Jan 272009

Hi…Island Cats’ mom here.  It’s my turn to post.
Today is the anniversary of the day
Scooter, the original Island Cat, went to the Rainbow Bridge.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since he’s been gone…

Gone but not forgotten…
And always loved.

You can read more about Scooter by clicking HERE.

“…do animals go to heaven? I do believe that we and our animals will meet again.  If we do not, and where we go is supposed to be heaven, it will not be heaven to me and it will not be where I wish to go.”  ~Cleveland Amory

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  1. Scooter sounds like a wonderful cat. No matter how long they have been gone, you always miss the ones that have gone over the bridge. I’m sure that you think of him often and that he is still loved very much. Tuck and I will be thinking of you today.

  2. What a wonderful boy…he did pick you! We always remember the ones who came before and we feel their presence.

  3. Scooter sounds like a great guy. We love the photo of him with Wally.

  4. Scooter sounded like a great cat. That was a lovely tribute to him. We often think of the cats who went before and mum still misses every one of them.

  5. Milo and Alfie’s human Mom speaking:

    What a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous cat. I know just how much you will miss Scooter today especially. My own dear beloved siamese cat Henry died in 2004 (aged nearly 20) and there isn’t a week goes by when I don’t miss him, think of him or shed a tear. The pain of losing him has never disappeared – although I am now more able to remember the joy of him rather than focus on the pain of loss. When a cat gets into your heart he/she never ever goes away – death makes no difference at all.

    Along with the memory of your pet – and piercing through the pain of loss in your heart – there comes a realization that belongs only to you. It is as unique and strong as our relationship with each animal we have loved, and lost. This realization takes the form of a Living Love – like the heavenly scent of a rose that remains after the petals have wilted, this love will remain and grow – and be there for us to remember. It is a love we have earned. It is the legacy our pets leave us when they go. And it is a gift we may keep with us as long as we live. It is a love which is ours alone. And until we ourselves leave, perhaps to join our beloved pets – it is a love that we will always possess. Enjoy that love that you have for Scooter … just as I enjoy the love I have for Henry, and those that went before him: Confuscious (a beautiful grey DSH), Merak and Khamsin (brother and sister, beautiful black DSH). Until you meet again.

    Milo and Alfie send their purrs too.

    Of course Milo and Alfie have brought me great joy since I offered them a forever home last year – just as your beautiful Island cats do now – but those we have lost will never be forgotten.

  6. The Cleveland Amory quote made our mom’s eyes leak.
    We are sending you all comforting vibes today.

  7. What a great cat! That was a wonderful story and he and Wally look so cute together!


  8. Scooter is a handsome cat. I’ll have to go read his story.

  9. What a cutie pie Scooter was! We never forget those who went before. There is always a very special place in our hearts just for them.


    Mom Peggy

  10. Scooter was beautiful and his story made our woman cry. It’s true about cats choosing their people.

    We’ll send comforting purrs to you all.

  11. when i think about scooter,i think of a term i often see on these blogs. Mancat!
    well scooter was definitely a mancat. he lived to protect his mom and his turf.
    shortly after we moved to the island, scooter was on a walkabout when the neighbors big yellow lab came running into our yard and of course ran right over to scooter.
    now scooter was a big boy at 18-20 lbs,but this lab was probably 75 lbs or more…i was just trying to figure out how to break this up and save scooter…
    well, scooter stepped forward,arched his back, looked up at this big dog who towered over him and let out a mean growl and some evil hisses and backed the dog down.
    i also think back to when i first met the lady with the yellow hair [blkcatgal] and i wonder if i didn’t have to pass muster with the scooter cat?

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of Scooter, it really touched our hearts. Scooter had such a lovely face 🙂

  13. Scooter was a lovely cat and what a fine tribute. Purrs to you.

  14. Scooter sure is etched in your heart forever! Mommy thinks God reads our hearts when we cross over ’cause that’s where our real treasures are kept! Our Mommy feels like you and Cleveland Amory about heaven…God gave us the gift of love why would he take it away forever. No…..that would not be heaven, Scooter will be playing, then suddenly realize when his family is crossing over to be with him, then he will make a mad dash into the arms where he felt so much love. =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz & Mum

  15. Scooter was such a handome and special kitty and I’m sure you still miss him terribly. Our Bouncie has been gone since November and we still miss him every day.

  16. What a wonderful tribute. Those who went before are always in our hearts. purrrrrs Of course we kitties and woofies go to Heaven! That is why God brought us together in the first place. purrrrrrrs

  17. Bless his heart. Such a lufferly poodin Scooter was! Sending you purrs and purrayers.

    Luf, Us

  18. Scooter sure was a handsome Mancat. Your earlier post about him was very touching.

  19. Scooter sounds like a wonderful cat, he was also very handsome. I know you must miss him terribly.

  20. Lovely tribute. Pets may be gone but never forgotten. SS still misses her dogs from bygone days.

  21. It sounds like Scooter was a great cat and such a handsome boy too! Marissa sends you lots of purrs as you remember him today.

  22. Goodness, but Scooter was a handsome Tuxie! We are coming to a sad anniversary ourselves – Friday will be three years since our Tuxie brofurr Basil went to the Bridge so we really know how your Mom is feeling today. We’re taking comfort in thinking of Scooter and Basil across the Bridge playing together and watching over us all.

    Purrs and hugs to you all on this sad day,
    Pearl, Bert, Jake and Mommy

  23. The mom says dat they is only gone physically dat tey is always around no matter what.

    Scooter is there watchin out fer you all we know it.

  24. Praline’s mom here: I still remember Muff and she has been gone for 13 years. I think our fur children touch a special place in our hearts that will always be there.

  25. Scooter was a beautiful cat. We can tell he was well loved and remembered!

  26. Aw Scooter looked like a lovely cat. Purrs.

  27. What a fine looking cat and what a nice story. Our humans went to the shelter looking for a kitten, but Cliff told them to take us home (we were 1½). So they ended up with to (almost) grown ups.

    We would have loved to meet Scooter!

  28. What a wonderful cat Scooter was 🙂

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