Easy E Sunday

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Feb 082009



that flashy box…

away from her!!!

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  1. We do this too! But Mom still takes picshures on the sneaky! Le sigh!

  2. In a purrfect cat world there would be no flashy boxes. Hey, good luck at the vet tomorrow! We want good reports.

  3. Every one of our photo shoots ends up with shots like that. The camera strap always taunts us, and we must get it.

  4. We’ve given up…mom’s are very attached to their flashy boxes. All we can do is hope the days get longer and the sun comes out so there is no need for that annoying flash! Another reason winter is a pain….

  5. This is one of our problems, too! Most annoying.
    ~ Napoleon

  6. Flashy boxes are a a pain…there oughta be a rule–wait, I think we rote one!

  7. Ooomph! We almost felt yoo pull dat rite owt of her hand! We’ll be rite ofur to help.

  8. Get it! Oh, get it! Get it for all of us who suffer from the torture of the flashy box!

  9. It helped when ours got a new one that flashes straight up in the air.

  10. Go get it Ernie, you can do it. Puuuullllll!!!

  11. That’s right Ernie…get it! I hate those things…

  12. I think flashy-boxes were made with long dangling tails just to taunt us.

  13. Ooohhhh! Camera strap!!!!
    We love that game!

  14. Ernie, I am very proud of you! Good job!

  15. I love that game too! Did you get it away from her?

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  16. I think you are doing a great job of getting that flashy box!!!

  17. Did you get it? Did you??

  18. Oh yes, the camera strap!
    Ernie, that’s a very cool collar you got there!!!

  19. OH Ernie I can see that the flashy box has you very engrossed, you whiskers could not go any further forward! hehe But those big glorious claws are getting it :))

  20. ernie, you look furry serious about getting the flashy box.

    and it’s nice to meet you guys too!

    xo-pippin, turtle, and ava grace

  21. Looks like you are in for quite a battle!

  22. Franklin is very envious. He wants the hand loop on our camera so bad – he stalks it (but we never let him have it!)

  23. Lot’s of luck Ernie.

  24. get it, get it!

  25. Hahahahaha~~
    Very Very Easy face on you indeed~!

  26. We can never get the flashy thing from our Mom’s hands, either. It looks like you gave it a valiant effort, though!

  27. Thank you for stopping by my blog. We hate the flashy box too. Mom keeps following us around with it.

  28. Let me know how you go Ernie, then you can come over to my house and despatch our flashy beast too.

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