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Jan 182009

I got a bad case of dandruff…
Mom says it’s ‘cuz I sleep next to the hot air blowin’ thingy
and all that hot air is drying out the skin underneath my furs…


If you look close, you can see all the white specks
that show up real good against my black furs…
the only bad thing about being a black cat!

(click on picture to biggify)

Mom says I should stop sleeping next to the hot air blowin’ thingy…
But I love sleeping there!
It’s so warm!!!

Hmmm…do they make Head & Shoulders for cats???

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  1. Ernie, who cares about dandruff as long as you’re warm? Mind you … sleeping by the hot-air-thingey might mean a trip to the VETS for some dandruff medication … I’m only saying, that’s all. Hot-air-thingy OR VETS?

  2. That’s a catch 22 situation if ever there was one!

  3. I haven’t got dandruff, but mum sez I try to boil my brains cuz I try to sleep with my head under the woodburner. Mum sez it’s lucky I have got a big head cuz it won’t fit right under, just my nose. I have got crinkly eyebrows from getting them too hot.

  4. A few flakes don’t detract from your handsomeness Ernie. I get it in Winter too, so our apes try and keep a damp towel on radiators to keep the air a bit more humid. I still pick out the most dry and hot places to sleep though!

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Dearest Ernie,
    We have been lookin’ and lookin’ at your picture…you look just like our dear Felix that went to heaven back in August. We think you are very handsome with or without dandruff…mommy says she’d like to pick you up and give you lots of kisses. She’s weird that way…

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

  6. My sisfur Maggie Mae has the same problem. She also sits in the same place here, by the blowing thingy. She said she rather be warm than beautiful right now.
    Happy Sunday!
    ~ Anna Sue

  7. Oh, Ernie, our sister who came before us, Binky Baby, had the white flakes too and it drove Mom crazy. She was always taking warm washcloths and rubbing down her furs. Moms should just chill out. We still think you look very manly, flakes and all.

  8. Crikey has the same problem, but he won’t let our Mama brush him. She says that he’s a filthy beast (she says it with a smile).

  9. We think you are handsome…flakes and all!

  10. We are all having the same trouble cause we are like velcro on the radiators…

  11. Hi Ernie,
    I have the same issue!! I love to sleep next to the warm air hole in the floor and that really dries me out. Don’t worry about it too much, you are still a very handsome mancat!

  12. My back looks like that too. Dang our black fur! Maybe I have been baking to close to the woodstove.

    Let me know if you find any solutions!


  13. Chilli has dandruffs, too. Let us know if you find a solution for this, ok? As long as it’s not itchy is doesn’t matter, we say. That scratch lounge looks pawsome!

  14. My sisters both do the same thing – I haven’t seen any dandruff but there’s lots of ‘lectricity sparks around here.

    Warmth is very important, for sure!

  15. There is nothing wrong with a little dandruff. Try some extra fish oil if you will eat it.

  16. Don’t worry about those flaky things. I Sylvester have black hair & with it being winter, everything here has that darn static cling. We have the fine shredded pine litter & it sticks all over me. Mama says I have been tracking it all over the house now, tee hee.
    Purrs & licks,
    Sylvester, Ruby, Scuby, Butchy & Snickers

  17. Oh, Ernie, I’ll bet we all have a little dandruff but just cannot see it unless we have black furs.

  18. OH we have the exact same problem and its driving mom nuts. Nemo has sensitive skin so he has dandruff constantly but in the winter its worse and now Patches has it. We are trying a food that has omega and fatty acids in it in hopes to make things better. We are full of static too. When we are being petted we get shocks all down our back. Let us know if you have any other ways to make the dandruff better.
    -Patches and Nemo

  19. Ernie, that happens to me too! But it happens when I get stressed out, like this week when Daddy had the compressor and air nailer going! Using wet wash cloths or wipes from Petsmart helps with them. And you guys were right, in time we will be moving and will be able to look at that lovely lake view all of the time! It will be better in the summertime with birdies, though!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  20. My brother Copy has dandruff too – he is black like you. Good thing about being orange is that is you have it you cannot tell. Which is good because Im napping near the heater lots these days…
    purrs Luke

  21. That’s too bad but the heater is so warm and lovely in winter. The alternative is to move to my place, just kidding!

  22. Tamir has that too and he’s orange!! We don’t seem to have it, but our floofiness might be hiding it.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  23. I love sleeping below the blowy thing, too.

  24. Hi Ernie. You look beautiful no matter what! If you like the heat thingie, go for it. It’s cold in Michigan right now.

    Thank you all for your help with the Grey Cat. You are right – all the cats on the block seem to find their way to our deck to say hello to my Food Lady. They must tell each other this is a friendly place.

    My people do not talk to the Pink People much because they are the world’s worst neighbors. They also had two pit bulls who got out of their yard and attacked another neighbor’s gardener. The Animal Cops had to come by and take the dogs away. My people are very easy going and get along with just about everybody but the Pink People are a special case.

    I think my people will be feeding her at a place and time when I don’t see her, and that is just fine with me.

    Thanks again for your help and concern. We’ll check in with you again soon.

    Purrs, Halloween

  25. we hafe tha same problem but we no sleepy on tha air blowers.

  26. We gets it too! we gets lots of sparkies too. We don’t like them!

  27. Our vet says that dandruff can be caused by some types of dry food. He told us to spritz a little olive or canola oil on our dry food, instead of doing that the biped switched to a different brand and everyone but Giggles is cured, and his is a lot better.


  28. I likes sleeping next to the hot air blowy thingies here too. I gets cold very easy. Hope you get rid of your dandruff soon.


  29. Thank you for popping by the cozy cottage today. I hope your skin condition improves with the coming of warmer weather. Maybe a little oil in your foods will help. Petromalt is good for coat care also.
    I am oily because I do not have many furs….everyone has different troubles:)
    You are loved no matter what Ernie!

  30. Oh wow love your scratcher! 🙂 As for your dry skin, Paul Michell hair products people make some really good wipes and the like for kitty fur under the name John Paul – it’s even tested on humans first! 🙂 Oh and get your Mom to add some cod liver oil and the like to your dinners and it should improve quite fast…


  31. Well we is not gonna sugar coat it.. haha get it sugar.. like icing sugar and not dandruff.. :p hehe
    Ernie dude, it is pretty yukky, my sisfur gets it too from time to time, but those that loves you just does not care… Momma says it’s the icing falling from her little sugar buns.. and wez agree :))
    We wuvs you so we think you are handsome no matter what 🙂


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