Sep 192013

Avast, Mateys!!

‘Tis Meow Like a Pirate Day!


Yo ho ho!  And a bottle o’ catnip rum!




We be three fine pirates…
ready t’ sail the seven seas…
searchin’ fer buried treasure.

Scurvy landlubbers beware…
or else ye shall be walkin’ the plank!



  58 Responses to “We Arrr Meowin’ Like Pirates!”

  1. We be sure bettin yer Islnd be FILLED with pirate treasure…

  2. Arrrr you be mighty fine looking pirate kittehs! momma loves da pink pirate hat! purrr May you find many tropical nomms today and take care not to have too much catnip rum. MOL


  4. Oh please don’t make us walk the plank. We promise to behave. Hope you find that treasure. Take care.

  5. very impressive buccos.

  6. Ahoy me hearties. Ye all be mighty fine lookin’ pirates tha’ sail the seven seas.

  7. What a lovely set of pirates you make!

  8. We like the looks of ye pirates! Enjoy your nap – I mean sail!

  9. Ye Scurvy Dogs be great pirates…Arrgghh

  10. Arr – ye be fine pirates.

  11. We’re shiverin’ in our boots seeing those 3 scurvy pirates.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Now that’s what I call meowing like a pirate!!!

  13. You three are impressive! I will beware of all of you. That bottle o’ rum looks good though Wally! xo

  14. Y’all are looking mighty Pirate Purrfect!

  15. Truffles prefers her accessories to be pink as well 🙂 What a fun day this is…you all look fantastic!

  16. Blimey! You have embraced the spirit of the thing, totes!! 😉

  17. Arrr, all th’ best sailing the seven seas ! Ready for boarding, arrrr !

  18. Oh look at you three, you look wonderful pirates..Have a fun day 🙂 XX00XX

    Mollie and Alfie

  19. What time will ye be servin’ the catnip rum? You guys look great!

  20. Catnip rum??? Did somebody say Catnip Rum???? YUM on the RUM……Happy Pirate Day you vicious looking group of pirates you!

    Kitty Hugs, Cap’n Sam

  21. Super cute pics of the kids!! Love it.

  22. Avast Mateys! You look catabulous!

  23. You three are mighty scary pirates. Don’t have too much of that nip rum or you might fall overboard. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. You are all fierce but cute pirates!
    Happy Meow like a Pirate Day!

  25. Ye pirates make us shiver in our pirate boots tis true! (Except maybe Zoe’s fashinable PINK pirate hat makes us smile a little .heehee).

    We won’t be walking the plank for thee me hearties! Join us for some grog on the high seas instead me mateys! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  26. Love your pink hat Zoey! All of you are super cute pirates!

  27. You guys look so cute in your pirate hats. We love that Zoey’s is pink!

  28. Hi-ho buckos, ye’re fierce band ‘o pirates!

    The Florida Furkids

  29. Hi me hearties! Ye make fer fine pirates! I love yer pirate names. Arrrgh!

  30. Love it. Happy Pirate day.. Hugs GJ X

    Our auction package arrived and we love it. Thank you so much for the treats and toys too. Love GJ x

  31. you are some mighty fine lookin’ pirates!!!

  32. avaste raise de spyglasss starboard …we bee see in a sutler o’er yonder N blimey …sink uz if hiz shopz knot fulla booty ~~~ him can bee pillaged N for we set sail ~~~ letz head off for a wee bit oh grub anda splice inn oh de mainbrace N sing a shanty ore two ~~~ fair winds ta ya

  33. oh Zoe! wherever did you find that lovely pink pirate hat???? Mom made me wear that stoopid red rag on my head…sheesh…

  34. We be droppin’ the anchor to tip a cup o’grog wif ye!

  35. ARGGGH! Finer pirates we ne’er did see. We are right proud to be joining ye on the seven seas!

  36. Yar!! A fine bunch ye be! Come an’ share our plunder!!
    Arrrgh, Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  37. Wally, don’t look now but *there’s a bird on you*. Pirate or not, this is your big chance!

  38. Pass the rum, please!

  39. Ahoy Maties! Bwaa!! Haa!! Haa!! Yous is the bestest
    We catch th’ early evenin’ tide ’bout 5 bells to ye Olde Soton town, ye want to come along!
    Ye look marvelous darlin’s

  40. Ahoy, Mateys! Ye be some fine lookin’ Pirate cats! I’d ride th’ 7 seas wit’ ye!

    Pirate Mad William Kidd
    aka Spike William

  41. With those names no one will have you swabbing the deck. Great post.

  42. Arrrrrrgh! You be fine pirates and pirate wenches! Arrrrgh!

  43. Ye’ve got ye self some fine names too! I bet they be really impressive when facin’ an enemy. I be needin’ to sail th’ seven seas wit’ ye me buckos!

  44. Aye, we won’t be messin’ with any of ye tough ol’ sea dogs!

  45. Please don’t make us walk da plank!! We are willing to share our booty with you, we have lots, heh!!


  46. Arrrr Matey, me shivers me timbers ye dreaded pirates ye are indeed! We’z fearing that Evil Necksnapper fer sher!

  47. Shivver me cute furry little timbers! Mom went diggin’ fer buried treasure in my litterbox! Arrrrrgh! Gimme a drink o’ nip matey!

    Pirate Princess Cory Baddypaws

  48. Ahoy! We be enjoying our day on the CATamaran.

  49. We haven’t quite figured out this pirate talk yet, but are enjoying visiting everyone on pirate day. However, we’d love to sail the seven seas with you.

  50. Ye be a fearsome lot, fer sure.

    Oja and the Crew

  51. Arrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Arrrgh Mate’s ye be fine bunch of Pirates to be sure!xx Capt’n Speedy

  53. Sorry we’re late…but I got caught up looking a a plank. You know, for Waffles. ; )

    You’re rockin’ the pirate hats, Island Cats!
    ; ) Katie

  54. Arr! ye be three fine pirates. I be a bit late but it’s on account of the Ginger Furball getting stuck on a sand bank.

  55. Where did me comment go? Did some scurvy dog eat it? I were telling that ye be fine pirates an’ then I said I be a bit late but it’s on account of the Ginger Furball getting stuck on a sand bank.

  56. A fine crew if there ever waz on the high sofa sea!
    Captain Tim Tomcat

  57. *sighhh* you guys are soooo lucky. Your yellow haired lady did you guys up proud! (Necksnapper even!)
    Us? We got NUTTIN. NADA.

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