nice peoples at Petmate contacted us and asked if we’d like to try out their new line of cat toys and products ‘specially developed and designed by the famous Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell.”  Jackson Galaxy designed these cat products around the concept of “hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom and sleep”…all things that come naturally to us cats.


Me and Ernie couldn’t wait to try out these new products!  The Petmate peoples sent us the Comfy Cabana, a food puzzle toy called Go Fish and a fuzzy mousie.


Hey, it’s me…Ernie!  Check me out in the Comfy Cabana!  I loved it coming and going! It’s designed to give us cats a place to relax and restore our  “cat mojo”…and it’s a good spot to get away from other cats for those multi-cat households.  

It’s made really well and is very soft and comfy inside.  I guess that’s why they call it the Comfy Cabana!

What’d you think of it, Wally?


I liked the Cabana too, Ernie…but it’s a little small for a big hulkin’ mancat like me!  I bet the She Devil Zoey would fit purrfectly in it.


We also got to try the Go Fish food puzzle toy.  It’s designed to help us cats slow down when eating so we don’t eat as much…and to make it fun and intriguing when we eat.

Yeah, Wally…the mom says you eat way too fast!

Putting the Go Fish together was a little difficult for the mom.  She said getting the fishy tails into each of the openings was not easy.


So while she worked on it, I played with this fuzzy mousie.  I really got my claws into it and honed my killing skills.  Who cares if it still was on the cardboard?


The mom finally got Go Fish together and sprinkled some of our dry food around the fishy tails. Now it was up to Ernie and me to get that food.

Here’s a short video of me and Ernie getting the food.  Lemme tell you, it wasn’t easy!  And it did force me to eat a little slower.  The mom says she’s gonna use this from now on when she gives us dry food.

Thanks, Petmate, for giving us the opportunity to try these fun Jackson Galaxy Collection pet products.  We give them a BIG paws up!  They’re now available at your favorite pet stores and on line.

But wait.  We’re not done yet!  WE’RE HAVING A GIVEAWAY!

That’s right!  One of you will win a prize package of several of the products from the Jackson Galaxy Collection AND a copy of Jackson Galaxy’s new book “Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!).”  Is that great or what?!?

Unfortunately, Petmate will only ship within the U.S., so for those of you outside the U.S. who would like to enter, you can designate a furiend or shelter in the U.S. to get the prize if you win.  The giveaway runs through Thursday, October 9.  Zoey will announce the winner on Friday, October 10.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now for the disclosure:  We got the Petmate Jackson Galaxy Collection pet products for free when we agreed to do this review and giveaway, but that’s all we got and it didn’t influence our opinion at all. 


  76 Responses to “Petmate Jackson Galaxy Collection Review & Giveaway”

  1. We’d like to enter please and if we win can the prize go to Tabby’s Place please.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. What a cool giveaway! Especially love the Go Fish game!

  3. Look at all that fun stuff you have! We hope we win – paws crossed.

  4. We’re in Canada so if we won, we’d like you to choose the shelter for us.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  5. Oh we want to win that so badly. That cabana looks like just what we need. And the toys look terrific too. Great giveaway.

  6. Those are such cool items! Truffles would love to try them out 🙂 You two are SO cute in that video!!!

  7. I will use my uncle’s address in NY if I win.

  8. This is the best giveaway ever. That fish feeder is too cute.

  9. Those things sure are cool gang!

  10. Wow!!! What a way cool giveaway!!!
    I am entering but I am in Canada, so if I win I will pass along the toys to a furiend <3
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. Thunder would love to fish! He enjoys eating made interesting and really knows how to use his paws.

  12. We wanna win…we wanna win…we wanna win! Oh sorry, were we whining? This is the bestest giveaway ever. We get good stuff and Mom gets something to read. We are definitely entering! XO, Lily Oliiva, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Jewel was really good at figuring out puzzle toys; we bet she would have liked the fish game. Carmine would probably try to eat the fishie tails, MOL!

  14. We want to win too! 🙂

    I’m loving the tocks sticking out of the cabana

  15. Those look amazing! What fun things to get. We have entered, such a great prize!

  16. Looks like you all are having a lot of fun! Penny would love the Cabana, I’m sure and Angus totally needs to slow down his eating and could use the Go Fish puzzle. We entered!! 🙂


  17. Wow, that’s a lot of cool stuff. We would love to win. Please enter us in your giveaway. 🙂

  18. Wow that is supeer dupeeer cool! We think you guys are having a lot of fun with everything!

  19. Oh Wally and Ernie, CONCATS on scoring such a great GIVEAWAY!!! We are in and hoping to WIN!!

  20. Those are fun gifts you guys got! We would like to enter and if we win we can send it to our Mom’s sister’s in CA! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. I bet both my cats and I would love the fish game!

  22. WOW, what great gifts! Right now my guys are into the new Temptations Tumblers treats but I think they are too small to roll around as my older cats can’t follow them when I try to get them to chase. SO, the fish tail toy would be great! I could put the tumblers on it so they could fish them out! Thanks so much for the opportunaty!

  23. OMC Wally yous and Ernie be so cute goin’ fishin’. 🙂 What a gweat giv away and those awe fur suwe sum pawsum gifts yous got to twy out. Weez cwossin’ ow paws and hopin’ weez win. Hav fun.

    Luv ya’


  24. That fishy puzzle looks like lots of fun.

  25. Oh, this looks like lots of fun, and I know I would enjoy all this!

  26. Those hunting/fishing paws were too cute you guys 🙂

  27. That fishy thing looks like a lot of fun and the mousie and Cabana are pawsome looking too.

    The Florida Furkids

  28. I see fish…lots of fish.. that looks like the best ..fish ever 🙂 Pawkisses for Good Luck effurrybody 🙂

  29. Lucky you ! Those are such cool products ! We would love to win for one of our US furriend ! Purrs

  30. you guys did a great review. that cabana would be a hit here (and we like it is open on both ends in case of a hasty retreat)

  31. Wow they are pawsome! I like the food puzzle toy. Looks fun and also cute with fish tails 🙂 Loved the video.
    The cabana sounds super comfy! I’m sure Zoey will fit nicely and enjoy it!

  32. what a pawsome job you guys had. the cabanas look great, but from the looks of it way too small for our buster too.

  33. Oh yeah! Please enter me in that giveaway. That game looks like fun.

  34. Those are great items. The fish toy looks like lots of fun.

  35. After watching that video, I can tell Wally is the brains behind this operation and Ernie has the looks but not all of them. MOL! Of course I’d like to enter. That’s why I took the trouble to fill out the Rafflecopter. Silly boys.

  36. What pawesome items! We’ve never seen those before! Yay for a giveaway too!

  37. I’ve been at a loss at finding new toys for Chuck and Angel, so some of these items look pretty cool!

  38. Those are some super cool toys! They look like lots of fun. We hope we win!

  39. Great demo of the goodies boys!
    We likes the fish thingy 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  40. What a fun review! You two looked pretty puzzled by the tails at first, but perseverance pays off, doesn’t it?

  41. Wally, LOL, you are a big guy. Just like Pierrot. These toys look so fun. You two look so cute in this video!

  42. Ya both look so hansum in da Cabana n out of it too….
    Yer xpurtz usin ye rpawz to get yer kibblez too!!!
    Dat fuzzy mousie iz pawsum too…iz me faverite 😉
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

  43. On noes, mum is looking into the eat slows thing. I love to gobble down my foods.


  44. Cool stuff! Love the cabana! The mousie looks great too! We don’t need to food toy but Mom thinks it would be good for me to keep me entertained MOL!

  45. Ah, smart kitties, trying to get it with your paws 🙂
    Pawsome products!
    GRR! US only! We would have loved to enter 🙁
    ❀Siamese Smothers and Tuxie Tickles❀ from Mikko and Jax at Happiness is Siamese!

  46. That’s really neat stuff and the Cabana will be a cozy spot for winter. That feeder puzzle would be great for the kitties who enjoy their food a little too much.

  47. I think my human should get one of this fishie puzzle because she’s eating way too fast too! We can never have enough of her chicken!
    All products look pretty cool!

  48. That looks like some awesome stuff, and you boys sure did a great job of testing it out. 🙂

  49. THAT is such a cool new toy!

  50. Those are some great products. I would like to be entered and if I win please donate it to Chris’s old shelter in Myrtle Beach, SC called Sav-r-cats.

  51. Those are some great things you got to try out. Winning the Catification book would be great for mom to read and make plans for us at our new house. And, of course, I would love all the cool toys.

  52. Those products look fantastic…that eating toy would be great for playing and for slowing down certain kitties!

  53. Adorable demo of the fishing toy.

  54. I love that Jackson finally came out with his own line 🙂 I hope I win! Would love to get some of his stuff!

  55. Those look fun!

  56. I’d love to be entered in the contest!

  57. We would love these awesome goodies! Jackson Galaxy is our hero. We think our house could use some Catification, but our people need some cool ideas.

  58. We love Jackson Galaxy and would love to win some of his goodies! thank you!

  59. We would love this!!

  60. that fish food thing is da bomb. we must get one.

  61. I think our two rescue kitties would be very happy <3 <3

  62. Our newly fused mega-cat Brady bunch would love these toys to keep us busy and out of each others way!

  63. I would love to be entered in this giveaway. With 5 rescue kitties, 2 of them were feral. I know they would flip for this! It would be wonderful to see all of them playing 🙂 kodak moment!

  64. Hey guys we would love to win

  65. I would like to be entered in the contest, thank you.

  66. That looks like some great stuff. Please enter us.

  67. I love seeing you playing with that mousie still on it’s packaging.

  68. Orlagh would love this.

  69. My two recently adopted kittens would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  70. You both look so cute in the cabana. The Go Fish toy is really cute and practical. There are a couple of kitties in this household who can annihilate a bowl of kibble. Mom’s not naming names (T. & S.) Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  71. I’d like to enter the giveaway, please!

  72. Looks like a lot of fun. ‘Course you guys are always having FUN. . . .or sleeping.

  73. Mowzers, that fish thing is prolly over our mom’s pay grade too (heheh)! But that toy looks totally RAD!

  74. What lovely gifts these would make for my kitty

  75. Those are such cool items!!
    The fishie thing looks like lots of FUN 🙂


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