Feb 212014


C’mon!  You can do better than that!
Get it in focus!


That’s better!
If you’re gonna stick the flashy box in my face
at least make sure you get a good shot!


  58 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Fuzzy Friday”

  1. Good help is hard to find.

  2. Isn’t that just typical of our humans!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Good job, getting that lady with the yellow hair to just do it right. That is a big difference. As usual, you are looking mighty good Zoey. Those boys must just be jealous of all your pretty furs. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

  4. we think you are adorable no matter what!!

  5. It’s hard to focus properly with all that floof you have, Zoey!

  6. Girl, your beauty clouds the flashy box!!

  7. You said it right, Zoey! We hope you have good Bird TV reception this weekend!

  8. Totally agree with you!

  9. You are looking floofy focused fine sweet Zoey!

  10. well she sure did a great job, didn’t she?

  11. I know. Why can’t they get it right? They have to wear glasses because their eyes can’t focus and then they can’t even focus the dumb cameras. Humans are ridiculous. YOu like nice in, by the way. – Crepes.

  12. Maybe you should give the human a break. She’s trying…

  13. Yeah! What you said! *eyes shifting to mom*…. MOL!

  14. I like the soft focus best, but both lovely photos. You did right making sure the humans got things the way you want.

  15. You look DREAMY Zoey!!!


  16. OH Zoey you look good in both photos!

  17. With such a beautiful subject you’d think she’d get it right the first time. Moms need help sometimes. We think you are super lovely today though!

  18. zoey…frank lee we canna say two much…de food serviss gurl heer could knot take a good picture if a pro wuz tellin her what ta due…hope everee one haza pound oh perch week oh end !!

  19. So your humans are stalking you with this annoying flashing thingie they call camera too??? They are all the same, aren’t they… 😉 Have a PURRFECT weekend! xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  20. The first photo makes you look very soft and dreamy Zoey! So they both are great shots to us! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. No idea why humans reckon cats are diva’s…..?

  22. Humans! Get it right or don’t do it at all.

  23. This is hilarious! I love the expression……

  24. Isn’t annoying when they mess up the shot and then expect you to sit still or another.

  25. Isn’t it annoying when they mess up the shot and then expect you to sit still for another. And they are even more annoying when they misspell stuffs.

  26. Isn’t it annoying when they mess up the shot and then expect you to sit still for another. And they are even more annoying when they misspell stuffs, and when they uses the wrong blog address.

  27. hee hee! you tell em, Zoey! we were a little worried seeing that first pic that maybe we overdid the nip 😀 Have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  28. That’s right Zoey, you tell her you are worth the perfect shot,.

  29. Its a wonder they got as far as they did befur bringing us into our homes. Those humans are pitufur!

  30. You got it Zoey. TW has to take a billion of the same pictures to make sure she got one good one. What IS Wally doing?

  31. Good help is so hard to find! You look pretty relaxed while you waited for the photographer to figure out how to focus.

  32. But Zoey, your blinding beauty throws the camera out of focus.
    Our mama has the same problem when taking photos of us.

  33. Get that pretty face in focus!

  34. You tell her, Miss Zoey!

  35. Sweet Zoey, you are a Beauty no matterz what! , your beauty shinez thru!

    ^.,^ x5 ♥♥♥♥♥

  36. Oh Zoey…I know your pain! Mommy is just as bad.

    Yr Pal, Scouty xx

  37. Yes. The tree in the yard looks good in the second one. I mean… you look good in the second one.

  38. I agree! If we have to suffer the indignity of that flashy thing in our eyeballs and invading our privacy then the LEAST our humans can do is FOCUS!

    Hugs, Sammy

  39. You tell em, Zoey! May we suggest a photo release agreement form for you to sign?

    Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  40. Even blurry you are still soo pretty!

  41. words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing on the Pet Parade. We love knowing what Wally’s up to each week!

  42. Sometimes pawparazzi needs help from kitties!

  43. Oh Zoey you say that too?? Nylablue is forever telling me to get the camera focused before taking photos…she says it is like doing a Vogue shoot because I have to take 5 or so photos to get he right one!!!
    You look beautiful today & i hope you & the ‘boys’ have a great weekend on the Island!
    Much Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

  44. Even after the human got it together and focused the camera, you still don’t look amused. Why must they flashy-box us all the time?

  45. I hope you’re charging her extra for that!
    ; ) Katie

  46. Zoey you are so right! Even with that bored look you look beautiful!

  47. Ain’t it the truth??? My Human is sooooo lazy that she posts a bunch of crummy pictures of me–sometimes she doesn’t even BOTHER to keep going till she gets a good one. You look glorious no matter WHAT the quality of the picture, though. XOXO

  48. That’s it, Zoey, don’t you cut her any slack!

  49. Beautiful Zoey, you have to keep the pawpurrazzi in line, just like you did! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  50. First they bother us and then they don’t get a great shot……humans…..:::sigh::::

    The Florida Furkids

  51. You tell her Zoey! 😉

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  52. Also kinna looks like the definition adjustment in our photshop elements… 😉

  53. Our mom doesn’t always take the best pictures either, Zoey. But you sure look good in this one! — Delilah, Sampson, Sophie, Sassy, and Caster

  54. OH Zoey, you are just simply bootiful..just sayin’…BTW…is the Lady With The Yellow Hair attending BP in Vegas this year????

  55. You are a beautiful kitty, Zoey. We can see why your Mom would want to take lots of pictures of you. Sometimes it’s a pain to have that flashy box thingy stuck in your face. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

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