Dec 262013


Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here.
We hope you all had a great Christmas!

On Christmas morning,
we finally got to open our Secret Paws package.
Just look at all these nicely wrapped presents, Wally.

Who are they from, Ernie?

Wally, they’re from Smokey, Tanner and Ollie at Four Crazy Cats.

Whoa, that’s funny, Ernie!  We’re their Secret Paws, too!


Look at all the stuff we got!
A cardboard scratcher…that’s for you, Wally…
a nip cigar AND a nip carrot…some more nip toys…
crinkly balls…a pawbreaker AND Greenies!
Even the mom got some candy and a notepad!

We hit the Secret Paws’ jackpot!!


Don’t forget all this wrapping paper to play with, too!


Check out this feather toy, Ernie!
These are real feathers!  No fake stuff here!


You’re right, Wally!  I can smell bird!


This feather toy is mine…all mine!
I gotta keep it away from Ernie and Zoey.


You can have that feather toy, orange stripey cat.
I’m enjoying the nip cigar and nip carrot.
This is some primo nip!
Those silly boycats don’t know what they’re missing.


Thanks, Smokey, Tanner and Ollie!
We love everything in our Secret Paws package!

And…in honor of Boxing Day today…
I’m hanging out in this cool box we also got.


  45 Responses to “Thankful Thursday – Secret Paws”

  1. quite the haul. looks like you got the best of it all ernie.

  2. WOW – that was a SUPER Secret Paws box of goodies that you got! I hope you had a magical Christmas and that boxing day is as fun for YOU as it has been so far for me! Love those boxes!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  3. Pawsome package! Isn’t Secret Paws the greatest???

  4. Wow you got some really nice stuff and a box to sit in too. We think that nip cigar is really cool. Love, Cali, Andy,Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  5. What a great package of goodies in your Secret Paw boys. We’ve got a cardboard scratcher too but as it’s near a radiator Hannah snoozes on it in cold weather!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. That is one lovely and bountiful package! Have fun!!

  7. Wow! you got some really cool stuff! Maybe our mom shluld take a hint!

  8. What a great Secret Paws package!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. What awesome gifts! Everything looks so fun! It looks like everyone got something perfect for him or her. Have fun, guys!

  10. you kitties got some really nice pressies! even the box is purrfect! We like that ball with the feathers. we’ll have to ask Santa Paws for one next year. Have fun!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  11. Great gifts! They will help pass the time with the winter months.

  12. WTG YOU 3Have a wonderful box of wpeverything a kitt needs
    Madi your bfff

  13. you got some WONDERFUL and well deserved prezzies!!!! So much fun! I’m comin’ over! Love, Cody

  14. Wow! Lots of goodies!

    Hope you had a happy, happy, holly, jolly, jingle belly Christmas!


  15. Oh wow, you boys and Zoey got a really nice Secret Paws package.Lots of goodies. What a good Christmas you had. Hope you have a good time today with all your new toys. Take care.

  16. Wow, what a great package!! The feather toy with real feathers looks really fun!

  17. Gasp! You guys sure got a lot of neat stuff. Looks like it was a great Christmas at your house.

  18. You got great gifts! We have not got to open ours today. Mom promises us we can today!

  19. Look at that Secret Paw haul! We need to get photos of our paw up!

  20. Whoa, those are really cool gifts! Do you know that one of our prezzies was a nip carrot just like the one you got…but Cecilia got a hold of it and in no time it was covered in Cecilia spit! Way to claim the prezzie! Hope you share better at your house!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    xoxo Cory

  21. Wow, such great gifts you’ve got there!

  22. Glad you enjoyed your gifts…it was such fun shopping for you guys. Merry Christmas!

    PS – We loved our goodies too!

  23. That is an amazing, pawsome Santa Paws package! That real feather toy looks like a whole lot of fun! Have fun, everyone!

  24. What a wonderful Secret Paws!!!
    …that’s funny that you had them too. The same thing happened with Cathy Keisha!
    Feathers and nip and scratchers! It doesn’t get any better.

    Meow-Meow-Meow…Merrrrrry Christmas-a-day-late!!!
    We hope yours was wonderful : )
    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  25. Those are awesome gifts!

  26. What a pawesome gift! We’re glad Zoey got something too!

  27. Wow ! What a great Secret Paws ! Purrs

  28. WOW! How cool is that?!

  29. Jackpot fur sure gang! You will be having a good time with those goodies!

  30. You all sure got some great stuff in your Secret Paws package. How funny that your Secret Paws gifter was also your recipient. And how terrific that each of you got something you liked, including a box on Boxing Day for Ernie. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  31. Woo Hoo !
    You sure got some good stuff there !

  32. What an awesome gift….so many goodies in there! That should keep you all busy for a while!

  33. Woo! Hoo!
    Pawsome Christmas Prezzies from Secret Paws!!!
    And a SUPER Boxing Day Box!!!
    Happy Boxing Day

  34. That was a great Secret Paw package. Real fev-vers are the best!

  35. What a fun package of presents! You sure look like you’re having a lot of fun with them.

  36. what wonderful wonderful Secret Paws gift(s) you three had, You look so sweet. ALL of you do. Heeeee. xoxoxoxox

  37. Holy Cat, what great presents! Those will be great fun during the cold months. 🙂

  38. Whoa! Lookit all the cool stuff. You even got SmartBites and a BOX!

  39. Yay!!!! Don’t you wish everyday was a Christmas day 🙂
    Enjoy your goodies kitties!!!

  40. Look at all that bootie! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Hopeing the whole day was fantastic!

  41. Wow kitties! You got really cool stuff! You all must be having such fun with theese excellent pressies!

  42. You sure are lucky puss cats. Wrapping paper and boxes are just the best!

  43. you are lucy kitties!xx Speedy

  44. Wow, you guys got lots of cool stuffs!! We are going to bug the Mom to post our Secret Paws pictures today, too. 🙂

  45. That’s a fabulous secret paws package you got. You are going to have a lot of fun. Enjoy xx

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