Apr 022014



There I was…all ready to help the mom with
the changing of the sheets and the making of the bed.

And y’know what she said?
“I don’t need your help with this, Wally.”
And she told me to get off the bed.


So I gave her what for and said…
“That’s it!  I’ll never offer to help you again!”
and stormed off.

But I don’t think she believed me.
And honestly, guys…
I don’t believe me either.


  63 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. we don’t believe you either

  2. How ungrateful of your Mom to decline your generous offer to help her change the sheets Wally – still there’s always next time!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. WE think the secret of “helping to make the bed” is to get unner the blankies AFTER. Just sayin…

  4. You tell her Wally. The nerve of telling you to leave. You need to do a ‘sit in’ on that bed. Hope all of you have a super day. Take care.

  5. wow. the nerve… how could she possibly make the bed w/o your help?

  6. What a silly Mummy not accepting your help. 🙂

  7. Well, next time is, next time right?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  8. LOL, so cute! You look like a great helper Wally…I bet you will be back next time (-:

  9. I do like that I can tell by your photo you certainly DID give her a piece of your mind!!! Some people need to learn to appreciate whatever help they get!

  10. Awww, Wally, you’re such a helpful kitty. We’re sorry your mom didn’t want help with the sheets. She would have had a lot more fun changing them with your help! 🙂

  11. Wally you are under appreciated! I say it is time for her annual review!
    MAdi your bfff

  12. And we don’t believe you either. It is in our nature as cats to be helpful. It’s just what we do. It is about time the silly humans realized it and rewarded us with treats and toys. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Aww, she’s no fun is she??? You can come help me anytime!

  14. well that was uncalled for – we think you would have been lots of help Wally.

    that being said, our mom changes the sheets behind closed doors, so what do we know MOL

  15. Oh, Wally! I never would have said “no” to you! Doesn’t she know that supervising is a kitty’s most important job?

  16. Yeah, we’ve played that game too, Wally. I bet you’ll be back! 🙂

  17. dood…stik ta yur werds….sure…she will say…oh, eye due knot knead help with makin de bed but watch out….she will come beggin for help with de vacuum, laundree, dish washin, dustin N all that…wait N see….

  18. BOL!!!! Silly kitties like to help a lot!!!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  19. What, your mom didn’t want your help? We didn’t think that mom’s could do anything without kitty help/snoopervision. Maybe next time she will want your help. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  20. Oh Wally! How cruel not to be appreciated! Maybe a little horkin on those brand spankin clean sheets? :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. So when it was done did you get back on the bed and crawl around under the blanket and comforter and stuff to mess it up? Cause that’s fun too.

  22. Hehehehe never mind wally better luck next time,xx Speedy

  23. Funny thing….that happens here too!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  24. LOL 😀 Those moms are all the same… Our “Help” is not wanted either… Can you believe it!? Meow out loud! 😉 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  25. Yup, we believe you when you say you don’t believe yourself, Wally. MOL.

  26. MOL! We understand, Wally. We try to help Mom and Dad change the sheets every time, but they don’t seem to appreciate it. But as much protesting as they do, we still can’t resist helping..

  27. Obviously your Mom doesn’t know how to accept HELP as graciously as you do Wally!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  28. What?!?! There is NO such thing as a human NOT needing a kitty’s help making the bed!

  29. Can you beleive that my mom-person say´s the same to me ??!!

  30. But it’s a cat’s job to help make the bed. There must be a rule somewhere 😉

  31. That’s why there’s always next time Wally!

  32. They just don’t appreciate the help!

  33. Yep, we hear ya there buddy…helping with fresh laundry and the making of the bed is just far too tempting! Have a great week everyone!

  34. hey, when you like doing something, there can be no stopping you..

  35. Oh my Wally how could she turn you down??

  36. Our mom loves how we help. Don’t give up, Wally. Maybe your mom will give in in time.

  37. Wally, changing the sheets is one of our favorite events, so we totally understand!

  38. What was your Mom thinking??? She always needs your help!

  39. How could she not want your help? That makes no sense whatsoever! We’re completely baffled!

  40. That wasn’t very nice of her to decline your generous offer Wally.

  41. Wally how could she??!!! Bed making is not complete without our help getting the sheet mousies out! Pffttt! It’s her fault if she ends up with holes in her sheets! Just saying…..

  42. A kitty’s gotta do what a kitty’s gotta do… We don’t believe it either. 🙂

    Lizzie & 2 kitties

  43. Gasp – how could mom possibly do that to you. Maybe she was having a bad day. Even that is no excuse.

  44. The making of the bed is a sacred tradition.
    It’s also the one and only chance I get to see Waffles made INTO the bed. Gotta love those tightly tucked sheets. ; ) heh, heh

  45. I’m glad you let her have it with both barrels or whatever.

  46. Our Mama says that to us all the time but we know she don’t mean it. We stay and help no matter what. She has to appreciate all our help doesn’t she?

  47. Wally, we don’t blame you, but forever is a long time to not help her!

  48. Wally, It’s just an OUTRAGE how our Humans fail to appreciate us and the help we offer them!

  49. Playing in the sheets is one of the best things ever. I don’t know why your mom didn’t want your help.

  50. How rude of her!!!!!

    The Chans

  51. Wally sometimes us moggies can never get it right when the human mum has a bad day LOL

  52. Oh yeah, Wally TOTALLY wanted to help make the bed 🙂

  53. I swear Wally, those humans get in a snit sometime fur nothing. Not like they don’t love us helping them these things.

  54. the humans think they can get stuff done without us…HAH! I say! Keep up the snoopervising Wally

  55. This is your elected Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth serving all anipals except snakies!

    Dearest Wally, we believing you. How daring she to show you this kind of disrespectfullnessiticity?!

    Cruel and unusual punishment we recommending! That meaning you get into bedroom 3AM when them is naps. You leaving doodie right next to bed. Serves them all right!

  56. Well, we kinda don’t believe you either sweet Wally. We bet you will be there to help make the bed every time it gets mussed up that is just how helpful you are. You probably can’t help yourself. Hugs and nose kisses

  57. She just doesn’t appreciate your earnest willingness to help. Moms are clueless.

  58. Haha….our kitties love to help with changing sheets and making beds too…it’s one of their favourite games, lol!

  59. Well my goodness! That wasn’t right! Now my mom suddenly finds something else to do and stops making the bed when I come up to help…until I get down again. There may be an ulterior motive!

  60. He’s so funny 😀 i love you blog!!!

  61. We think you’ll be back Wally! Once a helper, always a helper!

  62. Fank youz for coming to my pawty and making my birthday so special. Wez away’z the weekend’z
    so catch up’z wiff you Monday’z xxxxxx

    Load’z of Hug’z

    Mollie and Alfie

  63. Da nerver of yer Mum!!!
    Me Mum did diz to me alst week too n me stomped off stiff legged n pouted….dat gott her guud n she came n sang to me n told me when she changez da sheetz again me CAN help??? 😉
    Gotcha Mum!!!
    Wally ya gott werk diz guud….
    Lub Nylablue 🙂

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