Jan 262009

Introoder Alert!!

Those evil squirrels are invading our yard
and eating all the birdie food!

At first, just one showed up…

But then his buddy joined him…

And then one started burrowing in the snow!
What the heck is he doing down there???
(is this like dumpster diving??)

Let me at ’em…
I’d put the bitey on those squirrels for sure
and they’d never come back!!!

  31 Responses to “ManCats – Introoder Alert!”

  1. Uh oh! Those evil squirrels better watch it!

  2. Ohh Wally, you can take those squirrels…don’t they know that you are a fierce mancat?

  3. they better watch out!

  4. Uh oh…I hate to be the one to tell you this Wally, but where there is one…there is at least a dozen…bitey one, and 2 come back. That’s the way it works.

  5. Praps they were looking for buried treasure – or shud I say nuts! They betta watch out though or you’ll get ’em.

  6. That’s a pretty cool floofy tail on the first ginger guy. But he is still naughty!

  7. We have lots of those squirrels in our yard too. They eat all the birdseeds and peanuts and chatter at us!

  8. Dumpster diving!!! hahaha! That one evil intruder looks a little like you, Wally, with it’s orange coloring. You are doing a great job of protecting the inside of your house!

  9. Bad squirrels. Bad Bad squirrels! Don’t eat the birdie food!

  10. We never get to see any squirrels because we live up high in an apartment building, but our woman really likes them.

  11. Squirrels, they wanna have fu -un. Oh, squirrels just wanna have fun!

  12. There must be somethind special under that snow for him to be digin under it!

  13. Get those squirrels, Wally! Put the bitey on ’em real good!

  14. Gasp! They are so close they are mocking you! My rotten little squirrels do that to me too. Let them wander into the house sometime right? Then we’ll show them….

  15. We have the same problem with our birdie feeders. Mom thinks the squirrels & raccoons get more than our birdies do!

  16. Wow We’d like to get at them. Sometimes they come into our tree that is outside our window, but by the time we run outdoors, they have gone.

  17. Whoa, squirrels right in front of YOUR window! We would go mad!

  18. Those are some silly sassy squirrels. Leave it to a squirrel to burrow in the snow.

  19. They look like nasty little critters. How do you stand it?

  20. A red and a gray feeding together without fur flying???? Wow! You must have magical food or something!!

  21. Wally
    I know you would get those evil introoders if you could get outside!


  22. I think those squirrels are deliberately taunting you!

  23. Those cheeky squirrels do that at our home, too!!

  24. ohhh they are not Evil 🙁

    Those squirrels are just bad behaved 🙂


    cat rabies

  25. We have a lot of those guys at my house too stealing bird seed. Did you put the bitey on him?

  26. Wally, those squirrels are lucky you can’t get at them, or else they would be toast. Hmmmm, squirrel toast, would that be better than french toast? Hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  27. Go for them! They’re just greedy little rodents. I used to hunt and eat them in my day, but now I’m old and retired.


    Thank you for your well wishes. They mean a lot to me and Mom.


  28. Do you think they know that Gandalf and Grayson are taking a breather and they are taking advantage of it and attacking all of us?

  29. I’m IN!! Mommy is squealing over those little guys. She LOVES them, we don’t have any here.

  30. Doood…you know my people used to feed squirrels ON PURPOSE??? I’m still a little horrified by that. But they didn’t feed the birds, because the birds would eat and then poop on their cars. The squirrels would just eat and then leave. But I bet they pooped in the yard when no one was looking. They’re sneaky like that.

  31. Hey Wally-
    We have little lizards down here and they even show up inside the house. The Woman freaks and they disappear so fast I can’t even get a small bite. Not that I would want to. P.S. I sent you an email about 2 awards for your blog because I just love it!
    Your friend, Fisher

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