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Hey, everybuddy!  A few weeks ago, I joined Cat Scouts.  What’s Cat Scouts, you say? Cat Scouts is an organization founded to purrmote the development of cats into good catizens. The Cat Scout motto is “Be Purrpared” and the Cat Scout Slogan is “Do a Good Purr Daily.”  

As a Cat Scout, you’ll make new furiends, and you can work on earning merit badges for camping, friendship, physical prowess, going to the vet and more. What’s even better…it’s totally free to join!


And we get to wear uniforms!  Don’t I look cool in mine?  You can read more about how to join Cat Scouts by clicking HERE.


Since joining Cat Scouts, I’ve earned merit badges for Journalism, Dentistry, Athletics, Gardening, Tent Camping, Computer Technology, Bird Study, The Bitey, Friendship, Basketry, Tree Climbing and Mammal Study.  Whew!  I know…I’ve been busy.  But there’s still more badges for me to earn!


And this past week I was honored by being named Cat Scout of the Week!  I couldn’t believe it!

Some of you have joined Cat Scouts, too…like Raz, Austin, Sammy and Mauricio.  I hope more of you join.  It’s a whole lotta fun.  Ernie wants to join but he doesn’t take anything serious. There’s no way he’d be a good Cat Scout.

C’mon!  Join Cat Scouts…and Be Purrpared for the Adventure of Your Lives!  This is Cat Scout Wally signing off.  *SALUTING*


  50 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We have to admit that Cat Scouts does look cool. Do they let girl cats in?

  2. Can we join the Cat Scouts or do we have to do boring things with the Cat Guides?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Raz is proud to be a Cat Scout and proud to be part of the same Troop you’re in!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Concats on being named Cat Scout of the Week, Wally! You are the purr-fect example of what Cat Scouts are all about.

  5. Wow! Concats on all the badges! Maybe I’ll consider joining then but my human is giving me the look of death like “stop adding work to my schedule” :-/

  6. Hi Wally! I’m with you on Cat Scouts – it’s WAY fun and WAY cool and earning badges is WAY fun! I changed the name of my troop to Worldwide Wildcats instead of Warrenton Wildcats because we have members all over the world now! WOOT WOOT!!!! See you there buddy.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. Good for you Wally. We need to get our Person going on this cat scout deal. First we have to decide who gets to be the first one. We have to go study the requirements to see who will qualify. We might have to have the first girl cat scout. Take care.

  8. We would like to know how you earn a badge for The Bitey. . . no reason. 😉

  9. I wonder if they do ScoutDawgs…BOL xooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. OH Wally we are so proud of you CAtScout of the Week — purrfect!!!

  11. congrats Wally you’re doing well!xx Speedy

  12. Wally, I guess I can’t blame you for bragging. Mom has so far helped me to earn three new badges this week, but I am still trying to break into the top 10 on the leader board. And she still hasn’t made my Cat Scout page for our site. How come you didn’t encourage efurrybuddy to join our troop? Anyway…keep up the good work. You give me something to strive for. Head-butts, Mauricio

  13. Can ladycats be in Cat Scouts?

  14. Congratulations on all your accomplishments! You look so handsome in your uniform with all the nice patches. I will check with the ladies here to see if they want to get involved if a girl can be a scout, too.

  15. You look very dashing in your uniform!

  16. Mum is too busy to allow us to join at the moment :-(. we are joining in the Halloween parties though x

  17. Um, hi Walle! Waffles here.
    I SOooOOOO wanna be a cat scout!
    Do you think the Boss will let me join?
    Do you think she’ll wanna be a cat scout too? I dunno…do they take girlz?

  18. You you look so SECKSAY in your Scout uniform.!!! Hubba HUBBA!

  19. Wow Wally, you look so handsome in Cat Scout uniform!
    These badges are so cool. Especially the bitey 🙂
    Congratulations on being Cat Scout of the Week!

  20. Wow Wally you look GREAT! That looks like a fun club 🙂

  21. You look very official Wally! And handsome too in your uniform!! Leo could be a good scout….but he is old and forgetful so he might start a forest fire by accident! And Levon is a Cat Scoundrel which isn’t quite the same thing….:p

    the critter in the cottage xo

  22. How fun! Wally, you look great and we’re so proud of you! Purrs…

  23. Wally, you are doing great in cat scouts!

  24. dood…conga ratz on bein nominated cat scout oh de week… but seer ee iz lee..BURD studee???

  25. Cat Scouts sound like lots of fun! Is it just for boys or can there be Girl Cat Scouts?

  26. Fun! Wally is a handsome kitty!


  28. It sounds like great fun being a cat scout, I will have to see if Cody and Coco fancy joining, Happy WW.


  29. Great job on all those merit badges, Wally! ConCATs on being Cat Scout of the week! You are looking sharp in your Cat Scouts uniform, too!

  30. You do look magnificent and wow what a great thing to do. Mum has been out of the loop and didn’t see this going on. Sheesh I will have to get her to look into it more. Hugs GJ x

  31. Wally!
    I am joining up. Mauricio started a troop and I am going to join that one
    You are my hero with all those badges
    I want to be like you when I grow up!

    Buddy: Timmer! You Grown!

    Oh Right…
    I still want to be like you Wally

  32. Wally, you are a cute Cat Scout and we’re impressed with all your badges!

  33. Say it ain’t so! Please, Wally. They are trying to humanize our species. Please don’t let them get away with it. You can join my posse instead and set fires to cars and mug old ladies. Whatta you say?

  34. Hi.Thanks for coming by.

    And yes Tadpole had long legs as for Nico!!!!

  35. Wow, Wally, those are a lot of badges you’ve earned. Way to go.

  36. Hoping you have a lot of fun! You make one fine looking Scout!

  37. @CK I want to be in YOUR group 🙂

  38. You look good Wally! ai should earn a merit badge in peeing!

  39. Concats, Wally! you look very handsome in your uniform 🙂
    We think we’re all kinda like Ernie 🙂 Is there a trouble ma…er…helpin badge? or maybe a surfin badge? 😉

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  40. Wally soon you can be a Cat Eagle Scout with all those badges and becoming the Cat Scout of the Week.

  41. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Congrats on being Cat Scout of the Week, you make a great looking Scout!

  42. Whoa Wally! I can’t believes you already have that many badges, way to go! You are a pawsome Cat Scout!

  43. Well done, Wally!

  44. wow wally. i’m truly impressed. i was in the boy scouts for about a month before i decided it was all too much work.

  45. Wally, the ladycats here are all swooning over a handsome mancat in a uniform! We just might hafta check the scouts out.

  46. Concatulations on becoming a CatScout.

  47. Oh my Cod, you HAVE been busy!

  48. ME ME ME! I am going to join. My stoopy Human has been slacking off [I’ve been working, Spitty –Ed.] and she just won’t hardly help me do anything at ALL, Wally. It’s an outrage!

  49. Thanks for telling us about Cat Scouts, Wally! I am going to check it out for Carmine 🙂

  50. Wally you sure look handsome as a scout !
    My mom-person say´s she have no time to help me filling in the form to be a Catscout 🙁

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