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Hey, everybuddy!  It’s me…Wally!  A tradition was started by our furiend, Derby, of showing our ‘tocks to celebrate ‘Tocktober…and his birthday…which just so happens was yesterday.  Yeah, we know…we’re a day late and one catnip mouse short.  Happy Belated Birthday, Derby!  Here are our mancatly ‘tocks in celebration!

You got anything you wanna say, Ernie?

Yeah…your ‘tocks are bigger than mine, Wally.

Sheesh…why did I bother to ask?


  59 Responses to “‘Tocktober – Mancat Style”

  1. Mum is laughing so much about your mancatly ‘tocks. Great post.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Those are some mighty fine manly tocks you two. Looking good. Take care.

  3. Those are some very demur tock shots you two. We are not going near the question of whose tocks are larger. It could just be the camera angle. Have a good week boys. Mauricio sends smoochies to Zoey. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Quite the hot ‘tocks going on there dudes! Don’t feel bad, Wally, remember that the color black is very slimming! MOL!

  5. My MY! You make me wanna keep lookin’.

  6. Looking good Dude’s MOL xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. It looks like my comment did not went through so forgive me if it posts twice :-/

    I was saying that your tocks look great. I’m sure Derby will appreciate!
    Amd Wally, I think your tocks ***look*** bigger because your’re showing your tail, that’s all.


  8. Oh those are some mighty tasty looking tocks!!!! I want to smooch them!! Love, Caren

  9. Me missed the whole thing because of my hopeless mom-person *sigh*
    Think your Tocks looks really grrreat 🙂

  10. Nice Tocks!

    Anya~ 😉

  11. Gorgeous mancat ‘tocks. However I hardly noticed as I was admiring your window seat! Hugs
    Madi your bfff

  12. Both of you have very nice tocks. Your Mom’s mum plants are beautiful! Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  13. Well, size doesn’t matter when it comes to tocks….right? It’s the QUALITY of the tocks and you guys – well – you’ve got it!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  14. Ummmm…Wally? Ya know Ernie is kind’a right…ahem…koff, koff…sorry to say. No rocks from Zoey??

  15. very handsome manly tocks there boys!!

  16. Looking good, boys!!

  17. the mom says black is slimming – so it’s kind of hard to tell who’s ‘tocks are bigger.

  18. Happy Birthday Derby!! Nice Tocks too 😉

  19. Wally, it’s all floof and MUSCLES!

  20. We think they’re both pawsome tocks.

  21. awesome tocks. i recommend going to the movie ‘gravity.’ i never new ms. bullock had such lovely tocks until i saw that movie.

  22. You guys have great tocks for sure! Good job!

  23. Ernie, your tail is missing!!!!!!!!

  24. Awww. That’s because black does make one look slimmer! 😉
    What happened to your tail, Ernie?

  25. Yep, Wally, never ask a question if you don’t want to hear the answer!

  26. We don’t mind being a day late, because we are too! All of October is ‘tocktober at our house which is why we are very wary of our mom with her flashy box. There will be no ‘tock shots from here! That said, we will look at others. MOL! Purrs…

  27. Wally, you’d think you’d learn by now! We like both of your tocks though!

  28. Wally you have very manly tocks and that was a double dose of tocks which is extra special!

  29. Your ‘tocks are sublime!! Who cares whose is bigger, MOL.

  30. Happy Tock-tober!

  31. grate tocks shots guys we noe derby will be proud !!!

  32. Better late than never right boys?! You two make Toctober look splendid! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  33. You mancats hves some handsome tocks!

  34. WE think you have perfect ‘tocks, Wally!

    The Chans

  35. Hmmm, yes I do think you win the biggest ‘tocks contest Wally. Or maybe you can call then “haunches” instead. Does that sound manlier?

  36. Happy birthday to Derby!
    This is great tocks photo, Wally and Ernie 🙂 Wally’s tocks do look bigger. But I love big tocks. Hehehe.

  37. Looking Tock Terrific boys!

  38. Great tocks guys. Maybe Ernie’s tocks look slightly smaller. But they say that black is very slimming 😉

  39. And both your Tocks are bigger than MINE! Bwaahaahaa!

  40. Now those are some great looking manly tocks. M had better get going on a picture of mine.

  41. Hee, hee! It takes a real mancat to brag about big tocks!

  42. Glad to see your tocks, even if they are a day late!

  43. What a fab window seat to show off your hunky manly rears, definitely a feast for the eyes.

  44. You call THOSE “tock” shots? C’mon, get brave…

  45. You Boys looks fantastic and so nice and neat and round. They’re just purrfect tocks. And so modest, too.

  46. WE like your ‘tocks. We need to show ours!

  47. Happy Belated Birthday Derby!!!!

  48. Size isn’t everything, Ernie!! 😉

  49. Happy belated birthday. Hugs x

  50. Nice!!! Happy belated birthday to your friend Derby!

  51. Nice view for the ladies Guys,xx Speedy

  52. Hi, thanks for coming by!

  53. We posted in response to your question on our new litter box.

  54. thats some pawesome tocks!

  55. You got our mama with “one catnip mouse short”.
    Those are some really nice looking ‘tocks.


  56. We shared this on FB. pawsome tocks!

  57. Thank you for the purrs!

  58. Mowzers, well we’re TWO days late!! We’d better go wish a belated birfday to Derry! (Uh, and ALLIE’s tocks are GINORMOUS, Wall!)

  59. What a great shot and I love the contrast in colours!!!

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