Jan 162009

Have I mentioned lately
how much I love my ham-mick??


It’s my favorite napping spot!!

It’s so warm and comfy and cozy…
‘specially since it’s freezing outside!!!

 (The lady with the yellow hair said it was below zero this morning!  Brrrr!)

You know what???
I’m not budging from here ’til spring!!


  29 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Favorite Spot”

  1. We envy you your ham-mick … it’s on our wish list! It looks mega-comfy and if we can completely understand why you would’t want to budge until Spring.

    PS: Mom said you look adorable!

  2. that’s a really good plan!

  3. Yawwwwwwn, ah yes… our ham-micks are the best!
    PS… this Zoey, in Florida, is even saying brbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: can’t you all keep your cold weather up north where it belongs?

  4. Zoey it’s a delight to see you so comfy on that ham-mick. You look totally consumed with happiness. Because your beautiful paw tufts are on show our Mum has fainted and I must go administer smelling salts.

    Stay cosy !

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Zoey, your ham-mick is just pawsome, and you do look so comfy cozy on it! It is only 1 degree here, so if you want me to teleport up to the Island so we can share our warmth on your ham-mick, I will be right there!
    Purrs and headbutts (and a kissy too!)

  6. That ham-mick looks wonderful…we’ll have to put it on the wish list.

  7. I love my ham-mick too. Mum put my nip pad from Adan on it for me and now it is twice as good. I have let Eric have the vishus deer bed.

  8. Your ham-mick looks comfortable. Mom wonders if we would use one. Since I don’t like the feel of blankets, she is not sure i would use it.

  9. Are you a petite little girl? We fill up our hammicks and you have a little room to spare!

  10. You look so happy in your hammick!

  11. That does look comfy! Our Mama is considering buying one (or two) for us.

  12. You look so happy and content and gorgeous, too!

  13. We keep bugging our Mom that we want ham-mick too!

    Is the waters surrounding your island frozen?

  14. What a cozy hammock! We don’t have one of those but Mom leaves a lot of blankets around for us to snuggle and snooze on until Spring comes back.

  15. Your ham-mick sure looks comfy and cozy! Stay warm!

  16. Thats the right idea!!!!!

  17. That’s a furry good plan, Zoey.

  18. You are so nice! Humans love it when they buy us something we actually use! So, in a way, the hammick is good for efurryone. A perfect arrangement!!!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  19. We LOVES our Ham-Micks too, Zoey! You gotta learn how to move it right over the hot air blowy place. It’s SOOOOOOOOO Warm!


  20. Love your hammick , Zoey. We needs to get something like that, it’s freezing here too. It looks so cozy.

  21. We want ham-mick! You look like you are really loving yours!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  22. Nice hammick! I’m gonna have to get me one of those!

    What’s for dinner, you ask?
    The Mrs. Bean decided to try her hand at stuffed chicken breast. . . it’s still in the oven. It’s a science experiment.


  23. Your hammick does look very cozy and warm. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay there until Spring.

  24. You sure look comfy on your ham-mick. That is on top of our wish list. Just hearing it is below zero makes our fur stand on end! Stay warm, pretty Zoey.

  25. Looks furry comfy!

  26. You’re looking very pretty and relaxed on that hammick Zoey. We’re can’t believe how cold it was at your place – below zero! Stay warm and comfy on your hammick Zoey, and try to get used to your brothers – kitty piles are good when it’s cold.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  27. where can i get a nice hammick like that! move on over i’m coming aboard!

  28. Mmmm… your bed looks warm…

  29. yur hammicks luk bery comfy.

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