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So, Zoey…it’s New Year’s Eve.  Yesterday I asked Wally if he was making any New Year’s resolutions and he said he had one…he was gonna be nicer to me in 2014. Though I’m not sure he really means it.  How ’bout you?  Are you making any New Year’s resolutions?


No?  Why not, Zoey?

Because, Ernie…I’m purrfect just the way I am!

Uh…yeah…right, Zoey.


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Happy New Year!!


  43 Responses to “Two on New Year’s Eve”

  1. We just checked it out. That’s so wonderful of you and congratulations on six great years of blogging! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Now that is some good thinking Zoey. You are just purrfect just the way you are. Such a pretty lady. A very Happy New Year’s eve to all of you.

  3. How right you are Zoey – you are purrfectly purrfect.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Have a super happy New Year.. Pop by our Firewek’z.

    Load’z of Hug’z

    Mollie and Alfie


  6. Zoey, my mommy thinks all three of you are purrfect. xoxoxox

  7. Hey sweeties! Thanks for stopping by our blog! It’s so nice to meet you too! 🙂 You are all so beautiful!! Simply PURRFECT! 🙂

    A Happy New Year to you too! May all your dreams come true! 😀

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino (aka Purrfect Kitties)

  8. New Year’s resolutions are for breaking! – Princeton

    Happy New Year from all of us at Prancer Pie.

  9. Happy New Year cuties!!!

  10. Ernie you know there’s some truth in what Zoey said!

  11. That’s a rare photo of the two of u together…

  12. hee hee! of course you are, Zoey! 😀
    Happy New Year to all of you!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  13. Sorry, Ernie, I’m afraid we have to agree with Zoey!

    Happy New Year, friends!

  14. we agree Zoey – no need to improve on purrfection!

  15. Of course Zoey is purrrrfect! And she’s a ladycat, so you shouldn’t argue with her anyhow, Ernie. Happy new year!

  16. We totally agree Zoey! Happy New Year to all of you!

  17. LOL, Zoey, that’s a great answer! But you are indeed purrfect!!
    Have a lovely new year’s eve and a wonderful new year!!

  18. Zoey we think you are purrfect as well!

    Happy New Year!!

  19. happee 2014 guyz….heerz ta happee nezz, health, loves N hope two nite ya get
    sum high qualitee grazz N nip N hope ya findz a donut shoppe open round 3:18 AM when ya haz de muncheez !!

  20. We believe that – you are all purrfect just the way you are. Have a very Happy New Year! See you in 2014! Purrs…

  21. Happy New Year friends!!!

  22. If anykitty needs to make New Year’s resolutions around MY house, it’s Binga!

  23. Yes Zoey, you certainly are purrfect the way you are!
    Have a wonderful New Year, kitties!

  24. It is so nice to see you two together! We wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year!!!

  25. Faraday: *eyeroll* uh, Ernie? Ya think Zoey and Allie were separated at birth or sumpin’? She sounds just like her!!!

  26. Zoey you are 100% correct you are purrfection in motion all around you need to aspire to be more like you. MOL MOL MOL says this Diva
    Madi your bfff

  27. Zoey, you are purrfect even if your brothers won’t tell you that. A few of us felines (Tater and Shelly) should make resolutions to be nicer to each other. We wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2014. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S) Our Mom Judy and Dad David

    Pee Ess We are so happy to see that you got so many comments on your Anniversary. Yipppeee.

  28. Happy New Year Kitties,xx Speedy

  29. My New Year’s Resolution is to share my cozy dog bed with my feline sisters …or at least, that’s what they told me to say.


  30. Happy New Year to you all ! We wish you all the best in 2014 ! Purrs

  31. Of course you are both purrfect, have a good new year.

  32. Happy New Year Yous Guys!!!
    Yous Rocked 2013!
    In every thing there must be a season,
    a time 2come and a time 2go.
    I pray that this New Year brings
    2you happiness and joy 4ever and ever

  33. I will attempt to be nicer to Rocky. I have to, or MomFOD will put me on time out for the entirety of 2014. Happy New Year! _ Crepes.

  34. Happy New Year to all of you from all of us!!

  35. Oh you both are just so cute! We do hope that Wally makes good on his resolution re: Zoey! Happy New Years to you all! We wish you a 2014 filled with health, love, joy, prosperity, peace and possibility!

    Clooney & Neytiri

  36. Happy new year to you all, and a big new year smoochie to sweet Zoey! (and a big Rumblemum smoochie to Wally and Ernie!

  37. We allus resolve not ta make anny resolutions!

  38. Are you really laying with Zoey? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her lay with her borfurs. A New Year miracle! Happy New Year. Wishing you the best in 2014.

  39. Of course you are perfect Zoey.

  40. You are right Zoey…definitely purrfect just the way you are! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  41. We plan to stay healthy once 100% again 🙂

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