Jan 282009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


Hey, look what we got!!

A Boogie Mat!!!

Yeah, I shamed mom into getting us one.
I told her ALL the cats in the Cat Blogosphere had a Boogie Mat…
that we were the ONLY cats that didn’t have one…
and it worked!!
Heheheh!!  Mom’s so easily fooled!!!


::sniff sniff::  There’s some primo nip in here!!

It’s like rolling around in nip but without all the mess!!
Hey, mom…you should like that!!!


  32 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. That’s awesome Wally! We have the same exact boogie mat!!! Hope you all enjoy yours as much as we do!

  2. Boogie on down, Wally! That looks like a lot of fun. (we pulled the same scam on our mum for a tree 😉 ).

  3. Wally – we haven’t got a Boogie Mat! Does that mean we’re the only cats left in the Cat Blogosphere that haven’t got one ? (now you’ve got yours) We’ll tell Mom straight away (Browhahahhahaha!)

  4. Now you can help me convince my mom that we need one . . .

  5. Hey Wally! Wow, looks like fun! I need one of those…I don’t want to be the only kitty in the blogosphere without one!

  6. WE don’t have one of those. We must work on Maw to get one NOW.

    Luf, Us

  7. That Boogie Mat looks like fun. We haven’t got one like that, but Adan sent us a nip pad for Christmas which must be the same sort of thing. We love it!!!

  8. Well Wally, you weren’t the ONLY one without a Boogie Mat. I don’t have one…hmmmpth…I think there’s something that needs to happen here. I’m supposed to be happy with the nip patch out back (of course it won’t grow again until spring….).

  9. We’ve never heard of a Boogie Mat! We’ll google that right away:)

  10. Yay! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Boogie Mat! I love mine! Mom is always having to brush my furs off so it stays nice and colorful. Wally, you look very mancatly on yours! Congratulations!


  11. we LOVE our boogie mat!!!!

  12. That looks like fun. Perhaps I will have to demand one!

  13. What’s a boogie mat? We might want one, but we have to be able to tell the humans about it.

  14. The Boogie Mat looks very cool and so much fun! Maybe we can convince our Mom to get us one, but she already thinks we are too spoiled.

  15. Good work, Wally! ENJOY! *purrs*

  16. What a pretty mat and looks fun too!

    Well, perhaps not ALL the kitties in the CB have one. I don’t. There is a whole long list of things that I don’t have, so we won’t go into that. :sigh:

  17. That looks like a nice Boogie Mat – I don’t have one, so I am going to try and guilt my Mum into getting me one too : )

  18. Yay, you got a boogie mat! I used to have one but it got lost. Hope you enjoy yours!

  19. Now we gots to convince our Mom that every cat has one so we can get one!

  20. That’s cool! I want a boogie mat! Wonder if I can get one for my Big Event?

  21. That mat looks awesome!

  22. We did not know there was such a thing! We will have to tell our Mom the same. Enjoy your boogie mat!

  23. I don’t have one of those! Where can I get one?

  24. Wow, that looks soooo fun! We’re gonna ask Mommy too!

    Samson and Delilah

  25. We have the exact some mat and another one as well.

    Thanks for dropping by our blog and for your kind words. The woman really appreciated it.

  26. How cool! I have to get one of those for my cats!

  27. You are right, probably every kitty has one or more of these mats. Last year we got a Christmas Boogie mat, it’s in our camping tent on top of the TV cabinet. That was so nice of your Mommy, getting that for you. We think you could talk your Mommy into getting almost anything your orangeness desired!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  28. We have the same mat. We have to remind Mom about the Primo nip though!!

    We gave you an award on our blog today. Please stop by to pick it up!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  29. Wow, that’s a great thing to have around the house! A nice place to lie down, plus it has catnip?!? Man, it don’t get no better than that… :-))

  30. Hey – we don’t have a boogie mat!! Please go on topcatrules or Kaleidoscope and tell us the link.

    It took us a whole year to get a Gizzy quilt, and we ahd never heard of boogie mats.

    !!! We think we might want one!

  31. I don’t have a boogie mat! I definitely need to have a talk with my mom .

  32. What’s this BOOGIE MAT and why don’t I have one??!? I’m going to Google this right away and leave it up on the monitor for my Hu-Mom to “accidentally” see!!!

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