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Hi everybuddy!  See that picture back there on the right?  Do you know who that is?


That’s right!  It’s Baby Me!  Hey, I was a cute baby, wasn’t I?

The mom has pictures of us all around the house…like here in the bedroom and in the living room and on the fireplace mantel and by the computer.  I dunno why she has pictures of us all over…she’s got the real us to look at after all.  Well, I guess she can’t see Baby Me anymore since I’m all growed up now.

The mom says she does this so she can remember us when we were younger or if there’s a particular picture of us that she likes. 

And she has pictures of those cats that came before us…so she can remember them, too.


Like this one of Bogart…yeah, and there’s one of me and Ernie there, too.  I never knew Bogart.  He left before I came along.


And then there’s this baby picture of Scooter.  I remember Scooter.  He was all growed up when I came to live here.

I think she has these pictures of us because she buys all these cat frames and she needs to fill them with something!

How ’bout you?  Do your peeps keep pictures of you around the house?


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  1. Oh that Scooter was so cute but Wally you were really really cute as a Baby Wally. Good for Mom to keep pictures of you all over the place. Our Person has pictures of and many before us. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Aww, I think it’s sweet! And I love all those frames! I have some kitty frames with my kitties pictures in them in my bedroom.

  3. Scooter had the more adorable baby face! 🙂

    Yes, our human has photos of us…Well, she used to have pics of all of us, framed and hung on the upper hall wall. The photos came down back in the fall for the drywall reno and haven’t gone back up yet. But she does have photos of Chumley and Annie, both upstairs and downstairs.

  4. Scooter sure was a cute little guy… and so were you, Wally!

    The head peep has a high shelf that she thinks we can’t reach (ha!) where she displays photos of the cats who came before. There are other keepsakes on the shelf, like collars, so we aren’t supposed to go near them. We have blogged about the shelf before, but that might be a good subject for a Flashback Friday!

  5. Faraday: ooh yeah. I’m with you dood. Hello! I’m right here! Live adorableness…or Memorex? Seriouslies!

  6. Mum has pictures of all her before cats in frames and out on show but none of either of us as she says she sees us in technicolour motion or as a blur as we zoom about.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. are you kidding? Is the Pope Catholic? 🙂

  8. Awwwwwe……Wally you were a cute little dude and just look at you now! All grown up and handsome as you can be……”from little acorns a mighty oak will grow” (Mom said that – I don’t know what she’s talking about!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. No “she” doesn’t *glares* but she does have elebenty gazillion on the computer! Does this mean she will be chasing me round to pose for even more? *rolls eyes*

  10. Awwwww Such cute little baby photos!!!!!
    BTW I LOVE those frames!!! How beautiful!
    ((husky hugz))
    frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

  11. Where does your human get all those cat frames? The mom has some pictures of us, but she hasn’t put them up in her new place yet. She needs to hop to it; we’ve been here 8 months. What is she waiting for?!

    You were a very cute baby, Wally. You’ve grown up into such a handsome mancat. 🙂

  12. Mommy has pictures around of all the cats that came before me too. I’m pretty new, so no pics up of me yet 😉 She loves to collect cute cat frames, too!

  13. We have a couple of those electronic frames. Dad only put kitty photos on one of them, but Mom can stand in front of it forever watching our photos pass by. She has photos of all the kitties who came before us in frames around the house, and some of those are on the electronic frame. Did you know we had a cat named (as you can see with a “K”)? He was the first kitty our humans’ had. He had lived and passed on before any of us, except Lily, were even born. That photo of your Scooter is so adorable. Thanks for sharing. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. Mom has shrines…oops pictures ALL over the house. In bedrooms, in the office, the den even in the kitchen. She got into these canvas photos and has made about a dozen of them so far. She loves them. In fact she got one today of Annabelle. We love the photos your Mom has all over they bring back so many good memories for her we are sure.

  15. Love the photos around the house, and yes, we have pictures in most every room! Ollie is the only one right now without a framed photo at home. He does have one at the mom’s office though.

  16. The humans have pictures of me as well as cats that came before me, but where did you find all those great kitty frames?
    Very cool!


  17. Our peeps don’t keep too many pics around the house. Mom has a collage of photos above her desk, mostly of her grandparents and her with, sigh, the dog. – Crepes.

  18. Yeah, our mom does that too. One 3 level shelf she has is nothing but kitties that came before us in cute kitty frames. Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures, especially Baby Wally. Bogart and Scooter were adorable too!

  19. Mommy says we would knock over any photo frames. :p
    We like that photo of you and Ernie looking at Bogart. That’s so cute.

  20. That baby picture of you is so cute, Wally! And Bogart and Scooter were such adorable babies. We have kitty pictures around the house, too.
    These kitty frames are very cute!

  21. Our mom has photos of us around the house, except for the two very recent additions (Sassy and Caster). She needs to get some of them printed ASAP so they don’t feel left out! That picture of baby Scooter is absolutely adorable. You were also a very cute baby, Wally! All great pictures.

  22. either reason, nothing wrong with more cute cat photos!!

  23. Ever nice! Boy-oh-boy you were cute babies.


  24. My human is so lazy about pictures! She didn’t use to be. There are loads of them scatted around the house, perpetually unhung or displayed. And none of them are of us. She says she looks at pictures of us all day on the MacBook! I am kind of insulted.

  25. guys…ewe betcha N while we like lookin at R selves… sum change oh decor wood bee nice…we wood like ta see sum flounder trout mackerull snapper salmon N herring pick sures…..tho trooth bee told then we wood be like hungree 28/7

  26. How cute, we could have been twins! My human has photos of me and my sister (not longer with us) all around the house as well. You are all adorable kitty cats.

  27. On the screen of my puter, iphone, all over my studio, surrounded by happy and beautiful cats! Not to mention the real cats sitting posing grooming and snoozing in such adorable positions all over- oops got to run for the camera!

  28. There is a very nice photo of Shiner hanging on my wall. Sadly, my baby knocked it down last night and the glass broke everywhere!

  29. Your mom is not the only one who keeps pictures all around the house! Our mommy is HOARDING pictures of us as well! I sometimes think she’s a PAPARAZZI! Well… she sure acts like one… she’s always STALKING us with that black flashing thingie… 🙁 But hey… wait… if she’s a paparazzi that would make us STARS, right???? Cool!!!!!!!!!! 😀 We like the sound of this! 😉 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

    P.S. Those photos of you and your buddies are so beautiful! You are all so cute and lovely! 🙂

  30. The invention of cat blogs has made all humans pawparazzi. That flashy-box is EVERYWHERE now.

  31. You were sure a cute little guy Wally. Your Mom has some very cute pictures in very nice frames. Our pawrents go crazy with the camera but they got even worse when they got new cell phones last summer. They both keep their cell phones close all the time. Before we could stop doing cute stuff before they got a picture of it, now they have a camera right next to them at all times. They have lots of pictures of us and Mom frames the cutest ones. Love, Cali ,Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  32. Wally I know why your mom has your pictures all over creation…..

  33. Aw, you was one cute baby Wally.
    Our mama has photos of us everywhere. Any where we goes in our house we see ourselves staring back at us. It’s a little creepy. MOL!

  34. You were an adorable baby Wally! I think it is really sweet that your mom keeps all of those photos around. I just keep all of the photos of Cinco and Manna on the computer. I’ve never been a big photo displayer. I’m looking at the computer for most of my day anyway 🙂

  35. Wally, you were a squee-able kitten and now a very handsome mancat! So of COURSE the mom likes to have photos of you displayed in the house!

    Glogirly and Gloman (despite having 1000’s of photos of us) don’t have that many of me or Waffles in the house. Glogirly wants a big giant one…but Gloman wants stuff like the Golden Gate Bridge, Bears, blah, blah… I think we could really class the place up with some Feline photos!

    ; ) Katie

  36. It’s great to have so many pictures of our furry kids, past and present, around the house! We have some too, though I want to do some more. I’m always buying frames when I find them on sale so I can add new ones.

  37. Those are sure terrific pics and we love the itty bitty you!

  38. Yes I do have pictures of my dogs and cats past and present all over my house. Some may say there are too many, but I would disagree. I love looking at all of the souls who have spent their lives with me and remind me what my current babies look like that when actually were babies.

    –Purrs (and woofs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  39. Those are some great pictures, Wally! Yes, our peeps have cat pictures all over the house. There are pictures of us, and all the cats who came before. In fact, there are more cat pictures than ones of humans! 🙂

  40. Wally, you look so handsome in that first (frameless) photo!
    Yes, our Mama has photos of all of us everywhere. The critter angels and the present residents of the cottage. It makes a home a home is what she says 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  41. Mum has pictures of us all around too.

  42. Yeah, but they mostly have pictures of Nicky and Autumn and that annoys me to no end. BTW, you’re just as cute and handsome now.

  43. OoH Wally,

    You wuz such a cutie little kitteh and you still are only now you is bigger! 🙂
    Happy Wednesday!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  44. My Human didn’t have a camera till I was about 5 so I really don’t have any baby pictures which is okay cause I was a wild awful scared boy back then and the Human likes me more now 😉 I could say the same! MOL!

  45. every feline is a work of art.. each one is in progress from the day it is borne to the day it dies, so photographs are simply a moment of beauty in a moment in time.. only seems right she’d keep them around the house.

  46. Oh wow! At least we showed up in time to see the baby pictures! They are sooo cute. But then, they had to be, I mean, look at you guys now!
    Hugs 🙂

  47. Oh how adorable you are and every one you have let us share with you. My mom doesn’t have any kitten pictures of anyone here except Hopping John and Robin. Everyone else was pretty much grown up when they were adopted including me.
    xxoox OH yes, she has pictures. On her phone, on the computer and on the walls. Heeee.

  48. I love the pictures. We have one of baby alex in the same frame as baby you. We don’t keep it out, because it makes us too sad. But we do look at it often

  49. Awww, what adorable pictures. We keep lots of pictures around, some may say clutter but we love to have the memories of certain times!

  50. dude- you were one cute kitten… The boyz have to endure just having pictures of the late, great mr. max around the house. they never knew him and i’m sure grow weary of being asked to live up to the high feline standards he established in our house.

  51. You were a cute kitten Wally ! Mum has a lot of cat related stuff everywhere in the house, but she has all the pictures in her iPhone (and the computer), so she can keep us and all the previous kitties with her everywhere all the time. Purrs

  52. That is so lovely 🙂 and you are super cute in that photo xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  53. What sweet photos! We have photos of us around the house too along with our sisfur Sadie and some of the kitties before us. They make our mommy smile when she sees them!

  54. OMC! That is so cute! You still are a cutie, Wally! Love that first frame too! Purrs…

  55. Oh we love all the pictures of you wonderful kitties and they are in such cute frames, too! My Human does have pics of us in various places too. Have a wonderful week, everyone!

  56. Such great kitty photos! Most of the mom’s photos are packed away. She didn’t use to take many photos, but then she started blogging . . .

  57. no not yet but she has photos,says she wants to get a nice frame to put them in,xx Speedy

  58. DaMa still have piktures of the dotted dogs around here. She say she luks at our baby selfs on her puter. Ya know wut dey say- Why have piktures when we living art?! MOL
    Panfur Purrs

  59. We have very few framed photos in our house. Most pictures are digital and inside the computer or on Flickr. We probably should put together a collage of all our pets.

  60. That first photo is my favorite. Sexy eyes.

  61. What an adorable baby you were…and you are still adorable! And it’s so wonderful that your mum has baby pictures in the house. Time flies so fast and the memories bring so much joy!

  62. Yow Wally me Mum haz me photo in da bedroom n one on da fridge too! She haz a bazzillion in her photo albumm n she told me she wanted alot to bemember me by when me goez to Summerland…
    She also haz a small paintin of me sent to her by me Aunti Janet (Da Kat On Me Head bloggie). Mum sayz me iz bettur tho cause me iz da reel fing 😉
    Lub Nylablue
    Pee ess: Yer Mum haz grrrreat framez dere too!

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