Jan 192009

We’re tired of all the snow and the cold…
so today we’re not gonna think about it anymore
and instead, we’re gonna have some fun!

And mom has the day off from work today
so that’s even more reason to play!!

We love playing with our Cat Dancer!


And watch Ernie give that nip cigar what for!


(you can tell from these videos, mom’s no Cecil B. DeMille…heheheh!)

Yep…it’s a ManCat Funday!
Wanna join us???

  23 Responses to “ManCat Funday!”

  1. We sure hope you guys enjoy your day with your mom!!

  2. You guys look like you’re having too much fun! Wait a second…there’s no such thing as TOO much fun! Yay! My lady bean is off today, too!


  3. Who cares about snow when you are having such a great time playing?


  4. Winter time is nice to play new games and have snaps when sun is pointing.
    Enjoy your games
    ViVi & AB

  5. Wow, your mom gets a day off! Mine is off to abandon us today. How funny that you have the same scratcher AND you are showing it today too!

  6. Hey, you’ve got a cool cat scratcher too! And a cat dancer! Aren’t you lucky.

  7. That does look fun!

  8. Mom and Dad looked at that scratcher at Sam’s the other day but bought themselves a new shower head instead — selfish!

  9. What a great fun day you’re all having 😀

  10. Hey guys….. I am trying to get back into blogging after a really tough week. Do you know that I have one of those scratchy scrolls and it is my most favorite thing? And we have a cat dancer and a cat lounge too….but those were PooPoo’s favorite things.
    You guys know how to get down and play!

  11. We have that cat dancer too but I never get to play with it because Chilli freaks out when she sees it! She can’t share a toy! It is so not fair…
    I love that scratcher! What a fun day with your mom…
    Purrs, Siena

  12. It’s always a good time to have fun.

    You kitties definitely have the right idea!

  13. We’re tired of the snow and cold too!!!! It’s good you had your Mom home to play with!!! I bet you all had a ton of fun!! It sure looks like it!! heehee Silly kitties 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  14. looks like a great day! i likes the nip too!!

  15. Those are great videos. You are adorable! We love our cat dancer too. My brother likes to chew through string toys, so our cat dancer is one of the few toys that have survived.

  16. Awww Ernie do you think you could have jumped for it at least once… now I know who the REAAALL man in the house is.. protector Wally!!!heheh


  17. Yoo know, we do not has a cat dancer, it looks fun tho!

  18. Wowie, sounds like you’ve had a great day with yur Momma! And we’ve got snow outside, too!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  19. I’ll come and play, even though I’m a ladycat.

  20. Is there anything better in this world than seeing healthy happy kitties having so much fun? We love that scratcher, it is wonderful:)

  21. You kitties sure know how to have fun!

  22. We love your videos!

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