Jan 212014

Hi everybuddy!  It’s me…Ernie.  I thought I’d let you know that I did really good at the v-e-t yesterday when I went for my annual exam.

This is me in the PTU in the car.  I sang all the way there…really loud!  I think the mom’s ears are still ringing from all my beautiful singing!  Wally wouldn’t join in…spoil-sport.  He was still mad that he had to go along for the ride.


Once at the v-e-t’s, I looked for a way to escape.  But there wasn’t any.  The v-e-t lady checked me all over and said I was perfect!  Well, of course I am!  And I only got stabbed once!

I even lost a little weight and the v-e-t lady said I could lose a little more if I wanna. But, y’know what?  I don’t wanna! Those of you who remember the back issues that I had about a year or so ago will be happy to know that my back has been feeling good. The mom still keeps an eye on me, though, to make sure I’m careful so I don’t hurt myself again.


Wally wouldn’t even come out of the PTU when we were there.

When we got home, Wally hissed at me only a couple of times, so not bad.  I guess it was worth dragging him along.


Whew!  I’m glad that it’s all over now…and I can get my easy on.


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  1. Oh I’m glad it’s over now and check-up went well! Of course you are purrfect 🙂
    And it’s great Wally didn’t go mean with you 🙂 Great idea to go together.
    You must be very tired…have a nice long nap now!

  2. We is so glad you is well, Ernie! We hopes you won’t have to see the inside of that PTU for a while!!

    Carmine refuses to come out at the v-e-t, too. The Mom has to take apart his PTU to get him out…MOL.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  3. That is such good news that you are just purrfect Ernie. And glad the back is doing so well. Wally, what a good boy you are to go along even though you didn’t have a choice.Hope you all have a great day and can stay warm.

  4. concats on your good checkup!!!

  5. Great news from the vets Ernie and now you can relax as it will be ages before you have to go again.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Glad you got a good report and a decent homecoming

  7. That’s great that you could treat your mom to an aria during the ride. Very thoughtful. We’re glad you only got one stab, and that you’re safely back home!

  8. Those V.E.T. trips are always exhausting…enjoy your zzzzzzzzs
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  9. Whew, we’re glad it was just the annual check and that everything’s fine.

    We, too, sing our warrior songs and for some reason our human always feels the need to apologize profusely to the taxi drivers.

  10. I am SO SO glad all went well, Ernie and that Wally hadda come along. If he would stop being a pill when you go by yourself, he wouldn’t get into this predicament. XXXOOO

  11. I’m so glad you had such a good report from the vet, Ernie. Wow, you lost some weight too (something a certain orange girl could stand to do). Yes, I remember your back troubles and was actually wondering how that was doing. Glad to hear your back is all fine too!

    Wally, it sounds like you were a good boy.

  12. Well Ernie of course WE all knew you were perfect but now even the Vet thinks you are! Oh and Wally of course….I bet when he realized he wasn’t gonna get stabbed too he was glad…..and by taking him, both of you got the hospital smell together! YAY!

    Hugs, Sammy

  13. Phew, it’s over with! So glad it all went well and it’s all done so you can just relax after that visit.

  14. Poor Wally, I feel bad that he has to go with you! Poor guy! Glad all went well though!

  15. Glad to hear you checked out perfectly. I think they pay all the vets to say you could lose some weight…

  16. What a good mancat you were, Ernie. Oh, and Wally too!

  17. Ernie,

    We are glad that adventure is over and everything checked out ok for you. I’m sure your mom loved your singing too!

  18. hurray! glad you’re doing well. Always a relief to hear a good bill of health! – Crepes.

  19. glad to hear your visit went well! now that’s over for a while..

  20. We love to sing on the way to the vets! You two were purrty brave, if you ask us!

  21. Yea! A good vet visit means you won’t have to go back for a while.
    Great news.

  22. Yay for a good report!
    Pssst Wally…if you don’t hiss at Ernie when he comes home from the vet, maybe you won’t need to go along the next time!

  23. We are glad you received a clean bill of health Ernie! And that bed you are on is really neat! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  24. Well, that is a relief that your checkup went well! Leave it to a human to make a snide weight comment, though.

  25. Thank COD ! Me too, when I got in the car.. I sang out loud.
    Not our favorite ever !
    But mom said it’s good for us.

    Have a good rest my friend ; )

  26. Well Done, Ernie! That’s how all vet visits should be (minus Wally hissing…).

    The Chans

  27. Yay for a good report….we knew you were purrfect!
    Wally is crazy! I bet even though he did not get out he smelled funny too
    Madi your bfff

  28. Whew, I’m so happy you got a good report buddy. That is awesome news. You are so lucky that v.e.t. lady didn’t put you on a diet!

  29. Glad to read that everything is ok ! Purrs

  30. Sweet Ernie we are happy for you that is all over. Sounds like a very good report. Nice that you were given a choice on losing more weight. We wouldn’t wanna either. Hugs and nose kisses

  31. Glad you’re okay, sweety!! <3

  32. glad everything checked out ok Ernie!
    Have a nice deserved nap!

  33. ERnie we are so glad the vet visit went so well and that is well. It was good Wally went with you I bet it made everything so much easier,except the stabby thing.

  34. Hooray Ernie, now it is over and the serious napping can begin!

  35. I am glad it is all over and you had a good check up. You can forget all about it now for another year.

  36. Yay for a good report! We’re really glad your back is better too! We just love your feets!

  37. glad ya hada grate chek up dood !!! hay, want we shuld send mackerull ta help ya beef bak up sum !! 🙂

  38. say what? Wally got dragged along and he wasn’t even seen by the stabby person? Now that’s LOW.

  39. Great news – cept for the hissy part…

  40. Concats on the good checkup and the great singing in the car! Hope you got lots of relaxing time to make up for all that you missed yesterday.

  41. Allie: SERIOUSLY, this whole weight issue is WAY overblown, *I* say.

    Faraday: That’s cuz YOU is on a D-I-E-T and you don’t LIKE it, Allie.

    Allie: Pay no attention to that annoying sound you just heard….
    Wally did you get a stick too or were you just there for moral support?

  42. We’re glad everything went well at your V-E-T visit. During Ashton’s visit (probably at the same time but in a different city) she found out she had lost weight, too. Sounds like a group diet!

  43. I’m glad your trip to the v-e-t went well. One poke isn’t bad, especially if your v-e-t is good at it. Glad to hear your back is better. Mine hurt last year but it is ok now too.

  44. Well, of COURSE you were perfect Ernie! Did anyone ever doubt it???

    Poor Wally, though. Do you get dragged along when HE has to go???

  45. Mes would LOVES to hears your Road Warrior Song! And me is happy that yous is doing so furry well!

  46. We are glad you got a good report!

  47. Good job on the singing. We all love to serenade our mom on the way to the vet. It appears as if Wally has a way cooler PTU than you do. What’s that about? We do like the blanket you have for your snooze. Glad you are healthy and only had to get one shot. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  48. You did great Ernie! That’s good, cause ya really don’t wanna go back anytime soon…no matter how great the vet is.

    We’re impressed that Wally ‘volunteered’ to accompany you!


  49. You have had a very stressful time. Enjoy your rest. You must need it. Glad the v-e-t lady said you were perfect……….you are.

  50. Oh Ernie, we are so happy to hear that everything is good with you and all went well and it is awesome that your back is all better. That’s fantastic news!

  51. Thank Cod that horrible annual visit is over and that you were “perfect”, of course you are perfect…..

  52. Glad the v-e-t’s visit went ok. What a good brother you have, going along to keep you company. Have a good day.

  53. We are glad that everything went well at the Vet. We love that you serenaded your Mom. It is her reward for taking you there. MOL Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  54. We glad the vet visit went well. We don’t blame Wally for staying in the PTU where he was safe from those sticky things.

  55. well that was good news from the vets,xx SPeedy

  56. Oh no did you throw a hissy fit? Come join us on Thoughtless Thursday and share more stories

  57. Glad your check-up went well 🙂

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