Jan 142009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?


Mom!!!  I’m hungry!!

 But Wally, you just ate 5 minutes ago…

I don’t care…if you don’t give me something to eat…

I’m gonna open one of these cans myself!!!

  31 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. And you were asking so nicely!

  2. Wally, we think you are SO clever! The can opener thingy might be tricky though!

  3. Let me know if it works, I could use some tips!!

    Purrs Banshee

  4. Nice job, Wally! Please tell us you got some goodness after that?

  5. We can’t do that anymore, now that mom has leashed the bi fold doors shut!
    Get anything good in there, Wally?

    It’s so cool to learn one of you also has five claws on the back feet like Chevelle!

  6. We have not been successful in our attempts to open cans, so we must resort to looking cute and needy.

  7. You are a clever boy Ah! Ah!…..

    ViVi & AB

  8. Just persuade your apes to buy stinky goodness in foil pouches you can rip ’em open with your teef.


  9. We can’t open the doors! You are one smart kittie!

  10. Man they make you get in there to get your own food. Humans! They are so inconsiderate…

  11. When you’re finished, maybe you can come over to show us how to open ours!

  12. Wally, you and Cinza would make a great team because she likes to open doors and help herself.

  13. Oh Wally you are so smart and clever!

  14. You are very clever . We never tried that !

  15. I wish they made a can opener for cats.

  16. Your Beans aren’t very good at taking a hint are they Wally. You couldn’t have made it more obvious what you wanted.

  17. When a cat’s hungry, at cat HAS to eat!

  18. You are such a smart kitty. I have GOT to learn how to do that! I’m rooting for you to master using the can opener.

  19. Somebody give Wally a can opener!

  20. We just voted for Ernie!

  21. At least you did your best, like Peanut she tries very hard to get the snack bag out of the cupboard everyday, hehe.

  22. Mom moved da stinky goodness to a cabinet we can’t reach because she was tired of us dragging out 10 cans at a time. Now, da plastic bowls…dem is fun to play wif.

  23. Wally, you are such a smart mancat!! No cat here can do that.

  24. Say Wally, if you’re not busy this afternoon would you mind coming over and opening a few cabinets? I know where Mom keeps the pouch foods!!

    Max S

  25. Doesn’t your Mom realize that cats are like Hobbits and we need
    to eat a lot?!!!!! You are pretty good at helping yourself!!! Heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  26. go Wally!! let me know how you get passed that “no thumbs” thing. i need tips

  27. Hehehehe! Dat’s what I do too! We could hear yoo tellin us dat yoo were going in to get yur own food – an we heared yoo mumble somefin unner yur breaf too. Somefin bout slow hyoomans? Heeee heeee!

  28. Now if yoo had thumbs like beans yoo cud get food whenever yoo wanted!

  29. Wally, you are not only handsome, but VERY smart! We loved your video!!!! *purrs*

  30. Muahahahaha! Good work Wally!

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