Oct 112013


Hey everybuddy!  I got another award!  Oh yeah…I got the award and not those stoopid boycats that live here.  It’s from Willow over at the Cherry City Kitties.  Did you know that Willow and her brothers and sisters are Mitten Kittens like us Island Cats?  That’s right. We all live in Michigan which is also called the Mitten State. Willow lives farther up the mitten than us, though.

Oh…back to my fabulous award…


Isn’t it beautiful?  Thanks, Willow!

For this award, I’m supposed to tell 7 things about me.  Most of them you probably already know, but here goes…

1.  One of my favorite napping spots is under the comforter on the bed.  The lady with the yellow hair says I’m gonna suffocate under there!


2.  I have no interest in going outside.  Must be because I spent my early days out there and I’ve had enough!

3.  I like to chew string which gets me in trouble.  Did you know that I ate the string on our Neko fly? So now the lady with the yellow hair has to make sure to keep any string away from me.

4.  I love getting brushed and combed.  When the brush comes out…I come a’running!

5.  But I hate getting my nails clipped!

6.  I hate hate hate going to the v-e-t.  I turn into a wildcat when I’m there.

7.  I like laying on the guy’s jeans…’specially if he’s wearing them.


I’m passing this award on to a few of my girlcat furiends…Katie Isabella, Madi, and Mitalee, Esme and Malou over at the Critters in the Cottage.

Happy Weekend, everybuddy!


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  1. Concats on your award Zoey – btw we turn into wildcats at the v-e-t place too!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. What a cool award! ConCatulations! We like learning new things about our pals.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Congrats on your award Zoey. That sure is a nice one. And we remember when you had to go to the vet when you were pretty sick. It was fun reading all about you. You all have a great day.

  4. congrats on the award. and congrats to your tigers.

  5. Concats on your award you pretty girl! Angel’s mom is going to visit your Mitten State this weekend so Mom will be feeding/visiting with him.

  6. Concatulations on your award, Zoey. Those are some very interesting things to learn about you.

  7. concatulations to you!!!

  8. Concats on YOUR (that’s right I said YOUR) award Zoey! Bravo……by the way, I hate getting my nails clipped too but it’s a necessary evil and my parents “double team” me – Dad holds me and Mom holds the clippers. I just give them the stink eye or do a bitey!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. Concatulations on your award, Zoey. Way to go!! It’s nice to hear from you. Usually, it’s all about those stoopid boys!

    (Sorry, but I like hearing about them, too.)

    I’m glad you like to be brushed by the lady with the yellow hair. That’s very important.

  10. Thank you beautiful and dear-to-me Zoey. I am so glad to get the award and you look just beautiful as always and that is not just an empty meow. I mean it. Love you bunches and do NOT ever EVER eat string again!!! Glad you meowed to all the other kitties about it. xoxoxox

  11. wow those cute eyes x

  12. Hi there beautiful girl. It;s nice to see you. Congratulations on your well-deserved award.



  15. Zoey, it seems that this award was made for you!

  16. Zoey, thank you so much for thinking of us and for the award! Now LP has GOT to get it together and do an award post. We will break/um ask her when she gets back from her trip next week! Congrats to you Zoey and thanks for sharing about yourself 🙂


    Mitalee, Esme and Malou XO

    P.S. Zoey, Leo hates, hates, hates!!!!!! going to the vet too and he loves, loves, loves!!!! getting brushed 🙂

  17. Congratulations on the pretty award, Zoey!
    Neko Fly string is very thick – were you okay after eating it?
    My boys hate hate hate going to the v-e-t, too. I sure hope you don’t have to go other than annual checkup 🙂 Happy Friday xoxo

  18. Concats and always fun to learn more about you!

  19. Hey Zoey after a talking too I convinced mom to prepare my Shine on post sooner rather than later. I have a sun puddle post of Sunday and we thought it was a good day to have the Shine on too.
    thank you Madi your bfff

  20. Hey Zoey, We have so many things in common, and we’re both good looking look-alikes 🙂 *blushing*

    ♥ Pahsa,

  21. ConCATS on your award, Zoey! It is pretty just like you! 🙂

  22. Concatulations on your award Zoey ! Purrs

  23. excellent…. 🙂 congrats on the award

  24. Congrats on the nice award pretty Zoey! I hope y’all don’t need your Mittens too soon!

  25. Concatulations on YOUR award, Zoey!

  26. My girl Nikita loves jeans too. It’s her favourite thing to lay on 🙂

  27. We ladies at our house are glad you are getting some attention, Zoey. Wally’s been hogging it, just like our brother Mauricio, with all this Cat Scout falderal. We loved learning more about you. Your award is pawsomely beautiful as are you. Concatulations. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  28. Concats on your award Zoey! I like laying under the covers too and Mommy always worries that I can’t breathe. Moms are worry warts.


  29. Congrats on your award. Have a great day and it’s nice getting to know you better.

  30. Congratulations on getting the award all to yourself, Zoey! Tutu likes to sleep under the comforter too! It makes Mommy all sweaty just looking at the lump under the comforter. MOL!

  31. zoey…way happy for you that you got an award as you soooooo should… that was yours alone and not the crazy boys…..I think you should celebrate and buy yourself a few emerald pendants, ….maybe even one in red for the upcoming holidays… hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=

    we hope everyone has a FABulous week end….shop, shop, shop !!

  32. I always love reading stuff about buddies, especially girlcat buddies! ConCats on your award Zoey! xox

  33. That is a fine award for a fine Lady Cat
    Ms Fitz (The Rose Among Thorns)

  34. Concatulations on getting the award instead of the stinky boys! Well deserved.

  35. Zoey, that was a great award and we liked all the neat facts too 🙂
    It’s good that it is just your award too 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  36. Congrats on your award, Zoey! I enjoyed learning all those things about you. My Samantha has some things in common….she also loves being brushed, but hates having her nails clipped!
    She does not sleep under the covers though….and she likes to sneak outside, even though she’s not supposed to!

  37. Congrats on the award you sure deserve it,xx Speedy

  38. Concats and Mazal Tov on your award, Zoey. How beautiful you are! And how interesting it was to read all those things about you. We also like chewing bits of string – Trixie even likes rubber bands, which Mummy says is really dangerous, but hey – danger adds a spice! And we would LOVE to go outside – but the Human has a fit if we even get out onto the window-sill. Sigh…
    We have never yet had our claws clipped however and we dare anyone to try…

  39. Great stuff Zoey! We enjoyed all your answers and we did not know Michigan was called the Mitten State. Our human was born in Michigan but that was a million years ago, so I guess we can forgive her for not knowing that since she only lived there for a couple of years…

  40. Oh Zoey you are such a beautiful girl now we know it’s because of all those brushies!!! Or that is a part of your beauty secrets! Happy Caturday.

  41. ConCATulation on the award , Zoey !
    It was fun to learn moore about you !
    Me too come running when mom show´s me my comb or brush 🙂

  42. Congratulations on your award sweet Zoey! You all have a wonderful, fun and treat filled weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  43. Congratulation on your award! You are very sweet to keep the guy’s jeans warm for him.

  44. Oh my darling girl! I could not agree with you more about the BRUSH *and* the V-E-T. I think we should go to the v-e-t together and be WILD! XOXOX

  45. I like learning more about my furrends. Concats on the award. That’s a real pretty one.

  46. Congrats on the award, Zoey!!!
    We all love learning more about our kitty friends!
    …I’ve got a string thing too.
    ; ) Katie

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