Feb 092009

Hey, this is our mancat cousin, Rusty.
Rusty saw our post about the Boogie Mats
and he kept pestering his mom about getting him one

until she finally did!

Rusty is one happy kitty now!!

 Rusty just starting blogging too!
Why don’t you go visit him??

Click HERE!!

 On another note, the PTUs came out of the closet today…
both of them!!

And we heard mom say something about
both of us
going to the v-e-t today…
She’s never taken both of us at the same time before!!
Seriously, we don’t know what she’s thinking…
but she’s gonna have her hands full!
We’ll make sure of that!!

  28 Responses to “A Guest ManCat”

  1. Oh noes! This can’t be good. Prepare to make yourselves very, very wide!

  2. Good luck today!!!

  3. Good luck at the vet, guys! We just visited Rusty – he seems like he has a lot to tell. Can’t wait!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. Oh no! The vet is no good.
    We have been over to visit Rusty. What a cool cat!:)

  5. We’re going to visit Rusty in a minute – anyone that pesters until he gets his own way, has clearly got good tips to share!

    The Vets? Oh no! Put the bitey on them if necessary. And make a LOT of fuss. Good luck.

  6. We just visited Rusty, what a cool cat! Good luck at the v-e-t guys!

  7. Oh no, not the vet!!! There are so many of us, when we go for our yearly exams we go two at a time!

    We just went over and met Rusty! Great Mancat!

  8. Be good to the V-E-T. Give him a loving bitey.

  9. Eek, the vet. Thanks for telling us about Rusty. We’ll have to go visit him.

  10. Uh-oh, PTUs never mean anything other than the v-e-t. We feel for you!

    We’ll go over and visit Rusty right now!

  11. So nice to see Rusty! We visited him and posted a welcome post.

    Good luck to your mom at the v-e-t 🙂 I sympathize – taking two cats at once is not easy. Tasha has to go by herself because she’s so terrible there, but I do take the boys together.

  12. He looks like one happy cat! Very nice to meet you Rusty.

  13. The V-e-t? Oh noes! Crikey made sure that he got himself so fat, that Mama can’t take both of us at the same time. Maybe you should try that:)

  14. I dont know but I wuds pee on sumfin just to show I was upset. Den I wud put the bitey down on sum bean. No fank yoo, I do not like PTU’s let alone goin to a v-e-t.

  15. Hopefully it is just a well visit to the vet. Rusty is lucky to have his own boogie mat now, and his own blog.

  16. What a handsome mancat your cousin Rusty is!

    I’m sorry you’re both going to the V E T today. Good luck, and give your Mom heck for doing this to you.

  17. We went over to see Rusty and say HI. I’ll bet your Mom does have her hands full taking both of you today!

  18. Good luck at the v-e-t! Mama would always take Dad with her, but then one time she had to do it by herself. It turned out ok, because me and EG just sit really still and try to hide under the blanket in the PTU. If the v-e-t can’t see us, then we’re invisible, you know? Hope you don’t have to get shots or anything.

  19. Have a nice trip… Ouch.

  20. Hope the vet visit went well today.

  21. Rusty has a new blog…..woot!!!!
    Going to the Vet….wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck!!
    Purrs Mickey

  22. Good luck at the V E T. We are going to visit Rusty now.

  23. Uh oh….we hope it was OK and not too torturous for you! I hope you got treats after, too! We are going to visit Rusty now – thanks!

  24. Hey you guys! Good picture of me on my boogie mat! Oh I feel so sorry for you having to go to the v-e-t. I hate going there. Mostly I just hate being pushed into that plastic box and then riding in that thing Mom calls a car. And, that v-e-t place smells like so many different animals! I can’t wait to get home after!

  25. How did the vet visit go? We will go visit Rusty!

  26. Hope you boys are okay!! Stay well please… Zoey too

  27. We gots one of them mats too – Boogie down!

  28. Rusty does look so so happy!

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