Jan 232009

Ernie and that orange stripey cat have their toys…
the Cat Dancer and nip nanner.
But I’ve got my feather toys…

I gotta grab these feathers,
and show them who’s boss…

By putting the bitey on them!!

Oh…I am ferocious!!!

  34 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Feathers”

  1. Zoey, we think you look too sweet to be ferocious!
    Rambler, our former feral, has that same fev-ver toy!! It is his favorite. He likes to put the bitey on them too!

  2. You show those feathers, Zoey! Way to go!

  3. Give ’em what for Zoey! I have one of those feather toys too and I love it!

  4. Feather toys are the absolute funnest of all! We have some mousies that used to have feather tails. We had some feathers on a stick but all that is left is the stick!

  5. Tristan loves feather toys, but I find that they always get stuck between my teeth. ~Crikey

  6. Your teef look vishus in that last picture. If I was a fevver and you was about to put the bitey on me – I’d be scared!

  7. Feathers! we loves feathers, too. Looks like you gaft it waht for!

  8. Those feather look like they’ve seen better days, Zoey!

  9. Hey Zoey,
    We have dose same toys too! We luvz fedders. Have fun!
    Purrs & Licks,
    Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Butchy & Snickers

  10. You are fierce, Zoey!

  11. Way to go Zoey – Jake loves feather toys too!

  12. Boy oh boy, those feathers look unruly! The bitey will teach them!

  13. You are a formerly feral ferocious feline fev-ver fighter, Zoey! But you do it with such grace and flair!

  14. FEATHERS!! I LOVE FEATHERS! And that is my favorite toy!!!

  15. Flynn: Fev-vers are great but nip is better.
    Eric: No it’s not. Fev-vers are the best. Kill those fev-vers Zoey!

  16. That is great, we have that feather toy too. It is our favorite toy and unfortunately it leaves always more feathers.

  17. Zoey, the only thing to do with feathers is to give them a good killing and I’m pleased to see that you know how to do that so expertly!

    Whicky Wuudler

  18. I also have this toy!

    You look so ferocious in the last photo, muahahaha!

  19. You are a ferocious fev-ver fighter!

  20. Feathers are the best!

  21. Oh you are very ferocious Zoey. I would be afraid if I was those feathers.

  22. Those feathers don’t stand a chance against one as ferocious as you, Zoey!

  23. You’ve got some good teeths for biteys! Hope you had fun!

  24. Next best thing if you don’t have access to the real deal!!

    Looks like lots of fun!

  25. Yeah! You show those feathers who’s the boss! Thanks for stopping by my neighborhood — hope to see you again soon!

  26. yes zoey … yer verree ferocious! in yer feral dayz, did u ever try a reel feather? jus wunderin.

  27. I LOVE my fevver toys, too. Keeeel it, Zoey!

  28. you look vicious!

  29. You don’t look ferocious to me, you look like a very nice furball.

  30. I hope you taught those feathers a lesson. We have that toy too, and we have to put it in its place once in a while too.

  31. I say you look cute and not ferocious!

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving good wishes for my mom. Her shoulder is still hurting, but we are trying to visit a little bit at a time.

  32. Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!! Fev-vers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so much fun!!
    You are doing quite a number on them too!!!!!
    That’s pawsome!!!heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  33. It does look like you put those feathers in their place Zoey. Looks like you are playing on a real nice comfy bed.


  34. Oh my gosh! I have some of those brown feathers with the round leopard thing too! They are my favorite. Ok, well all my toys are my favorites. hee hee

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